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What I Watched End-of-Month (April)

I was sure that being in a lockdown means time stands still but apparently my calendar tells me it’s the end of April? That’s really rude of it. Also, will I ever spell calendar right on the first try? Definitely not.



  • The Scorpion King 1 ⚔
    • Apparently, this is the origin story of the scorpion king creature we see in The Mummy Returns. It is most definitely not.
    • Like you go into it thinking it will give more background on the character and it doesn’t? And I’m pretty sure there’s like 3 more movies. One of them isn’t even about Dwayne Johnson’s character, to my knowledge. There’s nothing really about the movie that stands out in my memory like the first two Mummy’s do (which I intend to watch soon).
  • The Willoughbys 4 🧒🏻
    •  Four kids try to get rid of their parents in order to be their own family but end up creating their own found family. 
    • I heard this voice and I went “Is that Terry Crews with his Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs voice?” And it was 😂
    • It is both adorable and super weird. It’s weird as in quirky, so watch this if you’re into those types of movies.
    • The parents are the weirdest movie parents I’ve ever seen. Of course, they’re meant to be written like that, but honestly, they’re so weird.
  • Wrong Turn 5🌲
    • A group of people go into the woods to try to find help after their cars are totaled. A group of people do not come out of the woods. 
    • I’ll admit, I went into the movie having read the description but I didn’t think it was going to be as intense as it ended up being. I loved the movie and will definitely carry on to the rest of the franchise, but it’ll take a lot to impress me as the first movie was so great.
    • And yes, it is very gory and violent. But I loved that 😂
  • Wrong turn 2 🌲
    • This time around it’s a group of contestents on a reality game show! Will all of them survive?
    • This was just so annoying because I had LOVED the first movie and then the second one comes and it’s sort of… really bad? I hope the next ones are better, honestly.
    • I only really liked like the one contestant? And that was it. All the rest were annoying. They just forced the producer to be in the show? Like they surround her while she’s sitting and they get right in her face. Ugh not cool
  • Case 39 2 👩‍👧
    • A social worker takes in a child, only to realise why her parents wanted her gone. 
    • I don’t know if I actually like Renée Zellweger. And not to be rude or anything, but it’s definitely her voice.
    • Also the kid’s full first name is Lilith. And Renee doesn’t think anything when weird things happen. All in all, the movie wasn’t totally… interesting.
  • Zombillenium 4 🎢
    • A park staffed by monsters and starting to struggle to make a profit has to deal with a new monster, one who’s more interested in getting back to his daughter than anything with the park. 
    • This was funny and very cute but I wished the audio was in French? And I know it’s French because the posters are all French. Sometimes it didn’t look like the audio synced up and the voice actors were a bit…meh and I think it would’ve been even better in the original audio.


