What I Watched This Month (Mid-Month) August

Yay! I decided I had watched enough to warrant a mid-month post! Or I just made myself watch some titles I hadn’t before. It’s really hard when there’s a million things to watch and you… start Teen Wolf again. No, this is not about me. That person rewatching Teen Wolf is definitely my cousin, BD. I, on the other hand, am starting some titles and forgetting about it (Kipo and the Wonderbeasts, Tales of Earthsea, there’s too many others to count).

Someone force me to go through my Continue Watching please 😭 Let’s get on with this!



  • The Matrix Reloaded 5 πŸ’ŠπŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»
    • I thought that I wrote tons of things about this movie in my notes (even though I’ve watched the movie a dozen of times – that amount is actually way way more but uhhh Maths); but I only wrote: ‘we love it’.
    • So, thanks for that, past DB. Anyway, good thing I’ve watched this movie enough times to write a review haha.
    • I love seeing Zion every time. It’s vibrant, the people are vibrant. The speech Morpheus gives is *chef’s kiss. I love the dialogue in this trilogy, just beautiful. Like it may SEEM normal (dialogue at first) but No!!! It’s complicated!!
  • The Matrix Revolutions 5 πŸ’ŠπŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»
    • A perfect way of ending the trilogy. It’s excellent and just ties everything up so well?
    • Hugo Weaving is just everything in this. He’s so good at playing a villain. I just love how he speaks – because it’s basically just whispering but it demands your attention at the same time??
    • Also, I know that there’s a Matrix 4 happening!!! There’s not a lot of news about it, but I am very excited for whatever happens.
  • Spider-Man 5 πŸ•·οΈ
    • Listen, I grew up with these movies, so why shouldn’t I rate it 5 stars?
    • Also, like, this movie IS good!Look past all the critics who deem it really bad for whatever reason they have.
    • I need to watch the other two movies and then MAYBE I should finally get to watching Endgame…
  • The Covenant 5 πŸ‘ͺ
    • I’m not saying I’m great or anything but I was watching this and then I saw my sister watching it later so haha.
    • Caleb is Warren Peace (from Sky High). He’s so different here and also with short hair! Which is weird to see since I can only see him with long hair. And the love interest is Olivia Lennox (She’s the Man). And baby face Nate (Gossip Girl) and Sebastian Stan no wonder I love this movie so much.
    • It is a really good movie, though. Full of intrigue, supernatural elements and a good story.
  • The Ring 4 πŸ“Ί
    • Also need to watch the originals. Will prob do that soon. If you’ve watched both the originals and the remakes, which ones are scarier in your opinion?
    • This movie freaked me out as a kid enough that for like TWO WEEKS I would imagine the girl climbing through our tv. Did that stop me from watching tv? Nope.
  • Annabelle Comes Home 4 🏠
    • I’ve watched this before but my sister hasn’t (as we’re doing the conjuring universe watch), so it was time to watch it.
    • Also the one girl has the same name as me – Daniela – which isn’t a secret as I say my name on my about lol, I just prefer to use DB/everyone (including my parents) call me DB). Anyway, they kept putting emphasis on the DAN whereas we put emphasis on the D – but whatever, at least I’m ‘in’ the movie and they didn’t choose a Daniella. But then again my mom’s watching CSI: Las Vegas and the one character’s also DB so every now and then I look up because I think she’s calling me πŸ˜„
    • The Daniela in the movie kept making dumb decisions. I mean, honestly kid, you’re letting down the Daniela name for us all.
    • All in all, yes scary. Loved that it had McKenna Grace as I always like seeing her. But not as great as the second Annabelle, though. Still good. And a creepy room with like tons of haunted artifacts, no thank you.


  • Charlie’s Angels (2000) 5 πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ
    • I really need to watch the new one. You can moan about Kristen Stewart all you want, I won’t listen.
    • It’s still good – like there’s probably some parts that aren’t great, and the Thin Man is still as creepy as I first saw him as a kid.
    • Also, Lucy Liu was paid only $1 million while Drew Barrymore ($9 million, though she was the producer and most likely received that money too. Cameron Diaz was paid $12 million!!
  • Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle 4 πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ
    • I mean did we really need a sequel? Not really. But we got one, so oh well. I mean, the plot’s all over the place, but still fun!
  • What Dreams May Come True 5 πŸ’€
    • You can’t go wrong withΒ  Robin Williams tbh. And this is a movie I didn’t even know he was in.
    • It’s so beautiful?? Like the music and the the scenery and the story, if you don’t mind a really dark storyline and events.
    • This is the soul mate au I search for hours on ao3 for.

The Rest

  • Bloodshot 3 🩸
    • My mom after I sort of explained the plot to her: “Oh like Robocop?” Which I haven’t watched yet, so I don’t know how that is.
    • I half watched most of it because I was battling with a post and the new block editor – I really wanna try to get to know it. And I had to go through html and everything – I’m really glad that I know basic html lemme tell you – it is VITAL that you learn at least some while you run a blog. 
    • Anyway, I just saw Vin Diesel and he becomes a superhero or something? or at least a super-powered person. I mean, I could’ve paid more attention to the plot, but there wasn’t a lot to interest me. So this falls into more the under-3-but-not-a-2 stars.
    • He punches a wall/pillar, I can’t remember… like I know it’s probably to ‘show’ his strength or whatever, but really?
  • Sinister Circle 3
    • It was OK. Like I liked it, the mom and the kid and a bit of the plot but,,, yeah that’s it.
    • It had some good jump scares, though.
  • Friday the 13th remake 2 πŸ•οΈ
    • Maybe I should’ve started with the original, because this was… not at all good. But it had Jared Padalecki in it! And that’s basically why this is 2 stars and not 1.
    • A ton of scenes are shot in the dark and I know that’s half for danger and half because it’s set at night, but like?? How am I meant to see anything?
  • Feminists: What Where They Thinking? 3
    • It was good. It wasn’t so largely focused on intersectional feminism, more so the start of feminism, which is still good and all, but I would’ve liked some more diversity.


The Unlisted
  • The Unlisted 4 🏫
    • It wasn’t the absolute best series I’ve ever watched, but it wasn’t half bad either!
    • Yes, the kids aren’t the greatest actors but they’re good. It gets a bit better story wise and sort of character wise too. But then again it’s OK to watch subpar TV!
    • Also I thought their accents sounded South African until I realized like no, lol, that’s just Australian. Usually I’m good with picking up on the differences.
    • So their eyes glow like electric blue and the one character doesn’t and like no one sees it? Just because he wears glasses doesn’t mean you can’t see it!
    • Also the gran just feeds everyone and we stan. I saw tons of samosas and now I want some 😭😭

Yes, yes, I know I ramble a whole bunch a lot. Maybe I wouldn’t have to talk to myself a ton if I had some comments. So, tell me what you’ve been watching lately!

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