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What i watched: End-of-month (February), mid-month (March) and end-of-month (March)

It’s been AGES since I’ve posted and I’ve missed you all!! I’m finishing up with a Tefl course so it’s just been me and trying to get it all done and you know, the fantastic world just thought we needed this whole virus and lockdown and all and like sure, I spend basically all my days indoors but somehow this whole lockdown makes it worse? Anyway, SA was in lockdown until the 16th of April, but now it’s been extended a further two weeks! Which isn’t an issue or anything! I’m joking, I’m actually proud of how the President has handled everything. 

But I’ve discovered Netflix Party and am watching a bit of She-Ra with a friend! If you’re interested in watching something with me (that’s hopefully on both our Netflixes) definitely comment and then we can chat! I’m up to a lot of movies and series!

But onto the reviews!!! It’s a whole bunch so strap yourselves in!


  • Firstborn 3 👶
    • A couple have a baby and she’s a bit creepy and weird things start to happen? Though it’s not really her fault. 
    • It’s really good! I liked the relationship between the family. and the kid who’s supernatural. always good to have that. I really really like this!!!! But the ending felt like a letdown…
  • Happy Feet 4 🐧
    • Penguins! Who sing and dance! What more could you want? 
    • This is definitely a childhood favourite of mine and I just decided to watch it again!
    • Still lives up to how great I thought it was as a kid (which is a good thing). 
  • Center Stage 5 🩰
    • A group of dancers battle being the top dancer and their personal lives in this fantastic movie.
    •  This is the ultimate ballet movie. I would’ve said the ultimate dance movie, but like Dirty Dancing is great, you know?
    • But it also shows a lot about dancing and how extreme it is! Like how much they push themselves towards the goal. 
    • Put your fave ballet/dance movie in the comments!
  • Mean Girls 2 1 👧
    • Girls are acting mean again but there’s one girl who doesn’t want to be mean. 
    • If my description sounds confusing it’s because I’d like to preserve my brain cells that I lost while watching this?
    • No just no Don’t watch this. Save yourselves. 
  • Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle 4 🎮
    • The amazing and totally crazy board game is back as a video game!!
    • I really liked this one. It was funny with tons of action, especially since it’s a sequel – it did need to be more action-y than the original (because current action movies are filled with action), but at the same time it couldn’t overshadow the original, and I think it balanced that perfectly. 
    • Also, the nod to Alan Parrish/the original movie was great and always stabs at my heart. 
  • Jumanji: The Next Level 4 🎮
    • Jumanji, as a video game, but the next level (come on, it’s literally called The Next Level, how can I not have puns??
    • Just as good as the first one! I hoped it would be, as sometimes sequels aren’t as great as their predecessors, but this one was really good. Funny, the characters’ personalities stayed the same, and we got the added bonus of Danny DeVito and Danny Glover.


  • Men in Black 2 4 👽 🕴️
    • Agent J (Will Smith) teams up with Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) as someone from J’s past comes back and tries to kill him. 
    • I didn’t want to say too much about the plot in case anyone hasn’t watched it already – sure, it’s from 2002, but a lot of people still haven’t watched a ton of movies yet. 
    • I remember watching this over and over again!! This was definitely a favourite of mine – though all the MIB movies are faves of mine, and it’s funny that I’ve watched MIB International like twice, yet I can’t remember what happens or how I felt?? So I’ll def watch it again and see how I feel. 
  • New York Minute 3 🚕
    • Twins are forced to spend the day together in New York as they both try to get to their important event. Will they get there without killing each other? 
    • This was definitely a favourite of mine growing up and I was afraid I would deem it ‘stupid’ as an adult – but fear not! I didn’t!
    • I mean, sure, it definitely has its cringey moments, but that’s all good!
  • Top Gun 3 🧑‍✈️
    • Pilots fly? But like competitively and in smaller planes, or jets, I’m guessing. 
    • This is one of those movies that you’re supposedly MEANT to watch in your lifetime, so yeah, that’s why I guess I decided to watch it.
    • Okay, so, will I be the first to ask what the actual plot was or was this just 1h50 mins of ‘guys being guys’?
    • But I did really like the soundtrack – Danger Zone is definitely iconic and Great Balls of Fire was great to watch.
  • Ghost Rider 2 2 🔥💀
    • Johnny Blaze comes back and does some Ghost Rider-y things.
    • ehhhhh def not as good as the first one. Like i felt that there wasn’t a good sense of plot? And that’s the sad truth about sequels – usually they’re either worse or better than the first one. I mean you do get those ones that are squarely in the middle (no one say Jurassic Park 2 or 3 because I love them. You are allowed to say Fallen Kingdom).
  • Free Willy 1 🐋
    • A ‘troubled’ kid is forced to clean up graffiti in a water park/aquarium and becomes friends with a killer whale. 
    • Ehh boring. Another one of those ‘must-watch’ movies and I don’t even know if I’ve watched it before? Like as a young kid (nearly wrote king for some reason hahah)?
  • Get Smart 3 🕵️
    • A clumsy spy has to be the one to save the day.
    • I thought it’d be dumb and it’s actually funny?? It’s prob a lot of satire and stuff/ironic moments. 
    • But there’s an ugh moment where Steve Carrel acts deaf and stereotypes how they speak and the r word is used whyyyy-



