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What I Watched This Month: (End-of-Month) August



  • Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie 5 🖼
    • OK so like listen – story time!. My school in Grade 7 does this farewell night for the Grade 7s before they go on to their respective high schools – some just go to the other building lol (primary and high school are on the same premises – like literally right by each other and you basically know the high school buildings by the time you’re Grade 7 anyway0.
    • Anyway, we dress up as someone famous and create an entrance – and it’s really fun. As I went to an all girls school, most of the girls go as a female celebrity so they can dress up. But now and then there are outliers, like for a couple of years there was always a Lara Croft. A friend of mine was Tina Turner, another Liewe Heksie. So, because I am, well me, I decided to go as Rowan Atkinson aka Mr. Bean. And then taped The Bean Holiday and then did the busking dance (Mr Bombastic was my song). It was simultaneously the best and worst thing I’ve done. My friends still bring it up – like literally I was by a braai at my friends the other night (as we’re able to now) – and we spoke about it.
    • Anyway, enough of me telling you how weird I am – I guess I have a special fondness for Bean? So basically – this is both a rewatch and a must-watch.
    • But like this is still hilarious. The ‘trolley scene’ is gold and just well, everything he does is.
    • Sandra Oh is gold in this. She’s only in for a few scenes, but we love her.
  • Spider-Man 2 5 🕷
    • For some reason, this movie was always my favourite in the Tobey Maguire trilogy. But why does it have to have so super long opening credits??
    • I can’t wait to get to the super good/bad third movie. The DANCING SCENE still has the ability to give me nightmares.
  • The NeverEnding Story 4 📖
    • The song is like nearly always running in my head, and then I’m in my head, waving my arms like one of those inflatable things at a car dealership, weird smile and all.
    • I do love this movie so much. It’s really fun to watch, I think? There’s something very nostalgic about it. I think Rock Biter is definitely of my favourite side characters.
    • I also.. uhm, really really love the second movie 😂 like a lot. I’ll probably watch that soon. Or, well, maybe since I watched this with my mom, we’ll watch the sequel as well.


  • Lady and the Tramp (Live-action) 5 🍝
    • I think I’m actually happy with most of the Disney live-action movies? Like I absolutely LOVE Cinderella, the others are pretty good too.
    • I loved this one – the original is one of my favourite Disney movies (I have quite a few so like haha), but I loved this one – super cute.
  • Project Power 4 💊
    • ME watching a new movie?? WHO AM I?
    • This looked really cool when I first saw the trailer and I watched it – I did like it, don’t get me wrong, (otherwise I would’ve put this in The Rest section), but I also felt a little bit underwhelmed? I don’t know exactly
    • So the pill doesn’t give You a specific power like flight or strength. You take it and it randomly gives you a power? How does that work? Does it make you take a personality test right before and then say “ah you’re angry. Best thing for you is super strength?”
    • OK but like can we PLEASE bring back the whole showing the text messages on the screen because that helps people who don’t see very well or who watch and do something else (aka me) and can’t look up and focus a ton.
    • A cop taking a pill that’ll give him a super power? Hmm don’t see how that’ll be a good thing…
  • Shrek the Musical 5 👹 (I find it funny that Shrek has basically made it canon that ogres are green but this emoji is red haha)
    • When in doubt, and feeling not excellent, watch musicals.
    • Also my mom hasn’t watched it yet and instead of watching Mamma Mia for the nth time – why not Shrek?
    • The songs are super good! They’re really funny and the actors are great! There are some instances of not-so-great lines in some songs, so yeah.

Yay!! That’s all of it! I just started a rewatch of Supernatural, and I’m nearing the end of S2 on that one, but I wanted to wait until I’ve finished like 2 or 3 seasons before I talk about that. I’ve got a couple of other series I need to watch (a few of them quite new, like 1 or 2 seasons) and there’s so so many other (older) series I need to watch.

Tell me what have you been recently watching? Any long long series you just stick on for the background? Me with the first couple seasons of Supernatural 😂

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