Bookending Winter- All I Want for Christmas…

Wahey there!! If you celebrate it, Merry Christmas!! If you don’t, then happy insert correct winter solstice greeting here. I hope it’s a good day for you with presents!! This is my last post as a host so I hope you all had fun with my prompts and if you’re wanting to see what the next prompts are, mosey over to this post!

Sorry about the pictures being all weird sizes – it’s just the way the sizes are.

Wednesday 25th December

All I Want For Christmas…

What book-related gifts would you want to find under the Christmas tree? Fictional characters may apply.

You know that feeling? When you’re reading and you’re like, this is great, but I need something…extra. Like something to drink! I normally drink about 3 to like 5 cups of coffee a day? The ones later in the day are decaf – which I’ve become used to since I’ve always been that (snobbish) person who’s like “I’ll only ask for decaf coffee if I’ve been kidnapped” etc – but we have a decaf that’s really good and you can’t even taste that it’s not caffeinated.

I LOVE mugs. I have an entire folder on my laptop that has tons of pics of just MUGS and it all adds up to 69 pics (lol) so I’ll just put some of my fave in here:

Did I go overboard with like six mugs? Nope. Will I be having six friends over to use those mugs? Not that I think so 😂 There’ll be just tons of mugs ALL OVER MY HOUSE when I’m older and they’ll all be super cool designs and I cannot WAIT.


Another thing I love is pins! Enamel pins and buttons and such. They’re so cute and so pretty?? Here’s some pictures:

Most of the pins I have are just Harry Potter and uhh The Nightmare Before Christmas, but I’m hoping to get more slowly.


A ton of other things! Book sleeves! My mom is a quilter and we literally have AN ENTIRE ROOM full of fabric (and yet she still wants more) and I have a pattern for book sleeves and will try to make my own when I get back home (to all the fabric, and my mom’s sewing machine – and my mom for any help) and hopefully they’ll come out well!


As for fictional characters who I’d want to find under the tree… you know who you are. 😁😁 What are some of the book-related gifts you either know you’re getting or really want to get or just like to collect photos on your laptop to look at in your spare time? Which is so very me. Either give some ideas down below in the comments (I’m always wanting more book-related ideas for my future house (gotta think ahead), or link your post so I can go look 😄



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