  • The Healing Powers of Dude 5 🐕‍🦺
    • Noah, who has social anxiety, gets an emotional support dog, Dude, who helps him through school. 
    • SO SO GOOD. AGHHH YES. showing anxiety in a easy way to understand and !!!!! This!!! Like that scene where Noah sees his growing friendships like a fight scene with health?? Basically how I felt and didn’t even know it!!! WATCH WATCH WATCH
    • There’s also a girl in a wheelchair and the actress has Muscular Dystrophy!! And that’s amazing because a lot of wheelchair characters are played by abled actors so it’s always so good to see this type of diversity!
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 1 5 😰
    • Look away, look away! The Baudelaires are always in dismay and disarray.
    • I’m up to the start of the Vile Village – can’t wait for the Grim Grotto as that’s one of my fave books!
    • I saw somewhere that the intro is different so I actually stopped skipping the intro to watch. And it’s so good. 
  • Derry Girls S1+2 – 5  🏫 👧
    • It follows a group of school-going girls who juggle school and friends, in the early 1990s. 
    • Listen, I’m not going to sit here and tell you all the reasons to watch the series – just you need to watch it because it’s amazing!
  • Merlin S1 5 🧙‍♂️
    • A young sorcerer meets Arthur and tries to not let slip he’s magic. By basically doing magic where anybody could see if they’re nosy (which would be me if I were in the series).
    • My friend always talks about this so gotta watch it.
    • Morgana could literally step on my face and I’d say thank you she’s so beautiful. Like she wore fur for like a few seconds and I died?? And then she’s really there on the screen with red lips and like?????Do you know what????
    • It’s a travesty that we have to TELL Arthur and Merlin they’re in love with each other


  • The Vampire Diaries S1 4 🧛
    • An annoying girl somehow gets the attention of two vampire brothers. 
    • This first season STILL reminds me of how Caroline and Bonnie are way more interesting characters than Elena!!!! 
    • Always loved how Katherine comes into Mystic Falls. And that’s she’s more interesting than Elena too 😂
  • Creeped Out S1 and S2 4 😈
    • An anthology about creepy and mysterious stories. 
    • There are some really good episodes: The Many Place; The Bravery Badge; Side Show; Kindlesticks.
  • Good Girls S1/2 5 💰
    • Three moms decide to take a drastic decision in order to get more money. 
    • I loved this show so much???  I NEED THE THIRD SEASON and can someone else who’s also watched agree with me that Rio is super hot? No, just me? Okay.
  • Wynonna Earp Season 1 and 2 🔫 😈
    • A woman turns 27 and goes back to her hometown and has to deal with the nastier townies.  
    • Waverly Earp I love you. 
    • I never knew I wanted cowboys and demons but apparently this ticks the box. Must be Tim Rozon. 
  • Mr Iglesias 5 🏫
    • A high school teacher tries to get his students interested in school
    • I loved this! It was funny and I really want a second season. And it’s really a quick watch too!


Yay! All done! Thank you so much (if you’re still here and reading this)! Hopefully I can get back to blogging because I’ve missed it so much! What have you been watching? Anything good? Anything so terrible you have to tell someone about it? Tell me all down below in the comments!


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