What I Watched This Month: End of Month (December)

Can you BELIEVE it’s the end of the year but also like the decade? Because I can NOT and it is giving me all the feels so could we just get a couple of extra days to complete everything? Please and thank you (Yes, this was written partially before the end of December, but due to posting schedule, I had to move it later).

I know why the sizes of the poster images are different and I fixed it this time aha!


  • The Hustle 4 🤑
    • Two con women team up to take other men’s money.
    • Pretty funny, especially if you’re looking for some mindless fun. And Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson in the same movie – this I do recommend. There are definitely dumb moments in here, but as I said – this is mindless fun.
    • And this like…lowkey makes me want to become a con woman (I said what I said).
  • Ella Enchanted 5 🧚🏽‍♀️
    • Ella is obedient – like as in you give her a command and she has to obey it. But she’s sick and tired of having to obey. She goes on a journey to find her fairy godmother to lift the spell. She finds friends along the way and even a prince charming. And she sings both Queen and Elton John.
    • I saw it on the tv and was like “Well, I know what I’m doing right now!”
    • My uncle also sat down and watched a bit with me and then said it’s dumb – it’s not dumb at all?? It’s super great?
    • And also – Anne Hathaway looks exactly the same in here (2004) as she does in The Hustle (2019)
  • The Princess Diaries 5 👑
    • Mia Thermapolis isn’t just Mia Thermopolis. She’s Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldi, Princess of Genovia.
    • So here’s the thing – I first watched Ella Enchanted. And then my cousin and his girlfriend came over and we were talking about ‘Christmas movies’ – and by this I mean any movie you watch at Christmas is automatically a Christmas movie (it makes sense). So then we watched the first Princess Diaries. And then a few days later we saw The Hustle. AnD THEN we watched The Devil Wears Prada after it. So tons of Anne Hathaway content.
    • We also LAUGHED our heads off when Paolo came onto the screen because he is the funniest.
    • I think I might watch the second movie (which isn’t as good as the first one but still pretty good). Or just go wild and reread the series this year (no, I’m joking. I have way too much on my hands. Or maybe I will – someone stop me please).
  • The Devil Wears Prada 4 👠
    • A journalist who knows nothing about fashion finds herself as an assistant to the demanding editor-in-chief of a high-end fashion magazine.
    • I mean, if we count all these Anne Hathaway movies, obviously not counting The Hustle (since it just came out), I’ve probably watched these about 50 times? Counting all the times of all the movies, I mean.
    • So, okay, SPOILER TIME: On which side are you on (there’s two sides that the viewers are on) – should Andy have quit her job and gone back to her boyfriend or should she have stayed? Because I said she should have stayed and I’m the only one who said so in the entire house and like why should she go back to her boyfriend (who’s an ass)??? Sure, she ‘changed’ but she took a new job in an industry that she knows nothing about, so why wouldn’t she learn and change a bit to fit in and do her job better?
    • Also I feel the need to now watch more Stanley Tucci movies.
  • Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace 4 ⚔✨
    • The Jedi find a boy who seems to be the answer to the problem of the Sith and problems ensue (other problems. Not the boy. Not until the third movie).
    • Don’t @ me with the high star rating. I love these, okay?
    • The music at the Darth Maul fight scene is one of my favourites.
  • Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones 5 ⚔✨
    • Anakin Skywalker is in love with Padmé (I mean, it’s Natalie Portman. Wouldn’t you?). But how can they be in love when he’s a JEDI? And there’s a clone army and it’s amazing.
    • The arena scene where they’re basically gladiators is my FAVOURITE SCENE in the prequels (my second one is in the third movie).
  • Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith 5 ⚔✨
    • EVERYTHING GOES CRAZY and only ONE person has the high ground as the prequel comes to an end and we see who goes under the hood…
    • I was texting my friend live updates and thoughts of me watching it (very important to have that type of a friend. If you don’t, tell me which movie/series and I will happily be that friend for you) and I texted them HELLO THERE and they responded with a GENERAL KENOBI which is the energy and friendship you need in 2020.
    • This is a pretty good solid one. The prequels are mainly here to set up the history of the originals and… basically just that. Still good.
  • Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker 4 ⚔✨
    • Palpatine returns (don’t even ask why, it wasn’t said), Rose doesn’t get ANY screentime (which is a shame because she’s amazing) and Rey, Finn, and Poe are all together and you can’t tell me differently; and Rey does some really cool things because she’s amazing.
    • There were some things that happened during the movie that I did not like, but you know, it’s fine. Whatever. Things happen.
    • I was happy and I wasn’t happy, which is fair and does happen. Anyway, it’s a Star Wars movie and I loved it and would watch it again.
  • Step Sisters 3.5 🥾
    • Jamilah has everything she needs, until she has to teach a sorority how to step If she doesn’t teach them how to step and if they don’t win a competition, she won’t be able to attend Harvard.
    • Stepping is basically stomping rhythmically with your feet – which looked a bit like gumboot dancing to me – though gumboot dancing is where you wear gumboots, wellington boots, and then attach a string of bottle caps/bells around the ankle, so it makes a lot of noise.
    • I liked it. It was pretty funny and I liked the character of Jamilah. Enjoyed the stepping component – dancing and I do enjoy dancing movies.
  • Seventeen 4 🐕
    • This 17-year-old escapes from the juvenile detention centre to find his dog and takes his grandmother and his brother along.
    • I really needed to start cleaning My List on Netflix – it sometimes doesn’t let me add new titles. So I decided to start at the bottom.
    • I thought I would stop watching it like ten minutes in because it wasn’t really interesting and it was like 40+ degrees outside, aircon though, but the cat was also unhappy (because I wouldn’t let her out) so she decided to start being playful – but then they brought the dogs in so then I was interested.
    • I really really loved this movie and I really loved the characters! They were so relatable and real and the writing between the two brothers is very true – like I could see the sibling banter.
    • I did get a feeling (and I don’t want to act like I know everything or know more than others) but I did get the feeling that the main character – Héctor – shows some traits of autism – his behaviours, how other people view him. Not saying it’s a diagnosis and he’s not labelled as autistic in the movie but it does seem like that.
    • It is a really beautiful movie about family and love and I definitely recommend it!
  • Next Gen 5 🤖
    • A lonely girl becomes friends with a robot who’s not supposed to be out and they have to deal with other robots, mean girls and a scheme.
    • This was such a cute movie. It reminded me of Big Hero 6 and I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a good movie for the kids to watch.
  • Pet Semetary (2019) 5 ☠
    • Dr Louis Creed and his family relocate to Maine (of course. It’s Stephen King). There’s a very creepy animal graveyard in their backyard (nice) and very creepy things start to happen (NICE).
    • I watched the original last year (because I can actually say that ahahah) and LOVED IT. And this one has been on my top top to-watch list ever since I saw the super spooky trailer with the masks and everything. Like that trailer is what dreams are made of.
    • I LOVED this remake as well and it was so well-written and spooky and I was happy!



