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May Wrap-Up

The last time I wrote and posted a wrap-up was JANUARY. Like??? So much has happened! Well, in the world, not so much the amount of books been read. Goodreads is kindly reminding me I’m 18 books behind schedule and I’m kindly about to remind them that that’s rude.

Life Updates

I mentioned in January’s wrap-up that we would’ve gone back to Australia in June for my cousin’s wedding, but unfortunately that’s not possible right now, so we’re staying inside and watching Uncle Cyril (our nickname for President Cyril Ramaphosa) be on time (it’s a joke in SA because he’s so often late for speeches) and talk about the pandemic and level of lockdown, etc.

I finished my TEFL course (finally and in the nick of time) so I have the qualification for whenever the borders and everything opens! My sister flew back at the start of May (and then had to stay 2 weeks at a hotel before she could come home. It’s nice having her home (my mom’s definitely enjoying having us banter at each other 😅).

I also submitted a short story to an SA short story writing competition at the end of April! Literally wrote the story a day before the deadline and sent the story off like 30 minutes before the deadline but it seemed like that approach worked! Because they published the longlist and I’m one of the Top 25! The shortlist will be published in June, so when I know more about my ‘position’ (which place I won or w/e), I’ll definitely mention it in my June Wrap-Up!

Books I dnfed

I admittedly did not read much (read: at all) this month but I did dnf two books. Please remember that just because I didn’t like and didn’t finish the book doesn’t mean you can’t. My opinions are my own and I received these arcs from Netgalley in exchange for a free and honest review.

The Book of Kell by Amy Briant

  • Warning: homophobic slurs. I don’t know of any other because I didn’t read further.
  • I think I could’ve liked this book a lot, but I just ended up not being interested in it. And I got about 30% in and realised I wasn’t enjoying it.
  • I liked the premise – the post-apocalyptic plot, the characters have to travel. But that wasn’t enough to keep me reading.

Somebody Told Me by Mia Siegert

  • Warnings: sexual assault. Homophobia. Possibly others further into the book.
  • I picked this up because I liked the premise and people were speaking about it. I also got to like 40-something % and found myself just swiping through the pages.
  • So yeah. I figured if I was absentmindedly turning the pages, it meant I wasn’t actually interested in the story.

My posts

Non-Fiction Mini Reviews Part 1 || Cats, books, and More Cats!

When You Get the Chance || It had the chance of being better (this book actually got pushed back until next year, but I didn’t really know it so 🤷🏻‍♀️)

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Non-fiction Mini-Reviews Part 2 || Where Monty Python, Matilda, and more meet

What I’ve Watched This Month (Mid-Month) – May

What I’ve Watched This Month (End-of-Month) May


I haven’t been reading other bloggers posts as much as I would have normally, but here’s to June’s wrap-up being full of them! But I HAVE been watching a bunch of Simtubers play! The new expansion pack is coming out and I am enjoying watching their thoughts and even some of their early Let’s Plays!


What have you been doing recently? Other than looking at all the news? Chat to me!


4 responses to “May Wrap-Up”

  1. DB that’s so exciting about your short story!! Congrats, and good luck with the shortlisting!!
    Throw something at me in June because we should probably get back to (or restart) Red Glove!! 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Meghan! 😊😊 I actually restarted Red Glove and wanted to message you that I had started – and then my loan ran out but I just took it out again (I’m sure the library’s looking at my loan history on Libby with like 🤔🤔🤔🤔 but yes! I totally agree!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ok, well I will restart it today!! I have a public holiday. 🎉

        Liked by 1 person

  2. […] uhm, nothing much. I did mention in my May Wrap-Up that I entered a short story writing competition. I received Highest Honours! So, didn’t win […]


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