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Anti-Valentine’s Day Tag || The good content because we only like romance in books

I was tagged by Sam @ Fictionally Sam back when 2019 had its Valentine’s Day. But for reasons (probably just forgot) I kept it until this year has its Valentine’s Day! And here it is! And someone else tagged me in it a few weeks back so that’ll be for NEXT year 😄

Also, please don’t take my title as me being snide or something. It’s just my thoughts – aka why have romance when you can just sleep alone in a bed (I like to stretch and I toss and turn a LOT). But hopefully some of you also feel the same way! Which, I guess, you do since there is this tag!

Unfortunately, with a couple of these answers I find myself going “Well, no?” And that’s because I haven’t read those types of romance books or can’t remember or just don’t have an answer.


  • Link back to the blog that tagged you!
  • Answer the 10 anti-Valentine’s Day questions provided.
  • Come up with your own 10 anti-Valentine’s questions for blogs you tag.
  • Tag ten other bloggers to do the tag!


⭐ A romance you thought you’d hate, but turned out to love

🚀 Probably Adrian and Sydney from Bloodlines (spin-off to Vampire Academy). Mostly because I didn’t really like Adrian when we were first introduced to him in Frostbite (this also just reminds me that I need to reread both series, because they’re amazing). But when we were able to learn more about Adrian in Bloodlines, that’s when I started to love him. He’s a snarky character you can’t help not to love. Sydney, I did have a little bit of a slight disdain (when we first met her in Vampire Academy) but that quickly fell away and I really loved her.

⭐ A Heroine you wish which catch on fire and jump off the face of the earth

🚀 Zoey from the House of Night series – whom I love to hate. Yes, this is a bad series and she’s a bad character, but I still am very much interested in rereading it. I think you often do need to have some books or some series that are labelled as trashy so you can read it get your mind off of things (which is why I love Glee so much. And America’s Next Top Model).

⭐ Name a world that you wouldn’t mind settling down in

🚀 Mostly definitely The Beautiful’s setting. I’m not a huge fan of dressing up but I could get into it. Also just the culture shown in the book is amazing and I’d love to be a part of that. And the food. Very much the food.

⭐ What Trope do you think is entirely overdone?

🚀 Love interests being RUDE to the main character but it’s okay because in the end, they get together and the fandom is all 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 BECAUSE APPARENTLY HATRED AND VERBAL/EMOTIONAL ABUSE IS HOT (I’m looking at you, STAR WARS).

⭐ A ship you always wanted to join but haven’t for fear of heart-break

🚀 I don’t think there’s actually a series that I can think of where this happens. Tbh, I probably do have a series or two in mind but I just don’t know off the top of my head.

⭐ Name A character that stays getting between your ship, but you Stan their existence

🚀 If we were taking about tv series I would say Teen Wolf and Lydia (I love her so much as a character but I’m not a Stydia supporter) 😂 but if we’re talking books? I don’t know I guess? I think I might have an answer if I’ve read the To All the Boys series – which I haven’t and really need to – but I know a lot of people like the love triangle in there.

⭐A Romance you want to shout from the rooftops and have everyone read (including Grandma Ethel)

🚀 ALEX AND HENRY FROM RED, WHITE & ROYAL BLUE. I got a friend to read this and they convinced another friend to read it 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 but also quite recently Jack and Pepper from Tweet Cute!!!

⭐ What is a character trait you love in your stories?

🚀 Stubbornness? I’m a bit stubborn myself 😂 but then when characters don’t do exactly what you tell them what to do – that’s also very annoying because how dare they.

Otherwise I am an honest person so I always like to see that in the stories.

⭐ Name a type of resolution you are tired of seeing? (i.e, Hero apologizing for his shitty move and Heroine instantly taking him back without a second thought)

🚀 This might seem like a very cynical thing to say but characters choosing love over success or power. They give up what might have been a great thing to go and be with someone (who sometimes isn’t even a good fit for them!! Or who wants them to be less of a character so the love interest doesn’t have to feel like they’re the ‘lesser one of the two’) and maybe they don’t live happily ever after (absolutely not looking at The Devil Wears Prada. Not at all).

Also another one is where there is a love triangle and the person goes with utterly utterly wrong choice and by wrong choice I mean like the character is an awful person. They don’t really love the mc, they just want to have the other love interest and they don’t want the other love interest to have what they have.

⭐ Your ultimate ship that you would tell the gods about

🚀 A new ship that ticks all my boxes is Tweet Cute’s Jack and Pepper. If you want a cute, disgustingly adorable romance, you need to pick this book up. And I say a new ship and I’m only choosing one because there’s quite a few others but I won’t go on about them.



  1. As Anti-Valentine’s parties are a thing, who would you invite to yours?
  2. List your favourite trope and then give one person you would not like to fulfill the trope with. Like as an example: my favourite trope is ‘there’s just one bed’ but I wouldn’t want to share the bed with Mal from Shadow and Bone because I don’t like him at all.
  3. We talk a lot about our favourite ships, what are your least favourite canon ships?
  4. Are there books you purposely avoid because you know you don’t like the romance in there and which books are there?
  5. Choose a movie or series for your favourite ship to watch together.
  6. Which of the ship names do you prefer? Mashing of names together (Drarry etc – Draco and Harry from Harry Potter), mashing of surnames together (Forwood etc – Caroline Forbes and Tyler Lockwood from The Vampire Diaries), or their professions or traits together (Stormpilot – Finn and Poe from Star Wars, Wolfstar – Sirius Black and Remus Lupin from Harry Potter)?
  7. If you could redo the traits for a ship, what three traits would you pick? (think like in a Sims game).
  8. If you had to pick a bad trope (like a love triangle – done wrong), what would it be and why?
  9. Do you think books should always have a little bit of romance (i.e. if the main character/s don’t fall in love, at least the side characters will); or do you think a book could be strong enough without romance?
  10. And finally, what will your favourite ships be doing for Valentine’s Day? Or Anti-Valentine’s Day?


I’m tagging anyone who wants to do this tag! Mostly because people have different ideas and thoughts and feelings about love and I don’t want to tag someone who really loves Valentine’s Day in an Anti-Valentine’s Day tag. You know what I mean?

Do you like my answers to Sam’s questions and my questions to other people? Which was your favourite answer and (my) question? Talk to me down below in the comments!

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