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Bookending Winter – Naughty and Nice Things About Winter

Wahey there! I was going to link the host as usual but today it’s me!! Unfortunately, I can’t say anything about the winter and Christmas because I’ve only ever had summer Christmases where we’re mostly opening up presents in t-shirt and shorts, spending Boxing Day at a friend’s house with a pool and come to think of it, New Years too 😁

Just a reminder, if you want to read up about Bookending Winter, this post is the one for you!

Monday 23rd December

Naughty And Nice Things About Winter

What’s your favourite and least favourite things about the winter season?


This might seem redundant, but the cold. I am a person who prefers the warmth. Even though I might not be outside 24/7 when it’s warm (like 1.3/2.8) and I’ll probably wear the same clothes all year around (I do), the winter is definitely not a favourite of mine when it comes to having to wear layers. I don’t like it a lot.

Getting sick. I’m big on hand hygiene. Washing hands all the time, especially before food and anytime you touch a pet. And proper ways to wash one’s hands – mom’s a nurse so she took some time to show me the ways. And like, listen, we use our hands for EVERYTHING. Once you start thinking about how many people have touched that door handle and how much percent of them have washed their hands today, you too will rush towards the nearest bathroom. And I also just hate feeling sick – I already have sinus problems, I don’t need the sore throat and general exhaustion as an add-on, thanks.

Joints. So I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is all about joints swelling up and stuff like that. A lot of people say that their joints tend to swell up more and ache in the summer, but I’ve noticed mine like to pop up in the winter. Not to say that it doesn’t swell up in summer, though. It totally does. But unfortunately for some reason the winter brings it about more.

Getting up. I hate getting up like in any season, okay. Summer’s awful because most of the time it’s already anything above 15 C or you didn’t have the fan on over night and now are regretting it. But winter is just like??? “Hey, you wanna feel like your body is FREEZING OVER as you try to get your clothes on in record time?? Boy, do I have an idea for you!!” And then because Melbourne is Melbourne you basically have to dress for like two seasons at once – because it might start randomly raining even though the weather app says it wouldn’t! Or even if it’s like 20 C there’s an extreme cold wind that forces you to have a jersey on.


My quilt. As much as I don’t like layers, blankets and heaters (especially heaters!!!) are perfectly fine. Probably a weird paradox or something. While my quilt isn’t super super warm, it does the job of keeping me cosy while I watch series or read on the couch. And my mom also made it, which makes it magical because moms.

Alll the hot drinks!! I’ve yet to find a good tasting hot chocolate mix that’s low on sugar. We do have one that is low on sugar but it doesn’t taste all that good. Just to clarify, I still drink tons of hot drinks in the summer months too (as I’m writing this post, a coffee’s been made for me and it’s like 37 C). But there is definitely something about the winter season and hot drinks! Especially a very good hot chocolate (which a friend showed me one in Melbourne – absolutely amazing) and EVEN MORE ESPECIALLY when there’s tiny marshmallows in the hot chocolate. And cinnamon sticks!!! Have you tried them in a drink?

Socks. All the socks. Even though my sock collection is depleting and I need to find more. Mini question – are you the type of person who will look high and low to find matching socks in your house or have you given up and just wear mismatching socks? Because I am a totally mismatching person. Mostly because with my parents – all our washing is together so socks go everywhere. That and we just have a drawer full of socks (categorised by if they have mates or don’t) and also all the socks that are broken/ripped go to the dogs 😂😂 and before you say “No, don’t do that!” They’re Jack Russells – they eat everything they can get their hands on – the one dog literally ate the stuffing from the backs of stuffed toys when he was a puppy. He’s like 10 now and just as naughty as back then.

Trees – back in South Africa, my town has a lottt of Jaracanda and oak trees. And while the town looks AMAZING in spring/summer when it all blooms (we have a Jaracanda tree in the front of our house, it’s beautiful), it also looks amazing when the trees are all bare – no leaves, nothing – there’s something about the simple beauty of bare branches and them blowing in the wind.


There’s obviously other things I like and don’t like about the winter season, but this is a pretty good list of the two.  Are you also the type of person who lives for socks and hot drinks in the winter? Or are you the type of person who side eyes the entire season and waits for it to be over? What are your naughty and nice about winter? List them in the comments or link your post so I can go visit it!

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