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Bookending Winter – Weasley Jumper Book Tag

This is actually a tag I’m doing rather late in the month (as Emmie published the tag on the 16th and it is… not the 16th. But it’s here now! Definitely go look at Emmie’s answers because they are AMAZING. Last few days of Bookending Winter, which you can read up about here.

Emmie @ Another Night Of Reading (16th – 18th December)

Monday 16th December

Weasley Jumper Book Tag

You’ve been invited to spend Christmas at the Burrow! Just like Mrs Weasley knits everyone a jumper each year, you have decided to gift each member of the Weasley family a book. For this tag I will give a few adjectives for each Weasley to help people along but hardcore fans can, of course, go by their own HP knowledge. I’m also considering adding the extended family (Harry, Hermione, Fleur) as a bonus.

Mrs Weasley – a book with a character who likes to cook

I don’t know how to explain it, but Mrs Weasley is definitely that type of person who would read Mills & Boon or other ‘steamy’ romance novels. Or as my mom calls it, Thrills and Swoons (see mom, I say nice things about you! As she sent me a screenshot of a previous post about me talking about book sleeves and then telling me to go BUY fabric 😀). But as I do not read Mills and Boons. I can’t recommend any of those. Maybe I’ll be able to recommend some other books! But now all I can think of is the Julie & Julia movie – which I don’t think is a book.

And because she’s an excellent mom, she definitely read to her kids. And therefore, I recommend The Faraway Tree to her. Because, it’s just so amazing?? And I can just imagine her reading to all her kids [the older ones would say they wouldn’t want to sit and listen but she’ll fix them with that tried and true Mom™ stare and Percy would sit down and listen (with a forced smile)]. I don’t know if there’s a character that likes to cook but there are tons of food so there you go.

Mr Weasley – a funny book about how silly ‘muggles’ are

My first answer would be The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but another one that looks really good is basically anything Monty Python. Just like anything. That link just goes to the Holy Grail screenplay, but Arthur is free to look at any of the other ones 😁 They’re all just so funny? Like go read/watch Holy Grail and tell me you won’t have a giggle or a laugh every now and then.

Bill Weasley – a book about an adventure

I CAN’T NOT DO THIS. Okay, so, Bill is a CURSEWORKER, right? So, I will recommend the CURSE WORKERS series by Holly Black. Thank you, thank you, I will retire now (jk).

Charlie Weasley – a book with a dragon

I WON’T recommend The Hobbit, because GUESS WHAT? The dragon does not have a happy ending. So instead, I will DEFINITELY recommend The Inheritance Cycle to him BECAUSE IT’S AMAZING and he would TOTALLY attempt to create a bond with basically every dragon he sees, you can’t tell me he won’t, it is law.

Percy Weasley – a book with witty writing

You’re not going to stand here and tell me with a straight face that Percy wouldn’t be interested in classical literature, especially when it’s all witty and everything. I remember when we covered The Importance of Being Earnest in class and I absolutely loved it because it was super funny.

Fred and George Weasley – two books about pranksters

Percy Jackson or Heroes of Olympus would be a super good choice as there are pranksters in the books but also the books themselves are quite funny which I think they’d have fun with.

Ron Weasley – a book with a character who is a really good friend

I could say just about anybody from Percy Jackson or any of the other books as they are all good friends to each other, but I already used that so I’ll recommend something else. But!! Samwise Gamgee from The Lord of the Rings is the ULTIMATE BEST FRIEND.

Ginny Weasley – a book with a kickass female heroine

I’ve just finished the Ignite the Stars duology and there are kickass female heroines in it and I think Ginny would really enjoy reading about Ia.

Bonus Round: The Extended Family **

Fleur Delacour – Fleur works at Gringotts to improve her English. Let’s gift her an English Classic

The Great Gatsby is one of my favourite classics. It’s not too hard of a book to understand and she might enjoy it along the way.

Hermione Granger – a book about books!

OK, well, first off, I can’t NOT recommend the Inkworld trilogy as it’s one of my favourites. But also Matilda and The Neverending Story (which I think I need to read again).

Harry Potter – a book about a chosen one

Carry On – Such a good book about being the chosen one!! And Simon and Baz are basically Harry and Draco so there you go!


Ah! I hope you enjoyed this tag! When I first looked at all the prompts, I was intimidated but then realised WHAT FUN I could have with the prompts. Are there any of the prompts you agreed with? Any you would change? Let me know down below in the comments!

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11 responses to “Bookending Winter – Weasley Jumper Book Tag”

  1. Great blog!

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    1. 💜💜💜 thank you, Mamma 😘


  2. Your answers are AMAZING! I really enjoyed reading your thought processes as well, rather than it just being a list of books. I completely forgot about Mrs Weasley’s love for romance & Celestine Warback (is that her name?), great idea! Thank you for doing my tag 🙂

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    1. Thank you! 💜 i thought it’d be more fu to explain why I’d choose that book for that character.
      Yes! That is the singer’s name 😄

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  3. Ahhh, I love that you put Carry On as the Chosen One prompt!! Excellent reasoning, DB. Now I need to find my own!!

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    1. 💜💜 thank you! Ooh can’t wait for that 😁

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      1. It’ll be out in about 50 mins!! (So long as I finish it by then!!)

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      2. Yay!! I’ll definitely go look at it 😄 I’m busy with (yet another) BE post 😂

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      3. I got so distracted… only 25 mins late!!

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      4. Haha. Now I have to start my end of month watch post 😁

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