December Wrap-Up

Wahey there! It’s been a while since I last posted a wrap-up (ok no, I went and checked. I did post an October/November Wrap-up. I lied, I am a liar). Just me or did most of this month go past slowly and then that void between the 26th and the 30th of December shot past? Anyway, I vote that in the new year we abide by like 26 hour days. We could do so much in those extra two hours! Like read more! Pet more dogs! Sleep!

Books I read

Well, I’m still READING a bunch of them – I’m hoping to finish like two of them tomorrow (as I’m writing this – tomorrow is the 30. Also will be like 43 degrees – rude – so hopefully a bunch of books will be completed). Update from future!DB – I did not finish anymore books 😂😂

I read four books in December… which is a little low as some recent months have been like 6 or 8 books – but it’s fine, it’s totally good.

I struggled with Once & Future for a bit. I had to sit down and force myself to listen. It’s not that I didn’t like it – I did. It just took me a while to finish it. I would’ve maybe liked reading it as a physical copy so I think for the sequel I’ll try physical.

Eclipse the Skies is the second book in the duology that I wish was like 5 books because I needed more but also it was excellent.

Into the Drowning Deep is a SPOOKY READ and I recommend you read it LATE in the night OR on a boat/ship!! In the middle of the deep deep sea – nothing will happen to you, I promise!

The Beautiful – as soon as I read this I just wanted the sequel in my hands so like, I’ll be waiting for the sequel thanks.

My posts

There’s a lot as it was Bookending Winter this month! And I really enjoyed it.

October/November Wrap-Up

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What I Watched This Month – November

Character Interview with Oz || We all needed to know more about him.

Bookending Winter – UnChristmas music!

Sick Kids in Love || A must of a read!

What I watched This Month: Mid-month

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Other posts I liked

While I did blog hop, I didn’t do a lot but will definitely try to do more. I honestly want more hours in the day.


I won’t say much here as I will be tackling some reading challenges/readathons – I’m gathering a list and still need to work on them but a post about it will be up soon!


Is everyone excited for the new year? I’m not! Is everyone stocking up on books and such for January? I went to the library the other day to take back my books and walked out with new books!

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