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Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Wish I Had Read as a Child

Wahey there! If I think back to my reading habits as a kid – they were largely thick books, and classics that I was trying to force myself to like! But here are some books I wish I read when I was a young warthog and all. But also – where’s the cut-off for kids? Is it when you’re in high school? Or reach the age of 10? Also, looking at all these books I’ve read and haven’t reviewed is like 🥴

Top Ten Tuesday (TTT) is a weekly post revolving around a topic (usually books). Find out more about it on That Artsy Reader Girl’s post (to be updated with the link once it’s up).

White Cat – Past!DB would’ve been alllll over the whole White Cat of a title first. And then would only carry on about how amazing the book is after talking about the title. This also came out in 2010!! Which would make me 13 (at the time of the pub date – which means I was still a baby. With an awful hairstyle).

Ignite the Stars – I would have loved all the sci-fi and piloting. And Ia, oh, Ia, I would’ve tried to be cool like you but only in my dreams.

A Spark of White Fire – After my little foray in DINOSAURS, I went straight down the rabbit hole that is mythology. And while I never really read much about Indian mythology, I would be very much into this. And Titania would STILL be my favourite character.

Carry On – This is quite a funny choice because I wouldn’t have been… introduced to this ‘type of book’ as a kid, but I still would’ve been intrigued by the idea of fanfiction (since Carry On is basically fanfiction) before I really knew what fanfiction was and read it myself (which was only in high school). And I definitely would’ve read it on the sly.

Hounded – This is definitely the type of book I would’ve snuck out to read whilst I was walking the dog – you know, not that I ever slyly read any book while I was walking the dog. Nuh-uh, I was a good girl 😃

Fangirl – Same with Carry On – this would’ve been my introduction to fanfiction before I knew what it was and all. Like Cath loves books? Me too!! And also Cath would’ve been my favourite back then, now I love Levi so much.

The Sword of Summer – Okay, this is sort of cheating, since this IS in the PJO universe and I read The Lightning Thief when I was about 12? Anyway, that book changed my life because what?? A kid with ADHD as the MAIN CHARACTER??? And while I love love love PJO with all my heart and appreciate it for everything it’s given me (Nico), I do love Magnus Chase a teeeeeeeny bit more. And so I wished I could’ve read Magnus Chase as a kid.

Midnight for Charlie Bone – I only read this series in late primary school and actually only read the first book years after I read most of the other books but this was definitely a favourite as it’s very like Harry Potter, but different in a cool way. Also, I loved the idea of an arts school as a cover-up, as I was very into drama as a kid. And according to people who know me in real life – I’m dramatic. Which I’m totally not 😂😂 (ok, I’m joking, I’m a little bit dramatic). And now I’m really wanting to reread this series.

Scythe – I mean, scythes, death, yanno, cool cool, everything is awesome when you’re into those emo bands – not that I was an emo, per se, but just very into some bands that are coined as emo. And I just have really weird thoughts, which some say are dark. But I was definitely weird back then. Probably still am.

Diamond City – I’m actually in the middle of (still) reading this but I’m loving it and I would’ve liked to read this as a kid? I mean Aina is fierce and everything you could want in a main character. And knives. Boom, cool.


Come chat with me in the comments about what books you’d love to have read as a kid!

9 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Wish I Had Read as a Child”

  1. I loooove Carry On! Thinking about rereading it soon 😋

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  2. Hahahaha what a cute post! I agree with you on the The Celestial Trilogy series and Fangirl!! Can I choose books I haven’t read but would want to have read while I was younger? I would’ve loved to have gotten into Agatha Christie TBH. Now I just don’t seem to have the patience to wait it out 😭😭

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! You can definitely do that! I was thinking of doing that but decided not to do – but then that post would’ve probably been longer 😂
      I did try to read all of Dickens works when I was in my last year of primary school but I def don’t remember the, 😀

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      1. Hahaha I can imagine! ♥️ it should be long! God knows there are so many books out there that we should’ve/could’ve read but haven’t!
        OHH! Did you? I haven’t 😦

        Liked by 1 person

      2. 😂😂 I just want like all the time in the world to read but also I know I’d be busy watching shows 🤦🏻‍♀️
        It was at the time where I thought I have to read ‘smartly’. I sped read through all his works and do NOT remember a thing 😂

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      3. Hahahahaha hahaha 🤣🤣🤣 I head you.

        Hhaha I think we all read smart with all our educational material tbh 🤣

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      4. I’d much rather go back to high school and read YA😂

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