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Eclipse the Skies || More like this book ECLIPSED MY HEART

Okay, look, It was like midnight when I wrote that title and even if I think of changing it I’ll think of how funny ‘midnight me’ thought it was so I won’t want to change it. So, we’ll pretend the post title makes sense.


Title: Eclipse the Skies
Author: Maura Milan
Series: Ignite the Stars #2 (#1)
Year Published: 2019
Publisher: Albert Whitman & Company
Genre: Young Adult ~ Science Fiction

Stars: 5
Copy: Library

Spoiler-free review! Well, except for the warnings, I guess. But then again, warnings aren’t spoilers. So, it’s still a spoiler-free review!

Warnings: Major Character death. Depression. Racial discrimination. PTSD. Please comment if you’ve read the book and I’m missing some.

Disclaimer: I lent this book through the library with the intention to read and review it honestly. The image header and the quote edits used is my own and the link in the book’s details is to the book’s Goodreads’ page. The summary is my own (well, I summarised the Goodreads description). All opinions expressed are my own.

Ia Cōcha’s baaaaack. This sequel is all about what happens after what goes on at the end of the first book (which was amazing).

Nobody’s in the right headspace in this book. And they’re all trying to make sense of what they need to do.

Who and what should Brinn believe in? How far will Ia dive into herself before she breaks? And Knives? Knives is just trying to keep everything together. Including himself.

Is it just me or are writing sequel reviews really hard? Because you have to figure out what you wanna talk about (obvs) but also you can’t talk about the review too much because what if someone is reading it and they didn’t read the previous book? But then again, why are they reading a review about a sequel they haven’t read about? I myself don’t read reviews of books I haven’t read unless they specify it’s spoiler-free (she says as she keeps on forgetting to add the words spoiler-free to her posts).


I would like to say ONCE MORE that I love these characters so so much. Honestly. Where’s the pill to make fictional characters come alive? Because I know what my one of my wishes from a genie would be.

So I don’t cry that much in books. I’ll cry a bit more in movies or series – especially if it’s a hospital scene or if someone is terminally ill and it’s their last scene etc (because that has personal memories for me and also a huge reason as to why I didn’t watch Five Feet Apart – but also because the movie didn’t seem interesting hgh) but I DEFINITELY FELT like I wanted to cry big time in here, which is another reason to read this series, please.

I just… REALLY want to see this duology become a series? But I think an anime/animation would suit it WONDERFULLY rather than a live action. And that’s totally because of my utter love for Wall-e, but also Titan A.E. and Treasure Planet. I mean honestly, we need this duology as a series. Someone start a business where us book bloggers just (get paid) to read books and tell you which ones to make into movies or series.

It’s hard because like I loved Brinn so much in the first book and when something happens in this book, I thought I would stop loving her but I didn’t? I just kept on loving her. When we were first introduced to Goner, I instantly loved him and hoped we would have more of him. Same with Vetty. I just LOVED Vetty and how he bantered with Knives and then they became friends. I love it. Ia, as usual, keeps holding my heart because she’s my favourite and she went through such a lot in this book?? Give this girl a Happy Meal, please. With a cute little plastic spaceship as the toy.

The plot was amazing. And to those in the know – sure, the ending might not be cool or what an avid reader would want for the end to a series but for me, it fits? Was I sad? Sure, definitely. Very much. But was it also an amazing end? Absolutely.

Also, Nowhere Ramen ✌✌✌✌

I hope you’ve read this book. Or at least the first book? I highly recommend BOTH. If you have read this book, what are your thoughts on it? Who’s your favourite? Mine is well, all three main characters (because life is short and there about a million of books to read). Okay, fine, Ia is my top favourite.


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