Blog Tour Review: Wild Sky by Zaya Feli

CoverTitle: Wild Sky
Author: Zaya Feli
Year Published: 2020
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: LGBQT+ characters ~ Fantasy ~ Romance ~ Dragons

Stars: 5
Goodreads || Amazon
Copy: E-arc

Warnings: mentions of symptoms of depression and PTSD. Medicine addiction and withdrawal.

Disclaimer: I received this e-arc through A Novel Take PR in exchange for a free and honest review. The link in the book’s details is to the book’s Goodreads’ page. The summary and all the graphics were provided by A Novel Take PR. All opinions expressed are my own.

I’ll admit, I usually like to summarise the summary myself, because it makes it really fun. But then I saw the graphics and knew I’d have to put off the summary revision for another day. So this review will look different because I wanted to showcase some of the graphics! Thank you so much to A Novel Take PR – for the review copy and the slot on the blog tour. Go check them out!

Blurb graphic

I did not realise this was like 764 pages!! I thought it as a nice 300-400 somewhere fantasy, and my eyes grew a tad bit wide because the last time I read a book over 600 pages was I think The Wise Man’s Fear? And that took me a month or two to finish ahaha. So I thought I would take a week or even two to finish this one, because it’s so huge. But I actually finished this really quickly!! It was so so good that I didn’t even notice how much I was reading at a time until I looked at the time? Which is definitely a tell (for me) that I really enjoyed a book.

This book gave me everything, from a brief mention of currency (which, oddly, is a thing I absolutely love to read in fantasies), to characters I knew I could root for and absolutely love, and which ones I should watch out for.

Tauren Darrica and Kalai Ro-Ani were two characters I had such fun reading about. I loved meeting them and getting to know them; seeing them meet each other and getting to know each other. Tauren is that type of character who likes to think they’re tough but he’s actually really soft and he cares about people and wants to help them. I loved seeing how fierce Kalai gets because he takes on a job as an archivist, which isn’t really known for its action and drama.

Another thing I really loved was seeing them become closer to one another and, furthermore, wanting to be closer to each other – which really really warmed my Grinchly heart. They brought out the best in each other and made each other go for what they wanted! I don’t normally go seeking romance out (in books), but I’d seek this romance out.

Yes, there are dragons in this novel. Is dragon a genre? Well, it’s one now. I loved seeing the dragons and reading about the different types of dragons – I could read about dragon types and wings, scales, even how strong the tail is, for ages. The dragons in this are funny and compassionate. Even though they don’t speak, they have bounds of personality – does that make sense? I feel like that makes sense.

Look at how great that chapter logo looks! I had to upload it to show you. And the character art? So good!

I can’t say much on the plot, the book is really long so the plot develops a lot and there’s some twists and turns (which I loved). But there’s also mystery and intrigue, which is done really well! I kept wanting to know more and turning the page so quickly, I must’ve paged more than one page 😄

If you’re into long plots. a super cute romance (like seriously, massive heart-eyes will ensue), and dragons, I definitely recommend this book.

Praise for Wild Sky:

Double threat author and illustrator, Zaya Feli, paints a vivid picture of queer love in the time of dragons in Wild Sky.

– Nicole Kimberling, award-winning author of Sea of Stars

From the author, Zaya Feli:

The overarching theme is about how healing is possible despite severe damage. That some things may not be fixable, and that simply learning to persevere and find support and happiness where it exists can be enough.

About Zaya Feli:

Zaya Feli grew up in various small towns in eastern Denmark where she spent most of her childhood and youth daydreaming about strange and incredible fantasy worlds. In 2018, she moved to northern Denmark with her pet snake, Helix, to work as a web developer, and is now dedicating all her free time turning the fantasy worlds inside her head into words and illustrations on the page.

An avid sci fi and fantasy fan since childhood, she also has a deep love for history, archery, nature, language and art.

Zaya Feli released her debut novel, Stag’s Run, in November 2016, and has since released four more full length novels and a short story. Her favourite genres are fantasy and sci-fi with a sprinkle of romance.

Connect with Zaya: Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads | Website

Giveaway: to celebrate the release of Wild Sky, Zaya Feli is giving away three e-copies of any back catalog e-book! Enter below. Must be 18 to enter and win, open internationally. Rafflecopter link.

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