  • The Witcher 3.5 🧙
    • Geralt of Rivia is a witcher, a monster hunter. Cirri is a young girl fleeing for safety. And Yennefer is a mage trying to become more powerful.
    • This was…good. Could’ve done without the whole episode 3 thing but you know, what can you do when people in fantasy think women can’t do things without looking pretty? I did like Yennefer (though Queen Calanthe was my favourite), just wished it could’ve done without it.
    • I was very confused by the storylines (and timelines) so might pick up the books before the second season (out something like 2021?)
    • Henry Cavill THOUGH DAMN YES PLEASE. I wasn’t a huge huge fan of Superman, but that’s because I’m just a bigger fan of Batman than Superman (though I do really like Supergirl and might like that Superman in there).
  • Good Girls (season 1) 5 👭 (I know that’s mainly used for f/f but there’s no friend emojis??)
    • Three moms decide to start a life of crime to earn more money and everything goes haywire.
    • I’m trash about this show and that’s all you need to know.
    • Also, is it just me who finds Rio hot? Yes? Okay, I’ll just go back to watching Grey’s Anatomy.
    • I love Mae Whitman!


I’ve already started the January watching off to a start – watched some Jaws 😁. Might do a Transformers and Terminator marathon 🤷🏻‍♀️ I would carry on with Star Wars but I do want to watch The Clone Wars before but that has like 6 seasons so I’ll have to do some major bingewatching like I do with Grey’s Anatomy 😂

What have you been watching recently? Chat to me down below so I can talk more about movies and series!

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    1. 😄😄 I was really happy for the unexpected marathon. Now I have to put some time aside for The Clone Wars 😂

      A lot of people have mixed reviews about the new Star Wars and I really loved it, in spite of all the…issues I had with some areas.

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