What I Watched This Month: End-of-Month (January)

It’s the end of January? The first month is basically gone? And I’m not even sure if this month has gone by fast or slow. I literally have no idea about how I feel.


  • Knowing 1 🌎
    • A time capsule is taken out of a school, 50 years after it’s put in; containing tons of letters from a grade (cute). But one letter is just a page filled with numbers. And the weirdness continues from there. 
    • So we watched War of the Worlds (mentioned in here) and and someone commented on how the ending is awful (which is isn’t – it makes TOTAL SENSE), they said we should watch Knowing – therefore we did.
    • Nicolas Cage has done a few Christian-inspired/based movies, hasn’t he? This had religious imagery – whole Ezekiel reference and well just what happens in the end. And I believe he’s done the Left Behind series or something – which is like all about the Rapture and whatnot.
    • But anyway, this was… boring? Yeah, very boring. It also was very confusing and definitely had religious imagery and connections which might be confusing for some people? But I just found it boring and confusing either way.
  • You Get Served 4 🕺🏻
    • There’s these two friends who dance in a group. They stop dancing together (issues? They argued too much?) but in the end they dance again! Everyone’s happy. 
    • This is one of those movies that I’ve thought I’ve watched but turns out I have not. Just to make things more confusing of course.
    • I really enjoyed this movie. I’m a big fan of dance movies (even though I am not a good dancer in the slightest ahaha). And the characters were really interesting.
  • War of the Worlds 5 👽
    • These WEIRD MACHINES come out of the GROUND and Tom Cruise has to get his family to safety and not go into the direction of the machines.
    • Don’t come at me for the high rating. I’ve loved this movie since a kid (and also the Scary Movie parody). But also Tom Cruise. And young Dakota Fanning. And then you get a bit of Miranda Otto which is what we need (okay, no, we need more of Miranda Otto).
    • I really enjoyed watching this again. Would probably watch it again soon. Also, Jimmy/Steve (Justin Chatwin) is in here – which I did not know so that’s interesting.
  • Priest 5 🧛🏻‍♂️
    • A priest who’s also a vampire killer decides to go against everything he knows in order to find his niece.
    • If you’ve never watched Priest before you’re missing out, seriously.
    • One of the only Paul Bettany movies that I like? I prefer his voicing of Jarvis over the actual Vision.
    • It ALSO has Karl Urban and Cam Gigandent in it so that’s a good enough to watch.
    • But if you aren’t convinced by Eomer and James from Twilight, this movie ALSO brings about VAMPIRES (which, yes, I love them very much). It’s a more traditional take on vampire re their weaknesses but it’s vampires so I’ll take it!
  • Rush Hour 3 🚓
    • A Hong Kong cop teams up with a loud LA cop to find a missing girl. 
    • I can’t remember what happens in the second movie, but between the two movies I have watched, I think the third one is my favourite.
    • It was sort of funny but I did like it. I love Jackie Chan in anything (my favourite is probably The Medallion.
  • Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle 4 🐅
    • A man-cub is raised by the jungle. 
    • I thought this would be dumb – I also thought for a moment it was the live-action version but that wouldn’t be on Netflix. Decided to watch it. And it’s really good? It’s a darker version of the original and the live-action version, but really really good.
    • It’s got a stellar cast and Andy Serkis directs it?? Cate Blanchett does the narration and I’d like her to narrate my entire life, thank you very much.
    • All in all, very compelling story. Great characters, amazing voices. It is darker so if you have kiddos you might want to watch it with them or you watch first to see how it is.


  • Fractured 3 🏥
    • A family stops at a gas station and the little girl falls down and hits her head. Her parents take her to a hospital and after some time goes by the hospital says she never went there? 
    • “Dad better have a shotgun ready to keep all the boys away” ugh can we NOT.
    • Lily Rabe is in here, which is why I kept on watching. Sam Worthington is okay, but Lily Rabe is 🙌🏻
    • But this is just really weird? I was confused all throughout and nothing made sense.
  • Jurassic Park 5 🦖
    • Dinosaurs!!! Roam!! An!! Island!!
    • I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned my ABSOLUTE LOVE FOR THIS FRANCHISE BUT HERE IT IS: I love this franchise.
    • I was a small dinosaur girl  – which later on changed into a mythology kid. So I’ve loved this series from a young age.
    • We also watched Ride Like a Girl today and Sm Neill is OLD now which makes me just want to watch Jurassic Park all over again.
  • Jurassic Park III 5 🦖
    • They’re back on the first island but the dinosaurs are STILL around and ready to eat everyone. 
    • Sam Neill is in here after not being in the second movie (sad) and of course he’s excellent again.
    • Also people have said they don’t like the third movie, which is weird because I’ve always LOVED it.
  • Jurassic World 5 🦖
    • Well, once again dinosaurs roam an island. But this time it’s like an actual theme park. Until it gets crazy. 
    • A GREAT PICK UP from the original trilogy.
    • And also – those rides/attractions? I’m very much interested.
    • I’ve LOVED Bryce Dallas Howard since The Village (if you haven’t watched it before, you definitely need to) and I was so excited to see her in here and she was excellent.
  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 4 🦖
    • Claire and Owen go back to the island to try to save all the dinosaurs. 
    • While this was still good, it wasn’t the 5 stars that all the others, still good.
    • But I am excited to see what the new movie has in store re the universe (Which reminds me to listen to the See Jurassic Right podcast (I listened to like one episode and learnt a whole bunch of things I didn’t know! Like a new Netflix series!!
  • Ride Like a Girl 4 🏇🏻
    • Tells the story of the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup.
    • This is based on a true story – which I didn’t know because I was most likely reading when it all happened.
    • But I really liked it! It’s very family-focused and all the family scenes were great and really funny.
    • Also, do you know what I really enjoyed seeing? Michelle didn’t have a love interest 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Not that I don’t like seeing love interests, I was just more happy to see the movie focus on her and her family and success, rather than a boyfriend or a husband to make her happy/


I didn’t finish any seasons of series lmao. I did finish Lost in Space S2, but I still want to write a separate post about it – maybe also recommend books that give the same space/family feelings? I also want to try that with Raising Dion, but I don’t think I’ve got that many superhero type books I’ve read.

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7 thoughts on “What I Watched This Month: End-of-Month (January)”

  1. I gotta say I never watched the Jurassic parks.. not sure if I even want to 😂

    Priest definately looks good though!
    I’m not much of a movie fan; but I always think about that a little wierd because I don’t have a movie NOR a tv show thing 😂 closest would be watching let’s play of games on youtube, as of which I also stopped (recently started back with Resident Evil 7)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I watch Jurassic Park constantly 😂
      Priest is very good! It’s weird that it’s barely known about (i think) because I think it’s great
      I’ve only watched the Resident Evil movies but maybe I should watch some gameplays on YouTube! I mostly just watch people play Sims and Minecraft on YT

      Liked by 1 person

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