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Bookending Winter – Oh no! Power Blackout During Snowstorm!

Wahey there! Bookending Winter is getting more and more and if you wanna join up, see this post!

Anisa @ Bookish Bibliophile (19th – 22nd December)

Thursday 19th December

Oh no! Power Blackout During Snowstorm!

Imagine yourself in a snowstorm with a power blackout. You have to read books to pass time and comfort yourself. Which 3 books would you choose?

So like, funny thing is, back in South Africa, the electricity provider does this fun thing called loadshedding, Where, depending on which area of the town you live, your power is off. Like if the schedule says 14h00 to 16h00 – you best believe it that the electricity will go off as soon as the clock hits 14h00. Maybe it’ll be back at 16h00. Or maybe at 18h00. Recently my friends say it’s off like 5 times a day – in intervals, at least (well, mostly). But still.

I LOVE these types of tags even though they’re AWFUL because they make you CHOOSE between books and how do you do that to us??? But on with the show. This is all from my high-tbr shelf on Goodreads. I definitely think I need to maybe write a post about it 😂 I’m still going through my want-to-read shelf and seeing what’s high/top priority/what I really really want to read.

33299465You Asked for Perfect by Laura Silverman – Who wants to worry about reading by candlelight when you can worry about students!!! Needing to feel they’re the best!! And then they get super stressed about it!

43568394The Guinevere Deception by Kiersten White – I mean you could just pass the time looking at the cover??? Like sure, come for the story and the King Arthur retelling. But stay for that cover.

29904219Not Your Sidekick by C.B. Lee – So, say you’re reading this, right? And it’s superheroes, yeah? Now, you could imagine you’re a superhero and generate electricity 👀👀


Are you all bored of my weird jokes? Too bad, I think they’re funny 😂😂 And I have to entertain myself whilst Melbourne is going through ANOTHER temper tantrum re weather.

Are you the type of reader who wants thick reads for a blackout? Or do you just want something quick while you watch something on your laptop? Listen, we’ve got it down pat re loadshedding. We know how to prep (meaning, fill the flasks with hot water so we can still have tea and coffee when the power’s out).

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7 responses to “Bookending Winter – Oh no! Power Blackout During Snowstorm!”

  1. Oh how I loved GD … let me tell the ways. For all the KA spins (Cursed was bleh in my opinion), I’d trust Kiersten White more than anything. Hell I’d trust Kiersten White with the Golden Girls if she wanted to do it.

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    1. Oh good!! I don’t think I’ve read a Kiersten White book before (I have Slayer in my Kindle though 😄) but I am really looking forward to GD.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Slayer is awesome and I just finished Chosen… I put up a review of slayer in preparation of Chosen recently. I loved And I darken but never reviewed it bc I it was way before the blog. But I’m hijacking your tag. Sorry!

        Right now… of course SOC/CK (can’t separate lol)
        Fate of the Fallen and There Will Come a Darkness and yes the last two are a complete shock to me lol

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      2. Ooh, once I finally read Slayer (definitely putting it on my Beat the Backlist 2020 list, I’ll go look at it! Definitely hijack the tag!
        Haha, you definitely can’t separate SOC and CK! There Will Come a Darkness is on my tbr so it’s just a guess to see how much time goes by before I read it 😁


  2. Aaaah I wanna read all of the books you mentioned DB *wails* and oof to having to deal with the loadshedding thing DB, though to be honest I’m guessing it’s been implemented so that whichever is on the power doesn’t get powercuts as often and so the grid can support them? Here where I live in a lovely ol’ rural village we can get powercuts every day, like a powercut happening isn’t a big deal here sometimes they last for less than a minute other times they can last for 30+mins and the longer the powers out the more we worry about our freezer and stuff because we don’t need it thawing and going to waste. Luckily the longer ones are rarer haha.

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    1. I am…not looking forward to having to deal with that when I get back 😂 I mean sometimes our wifi goes off for basically the entire day, and sure, I have data, but like… wifi.
      I have no idea. I think it’s something to do with the coal because the electricity provider is definitely not good at maintaining it, I think (not very knowledgeable on that count) so we have to suffer no power so they can coal – to my understanding. Oof, yeah I get that. Yeah, I don’t know how my parents are coping with the power being out and when it gets super hot as we have no aircons in the house and the fan doesn’t work that well.
      Lucky for you that the longer ones are rarer!

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  3. […] Bookending Winter – Oh no! Power Blackout During Snowstorm! […]


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