What I Watched This Month (End of Month) July

So, yes, I did not post my What I Watched mid-month, but I realised I didn’t watch enough for my liking 🙃 which is really funny because I decided to split my watching into two posts so I don’t even know now.

But let’s get to it!



  • Underworld 5 🧛
    • There’s no werewolf emoji and that’s a crime.
    • I can’t count the amount of times I’ve watched this franchise. The action, the lore, the music. I mean, it’s vampires and werewolves and the gorgeous Kate Beckinsale and Bill Nighy with his super super voice. Also like Michael SHEEN hellO!
    • Not much to say about this movie- I mean it’s basically Romeo and Juliet, but with vampires and werewolves. And what’s not to love?
  • Underworld: Evolution 5 🧛
    • super excellent sequel. The best ever to sequel. And it’s largely thanks to Tony Curran who plays Marcus. I love him.
    • This movie just follows up after the first movie, but with the added joy of Marcus (I just really love him). And also more werewolves!


Late Night
  • Late Night 5 📺
    • I watched this with a friend! Via Netflix party – it was really fun. I always love watching Emma Thompson in anything and she looked great with this haircut. Mindy Kaling was also really fun.
    • The message of the film is also really interesting. There’s only white guys in the writer room (who I swear look all the same) and Molly (Mindy’s character) has to push to get what she wants – which is very much how it is.
    • All in all, it was a very fun movie to watch.

The Rest

  • Poltergeist (1982) 3 📺
    • Before this – I’ve only seen the 2015 remake – which I REALLY liked! But this one was kinda good too.
    • CW: a LOT of flickering scenes. Dead bird.
    • The dog DOESN’T DIE – which I appreciated because the dog is nearly always one of the casualties in a horror movie. Like who hurt you, writers??
    • I do think I prefer the remake – it’s not that I didn’t like this movie, but I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to cgi effects and the like? Especially in terms of fantasy/sci-fi. The less better effects can still be amazing – The VelociPastor – I mean, is a great, great, work of art. But sure, the effects still hold up – because this is an older movie, so it is to be expected.
  • Fantasy Island 3 💀 🏝️
    • I wanted to watch this one for a while because I like Blumhouse movies and the premise sounded really good. And then I watched it and it… wasn’t good in the end. It had its ok moments, but that was it. Just ok.
    • So the one guest/character wanted to be in the army,  but was unable to, so decided to become a cop and (spoiler) his fantasy is that he’s a soldier…. Okkkk.
    • Maggie Q is gorgeous as usual but all the characters are boring. Except for Maggie. She’s exempt.


Rewatched # of x

  • One Upon a Time Seasons 1 and 2 5 📕
    • I keep thinking that S2 is (SPOILER IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED) where they go to Neverland, but that’s only because Hook 😍😍😍 comes in in S2. Also, MULAN!!!
    • But I’m busy with season 3 now – so they’re in Neverland. I don’t know when I’ll be watching more of it since I’m trying to get Lucifer before season 5 comes out
    • And I’ve chatted AT LENGTH about this to my friend who whole-heartedly agrees with me – Regina and the other ‘villain/ characters get SUCH a bad rap and Snow White is, I’m sorry, the most annoying character. There, I said it. Also, Regina does absolutely no wrong, at all. If you think otherwise, just don’t. She’s a star and deserves the best.
  • Grey’s Anatomy Seasons 1 – 5 5 😷
    • I mean we’re (my sister and I) on the last couple eps of season 5 ahahha. But I won’t write S1-4 here though. Yes, we’ve decided to restart this series, mostly because she was somewhere in like S15/16 and I don’t know if I finished S14 – and also because she doesn’t remember much of the early seasons, and I don’t remember much of the later seasons.
    • It’s real fun – mostly because we do remember a bunch of the cases and my mom sort of watches with us and asks a bunch of questions 😄

Watched # of x

The Umbrella Academy
  • The Umbrella Academy 5 🦸
    • I mentioned in my What I Watched last month that I was nearly finished watching this and I did!! I watched it!! And it was GREAT. I loved loved loved the story and the characters and the PLOT.
    • I do really want to read the comics – I probably won’t read them before the second season comes out ahahaha (which is like tomorrow) but I definitely do want to read the comics. Sometime.
    • Also like??? THE SOUNDTRACK I’m still thinking about I Think I’m Alone Now and the Istanbul not Constantinople  or whatever the song is that plays when Five is in the diner.
    • My favourites of the siblings are Five, Klaus, Ben, and Diego. And Vanya, definitely Vanya. Allison’s okay. Luther can just go back to the moon.
    • I can’t WAIT for the second season!! THE MUSIC. I CAN’T wait!!! Also, I follow Justin Min (Ben’s character) on twitter and he’s great.


That’s it! If you’ve watched The Umbrella Academy, tell me who your favourite character is! Have you watched something you think I’d be interested in? Tell me down below in the comments!

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