What I’ve Watched This Month: Mid-month (February)


  • Jawbreaker 4 🍬
    • A popular girl is accidentally killed by her best friends and someone else witnesses the aftermath.
    • I haven’t watched this one in a long while and have forgotten how much I like it! It’s obviously got a whole side story about being popular and how, even though you are popular, bad things can happen to you.
    • Fern is creepy. She’s also played by Judy Greer – who usually plays the best friend in movies.
  • Before I Wake 4 🦋
    • A couple adopt a kid who dreams things up who become real.
    • This is SUCH a good movie! It’s not the creepiest one out there, but it’s really good in terms of spookiness and a good story. Because it’s not really a horror movie, actually; it’s more of a supernatural drama – according to the director.
    • Also the kids in this are good.
    • The director, Mike Flannigan, has also directed other horror movies! And Danny Elfman is the composer!!
  • Blair Witch 1 ⛺
    • A sort of a sequel to the previous one where the brother of Heather goes into the forest. And also experiences spooky things. 
    • Booring was barely watching it. Like I was trying to think of what I remember from it to put in here but I don’t?
    • Preferred the original one
  • The Perfect Date 3 🌹
    •  A student, in need of money for college, decides to start a dating service where he takes on different personalities for every date. But which date does he actually want to be?
    • Mindless fun. Also Noah Centineo in another Netflix romcom – is he contractually obligated to pick them up? Will he ever do a tv series?
    • But I saw that they would get together from the start. It was obvious – fun to get there, but obvious.
    • The two main characters are sort of awful – to each other, and their behaviours. Except Murph – he s great


  • Ghost Rider 4 🏍
    •  A famous father and son motorcycle stunt duo comes into trouble after the son sells his soul to the Devil to save his life. In return, he has to collect souls, but in the guise of a flaming skull. 
    • So there’s this SA thing called loadshedding (where the electricity goes off for about 2 hours at a time – there’s a schedule and grids depending on where you are. It’s awful. We hate it). And thanks to jetlag i woke up at 5 in the morning and the power would go off at 6. So I quickly downloaded this via Netflix and watched it. It’s like 1 hour, 50 minute long movie and each loadshedding goes for 2/2 and a half hours.
    • I come prepared. You have to be when you live here and experience it.
    • So of course I watched it and I still like it! I think I’m in the minority when i say i like this movie.
    • I do think they should do a remake or reboot – or maybe a series?  I don’t know enough about the comics to make an assumption.
    • Rebel Wilson was in here and it’s hilarious
    • But also – this is why you don’t make deals with the devil!! Doesn’t anyone watch Supernatural? Just any of the 50 or so seasons? Though in this movie you get a sick disguise and a ride so 🤷🏻‍♀️ pros and cons I guess.
  • Burlesque 5 👯‍♀️
    • All Ali wants to do sing and dance. She gets to do that at a high-end, burlesque club that’s struggling to stay open. 
    • Probably like the 5 or something rewatch? But it’s still great after all the rewatches. Which I’m glad because you get those movies where you loved them earlier and then you rewatch and then ugh. Same with books I guess.
    • Cam GigaTwilight is still very handsome – especially with eyeliner. That’s not allowed.
    • But also all the dancing and singing makes me think I can sing and dance – which I can’t. Definitely can’t. But you know minds and all.
  • Zapped 4  📱
    • After her mom remarries, Zoey and her mom have to move into a new house with all the boys. Zoey discovers she can control boys through a dog controlling app.
    • My question is this – why does Zoey go for a PAID dog training app when there’s DOZENS OF FREE APPS???? Sweetie??? Not in this economy!
    • It’s a cute movie that you can put on for the fun of it.
    • So the brother has ‘adhd’ and she’s says “be focused” and he instantly hyper focuses on the lamp – which is pure adhd


MV5BMTI0NTMwMDgtYTMzZC00YmJhLTg4NzMtMTc1NjI4MWY4NmQ4XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNTY3MTYzOTA@._V1_UY268_CR16,0,182,268_AL_ (1)
  • Arrow season 2
    • Season 2 brings about new problems for Oliver and the Arrow. Both are different people and he has to decide how to deal with both sides of his life. 
    • I finally finished season 2! But now the real work starts since I started with Season 3 of Arrow and Season 1 of The Flash. So I go Arrow, Flash, Arrow, Flash, Arrow, Flash. Flash, Arrow, Arrow, Flash. And it only gets worse when you add Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow. So why am I doing it to myself? BEcAUSE.
    • I really liked season 2 but I think I’ll probably like season 3 better because SPOILER ———- he’s finally off the island and thank goodness because those flashbacks used to bore me.


Hopefully by the end of the month, I’d have finished a season of some of the series that I’ve just…collected. I’m on like episode 3 or 4 of a lot of series and when I go to continue watching the episode, I stop watching a few minutes in and go back to a podcast.

What have you been watching lately? Anything good? Want to recommend me something that I’ll get to in a year? Nah, I’d watch in a month, if it’s recommended to me by someone and not just me endlessly scrolling.

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3 thoughts on “What I’ve Watched This Month: Mid-month (February)”

  1. Hahahahaha, the Legends of Tomorrow is the reason I stopped watching all the CW DC shows because I’m stuck at the 4 part episodes (where it carries over each show in a week) and I refuse to watch it until I’m caught up on everything (because I am insane).

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    1. I momentarily stopped watching Arrow and Flash to watch other shows and uhh I don’t know when I’ll get back to the Arrowverse 😂 There’s just so many things to keep up with? Like what is this and who invented crossover episodes because I’d like a few words with them!

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