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2020 Reading Challenges I’ll be Tackling!

Wahey there! I can feel 2020 will be a lot of reading so I’m writing down which challenges I’ll be joining! I’m still putting together the different shelves for everything (which will take a while). And I’ll probably join other challenges as the year goes on.

There’ll be so many crossovers from all my reading challenges 😂 I’ll definitely be making use of fun emojis for my wrap-up posts.

I’ll be linking to the announcement post as well as my Goodreads shelf for it – though the shelves will definitely be increasing as the year carries on – as I’m writing this I’m watching Jaws and going through my tbr.


Destiny @ Howling Libraries created this challenge to help us crack down on our arcs! I’m very happy with this because, arcs, right?! There’s a Goodreads group and a Discord group (I believe there are links in her recent post – as the link is to the original announcement post).

I’m prepared to have read AND review all my arcs by the end of December and even read 2020 arcs before their release date! It’s doable!! My shelf.

Beat the Backlist 2020

Read more about it here. I’m still GOING through my tbr because there’s so many I want to put on and I don’t know how far I want to shoot for 😂 of course any I don’t read this year can roll over to next year 😁

My shelf. I LOVE all the mini team challenges but I’ll be joining The Borrowers because a) I love the movie and b) most of my backlist books will be read through the library.

Audiobook Challenge

I discovered audiobooks (and by that I mean I was able to start listening to them via the library) and LOVED THEM. Even though my earphones are going which means they only work through one ear. Sometimes they work if I twist and turn the other end (that goes into the audio jack) a certain way. But only sometimes). I really like the idea of this challenge! I won’t be making a shelf for this one as Goodreads does not have a good idea on how to do audiobooks (like my stats said White Cat was 7 pages as I listened to it). But I will mention in my wrap-ups which books were which.

2020 Audiobook Challenge Sign-Up. I’ll be trying out for Weekend Warrior (I’m getting the hang of this) 5-10. Just because I don’t want to shoot for 10-15 and then only read like 7.

So far, these are all the reading challenges I’ll be joining this year. I might join another, but if so, i’ll just announce that on a wrap-up or something.

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9 responses to “2020 Reading Challenges I’ll be Tackling!”

  1. Oh I didn’t think about audiobooks. I didn’t know this reading challenge was around maybe I’ll join in. I don’t listen to audiobooks regularly but want to change that in 2020.
    Best of luck to you in 2020!

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    1. I saw the audiobook challenge on someone’s blog and I really wanted to join in 😂 I listened to a few in 2019 but want to make that more in 2020.
      Thanks! To you too!


  2. I’m also doing Beat the Backlist this year, in conjunction with #StartOnYourShelfathon since they largely overlap (minus a few 2020 ARCs), not joining a team this year but I am doing the BTB bingo and aiming to hit every prompt on the non-epic board! and of course I’m doing the regular Goodreads challenge, plus YARC and I think a few others I’m forgetting atm 😅

    I’m also aiming to listen to more audiobooks since I got into them for my morning walk to class, though I’m really really picky about narrators and sticking to my library’s offerings at least for now. some days I just don’t feel like it so I listen to podcasts instead, so I probably won’t sign up for the challenge – but I hope you have fun with it!

    best of luck, I’m sure you totally got this!

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    1. I wanted to join in on the Start your shelf but decided I had enough on my plate 😭 hopefully next year I’ll join in on that. Ditto on YARC!

      I listen to podcasts and audiobooks so I always have one of the other (or a movie or series I’m currently watching) in my ear.

      The narrator does sometimes make or break the book. I find with some I have to listen on 1.5 speed and on others it needs to be 1 speed 😁

      Thank you!! Now I just need to remember that I’m doing them! Thank goodness for Goodreads shelves I guess.

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      1. haha yeah, I honestly have no idea how I’d keep track of challenges if I couldn’t just throw the books on GR shelves as I finish them 😅

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      2. I think I might need to buy a new journal to keep up with the challenges 😂 but also I’d lose the journal somewhere in the house.
        So GR is a good option! Especially if you’re forgetful like me 😂

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  3. ooooh… I think I want to join #ARCapocalypse too… 🤔

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    1. Haha yes! It’s something that’s needed 😄

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  4. […] 2020 Reading Challenges I’ll be Tackling! […]


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