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Wahey there! Hope you had a fun Christmas! Do you do anything on Boxing Day? For us it’s usually a very chilled day, eating the leftovers in the fridge, maybe going over to family or friends. Right now, my aunt and I are starting on Season 2 of Lost in Space! As usual, if you want to know more about Bookending Winter, please visit this post!

Jeimy @ A Novel Idea (26th – 29th December)

Thursday 26th December

A Bookish Carol Book Tag

An Original Book tag.

Ghost of Bookish Past: What book from your childhood do you hold dear? Did it change you/ make you the reader you are today?

Ghost of Bookish Present: What Author have you discovered recently that you can’t live without? What about them do you love?

Ghost of Bookish Future: You’ve travelled into the future. Which of your favourite books has been made into a movie/tv show? What actors were cast as your favourite characters?

Ghost of Bookish Past: I’d usually say like Harry Potter but let’s be different! Enid Blyton’s books – basically just, all of her books, are something I will always always be held near and near to my heart. The Faraway Street and The Wishing-Chair were my first two series I read. I really liked Famous Five (I think Timmy and George were my favourites). But the one that really held my heart and that I just love love so much is the The Mallory Towers series. I definitely saw myself in Darrell – she becomes a writer, she slapped Gwendoline (I once, uh, bit an annoying girl).

As Mallory Towers is set in a boarding school environment, that probably did help my love for boarding school books. The books had humourous characters and well-written strong female characters, all which I enjoyed.

Ghost of Bookish Present:

There’s been a few so I think first Maura Milan? And Mira Grant – I’ve read some of their books recently and just can’t get them out of my head. I’m not sure if Milan’s written other books but I am ready to read absolutely anything by her. Mira Grant I know is pseudonym, so I’ll try to pick up some of her other books in the upcoming year. That is, unless there’s a sequel to Into the Drowning Deep. Because then I’ll be (excuse the pun) diving into it and not coming back up for air.

Ghost of Bookish Future: 

Well I just finished the Ignite the Stars duology and EXCUSE ME I need to go lie down because every time I think about what it would look like in a movie I just want to tear up because why on earth are networks renewing shows where the teenagers look like they’re all in their late 20s AND they’re on their phone in class all the time?? You know if the room is really quiet that it’s SUPER easy to hear a phone vibrating, right?

So yes, I would really really love this series to be scripted. Probably a movie over a tv series, but it needs to be the blockbuster movie type. Proper representation, of course. And Ia needs to LOOK like she’s 17 (I think her age is mentioned. And I think it’s 17. Do not quote me on this. But this has REALLY AMAZING fight scenes and I just NEED to see this. I need to see Ia say she’s the Blood Wolf on the big screen.

I just need to.


That is all! I hope you had fun reading this quick post and can you believe that we’re reaching the end of the year? Because, uh, I can not.

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