What I’ve Watched This Month (Mid-Month) – May

Hi all! I nearly wrote June in the title haha How’s YOUR day going? I said in the last What I Watched that I wanted to change up the format of these reviews. I’m not doing away with them – because I love to share about what I watched and if I liked it or not, but writing everything out and what not just made me tired 😂

So let’s try out this new format! And (trying) to write less. It might change from this post to the end-of-month WIW but hopefully for the better!




  • Kung Fu Panda 5 🐼
    • Always loved this movie – well, all 3 movies actually. Will definitely watch the other two later in the month
  • The Mummy 5 ⚰️ 🐪
    • Rewatch for the billionth time seriously. And I will keep watching it and rewatching. Because it’s everything I could possibly wan in a movie – also a big big reason why I wanted to become a librarian (though my plans have changed now, i still think of it)
    • Ardeth 😍😍
  • The Mummy Returns 5 ⚰️ 🐪
    • A great sequel. And still ardeth 😍😍😍 convince me he isn’t the funcle. Go ahead, do it. Also funcle is fun-uncle. Fun-aunt is faunt. Fun-niece is fniece.
  • The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Empire 3 🔫 👥
    • I mean it’s cute they tried and I do actually really like who they had for adult Alex but like the SHEER CHEMISTRY between Rachel and Brenden is off the charts like they’d get along with Gomez and Morticia and you can’t easily change that.
    • And I barely remember the plot or the story or literally ANYTHING that happened in this 🤷🏻‍♀️


  • The Cat Returns 5 🐈
    • So SO CUTE??? I did want the ending to change but that was just me wanting more cats. It’s just such a sweet movie about a secret world and that’s about all you want.
  • The Half of It 5000 🚉🚴🏻‍♀️
    • Why are they in the MIDDLE of the road (when she’s cycling and he (Paul) is walking – like I know it’s a small town and not a lot of traffic but STILL.
    • Just to clarify – I would kill for Ellie Chu. Brilliant. Beautiful. Amazing. We need more movies like this! Who needs another season of 13 Reasons Why when you could have an amazing movie like this – all the shots? Amazing. The characters? Fantastic. The ending? Beautiful.
  • Practical Magic 4✨
    • I just went into this movie just knowing it’s about sisters and magic and that’s it. It was really sweet and I’m always up for a Sandra Bullock film. It’s all about sisters and family and magic!
  • Panic Room 5 🏠
    • I didn’t know much about this movie before watching it but I really liked it! Very suspenseful and keeps you at the edge of your seat.
  • Princess Mononoke 5 🐺
    • I don’t think I really understood the movie until the near end but the story was so beautifully made and the imagery and the story truly a gift like Miyazaki’s films usually are – because I haven’t watched all of them (but I’m making my way through them!)
    • No one told me it was going to be violent and I’m upset with you all because I love it!!

The Rest

  • The Bodyguard 3
    • Look yes, it’s great that it’s Whitney – she was beautiful and an amazing singer. But it’s so freaking long. Why is it so long? Like I get slow burn but usually that has yearning! This, did not really have that type of yearning.
  • Total Recall 2 🔫
    • I’m here for Kate (Beckinsale) and John (Cho) so there you go. Even though John had a very small role, which I was highly upset by. And BILL (Nighy) who I just want to narrate audiobooks because I love his voice.
    • Oh yayyy. I met a WOMAN AND EVERYTHING CHANGED storyline. The movie focused on too much action and there wasn’t enough plot to match the action. Will I watch the original? Dunno.
  • Sleepy Hollow 1 👻
    • Look at how YOUNG Johnny Depp is! But like, it’s really boring? I actually wanted to stop watching it and after I finished it, I realised I should’ve.
  • The Bone Collector 3
    • Lol, that’s Jay from Modern Family. Queen Latifah of course is the best ever as usual. And Jolie is just gorgeous as usual??
    • I mean it’s a good cop/crime movie. Nothing else. I somehow thought it was paranormal for some reason? And the entire movie just follows the one case?


Finished Season # of

  • Marianne 5 👻
    • I’m loving the scene changes – the flipping of the pages, the sentence starter at every episode
    • This show is AMAZING – spooky, suspenseful to the max and a great storyline. But Netflix law (aka Murphy’s Law but specific to Netflix and their being known for cancelling great shows) dictates that Marianne won’t have a second season. It’ll take me a while to get over it. Probably a long time.
    • I also watched most of this at night – which I both HIGHLY recommend and very much DO NOT.
  • She-Ra S2  ⚔
    • I’m so so loving all of this! I have the second season in my Netflix downloads – so it doesn’t take up a screen streaming slot (loophole!) and I’m ready to dive in!
    • I just love all the characters so much! And the animation style is so beautiful 😍


That’s all for now! Tell me about what you watched? Anything good? What about awful? Chat to me down below in the comments!





















































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