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What I watched This Month: Mid-month

Wahey there! If you’re wondering why this post mid-month, it’s because I realised I was watching a ton of things and had to split it up! So I decided on a mid-month post and then an end-of-month post (those names are only temporary. Give me time).


  • Trico Tri: Happy Halloween 3 👻👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
    •  A family moves back to spend more time with their grandmother (well, the father’s mom and the kids’ grandmother) but they move into a house that’s known for being haunted…
    • Is it Halloween? Nope! Did I still watch it? Yup!
    • I thought it’d be super dumb but I actually liked it and it was funny. I liked the characters and the fact that they are bilingual.
    • The ghost factor of the movie isn’t much so it’s more of a ghost comedy movie rather than a ghost ghost movie.
  • Shrek 5 👹 (my computer says this is the ogre emoji 😂
    • Well, it’s Shrek. So it’s an ogre who lives in a swamp and has to go on a quest with a talking donkey to save a princess.
    • My random letter generator said S so the first movie was Shrek 😂😂
    • Still great great great and extremely quotable and still manages to crack me up a lot??
    • But… I do have questions. Like the dragon’s clearly wearing lipstick and has stereotypical old lady lips (sorry not sorry). Also… why is Fiona in her human form thin and in her ogre form big? Like okay, sure, ogres are ‘bigger’ but in Shrek 2 when Shrek temporarily turns into a human he’s basically the same size. I’ll take answers in the comments…


  • Arrow 4 🏹 (S1 finished)
    • Oliver Queen returns to Starling City after been stranded on an island for five years. But he’s returned a changed man.
    • I really though I wouldn’t watch this anymore but then it just had alll these crossovers and Kat McNamara ends up being in here (won’t say who her character is) so like yeah I decided to start scratch from this 8 seasons hahahahah
    • I remember the previous times I watched like the first two seasons I didn’t like Laurel at all and now I’m slowly starting like her? Like don’t get me wrong – there are still times I give major side-eye to her but she’s okay otherwise.
  • Pretty Little Liars 4 👧🏻 (S1 finished)
    • Four friends start receiving mysterious emails from an anonymous source.
    • I finally finished the fist season! I got caught up watching Arrow and Merlin ahah that I forgot about this. But I won’t next time! It was a good first season. They definitely built up an interest for the second season.
    • As always, Emily remains my favourite Liar. Spencer and Hanna are fighting for my second favourite.
  • The Society 5 🏫 (S1 finished)
    • After all the adults in their town disappear, a class of teens have to band together and figure things out.
    • So like I really thought I’d watch an ep or two and then switch it off and carry on watching like Arrow. And then somehow I binged the entire season 🤷🏻‍♀️
    • Like Grizz looks like the stereotypical jock boy who likes to push people around for no reason and like??? he turns out to be s o f t and smart and likes gardening and I just want to die of cuteness.
    • Everything and everyone is so messed and screwed up and I love it and I need the second season now.


That’s all for now! Since the other movies/series I’m still busy with – I think I’ll be finishing at least one season of a series (unless I like watch 2 or something) and then I’ll put it up here saying I finished that one or two seasons. I think I’ll keep doing this as I like it and it’s keeping me more in track. And it’s not too long. Though I do like long posts. I mean, what am I even?

Answer. A bowl of steaming confusion. At least for now.

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6 responses to “What I watched This Month: Mid-month”

  1. Oh wow. It’s been so long since I watched PLL!! I remember finishing it and still not understanding who A was!! That’ll teach me to look at my phone when I watch tv….

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    1. It’s wild honestly just watching this and like how are their parents parenting them?? 😂😂😂 you probably wouldn’t really understand even if you were focusing on the tv

      Liked by 1 person

      1. OMG THEIR PARENTS!!!!! These kids need boundaries and discipline!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. So much!! And how they all are BLATANTLY on their phones at school? How even?!

        Liked by 1 person

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