  • Get Out 5 🥄
    • A black man goes to visit his white girlfriend’s family for a weekend. And they’re maybe a bit too accepting. 
    • Sometimes it seems that the horror genre has shown every angle, and new movies can’t be good and all that – and then something amazing like this comes up and suddenly you just want to watch it all the time. Like seriously, this movie is amazing.
  • Us 5 🐇
    •  Dopplegangers threaten a family and the family is forced to try to protect themselves. 
    • MIND BLOWN. I didn’t understand well, a lot, for the majority of the movie, but then things clicked and omg I instantly wanted to watch the movie again.
  • Wonder Park 4 🎢
    • Wonderland is an imaginary park created by June and her mom. And now June has to save it.
    • I’ve been wanting to watch this one for a super long time! The trailer made it seem so cute.
    • Also, thought this would be an adorable movie and then BAM it’s UP ALL OVER AGAIN. But seriously – it’s a great movie and you should definitely watch it.
  • Step up 1 – 3 4 🎶🕺🏻
    • A lot of dancing that I wish I could do. And also a bit of plot. 
    • Just gonna put this all here as I watched all three right after each other. Why? Just because. It’s still good, though, which I was happy about.
  • Men in Black 3 👽
    • Will Smith is back defending Earth against aliens, but he’s also time travelling?
    • Even though I still like it – I mean, Will Smith 😍😍 I barely remembered this movie? Also, doesn’t this movie and what Will’s character does (Agent K? I think) does re time travel – like go against the time travel code? You know, you can’t talk to people in the past that you know in the future?
  • Escape Room 4 🧩
    • Strangers end up having to endure a not-so-normal escape room.
    • I mean the trailer had Deborah Ann Woll so like I’m signed up instantly. Also Judy Robinson is in here! Or well, Taylor Russell, who plays Judy in Netlifx’s Lost in Space.
    • I still haven’t been in an escape room but I really want to? But also I feel like you have to be with a specific group? With all different skill sets? You know, like those heist books we all love.
    •  I really liked it. It’s an adventure horror, which I always like seeing. A lot of things happen and it captures your attention throughout.
    • Warning – about 1h19 a scene starts –   There’s a flickering lights scene which definitely mimicked a strobe lights scene so please be careful if you’re sensitive to that. Please be safe. If you’re worried you’re missing anything in that scene – it’s basically just a fight scene between two characters.



  • October Faction 4 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
    • Monster-Hunter parents have to decide between keeping their kids in the dark or letting them know all about their monster-huntering.
    • I started out not really thinking it would be good, but then it ended up being great. Sure, the story lines could’ve been better, in my opinion, but it was pretty good for a season season.
    • But since there will be no second SEASON, I will have to be content with this one. And just cry because Netflix, you should LISTEN to your audience instead of relying on stats (which they base on like if the user is still watching 5 seconds in, they think that’s another watch – which doesn’t make sense because I usually wait at least 5 or so mins to decide if I want to watch this movie or series or not. Or even halfway through.
  • She-Ra and the Princesses of Power S1 5 ⚔
    • Adora finds a legendary sword that turns her into the powerful She-Ra (not that she wasn’t powerful before), along with new friends and enemies that want to take the sword.
    • ALL THE STARS. LIKE SERIOUSLY ALL THE STARS. I love love LOVED the first season so much and am excited to get to the other seasons soon!! And just Bow????? He has allllll my love, like seriously, I just love him so much. Protect him from all the badness in the world, please.
  • Another Life 4 🚀
    • Captain Niko has to deal with her crew, who sometimes disobeys her, and trying to understand the alien artifact that has landed on Earth. 
    • JIMMYSTEVE WTF (It’s a Shameless US reference. I was just shocked to see him). I really liked the casting here. Especially Zayn and Bernie.
    • They were in SOMA and none of their hair needs to be cut? I think one of them said in SOMA they don’t so I’m guessing that means their hair doesn’t grow?
    • The first season could have definitely been better. But it is renewed for a second season so I hope the story is better and I just really want more Zayn and Bernie time.


That’s all! I’m thinking of changing up the format of these so this all might look different the next time one of these come up 🌟

3 responses to “What I Watched End-of-Month (April)”

  1. “I was sure that being in a lockdown means time stands still but apparently my calendar tells me it’s the end of April?” LOL. I feel like that’s a lot of us throughout April. I’m kind of scared about May because all of a sudden I don’t have a routine? Kind of? Who knows.

    Glad you enjoyed Step Up! I only watched the first but yeah… I agree I wish I can do all the dancing (maybe if I actually pushed to be a dancer as a kid then sure, haha).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My sleep schedule has just been thrown off the rails and is definitely worse now 😂 it will be murder to get it back on track 💀
      The other movies has Moose in it so that’s probably why I love them as well 😂
      I think my parents tried to get me into ballet. I remember they told me I wouldn’t listen to the teacher and probably only had like one lesson 😂


  2. […] all! I nearly wrote June in the title haha How’s YOUR day going? I said in the last What I Watched that I wanted to change up the format of these reviews. I’m not doing away with them – […]


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