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Bookending Winter – UnChristmas music!

Wahey there! Honestly, I can only stand a couple of Christmas, Christmas songs now and then. So why don’t we talk about the songs that aren’t actually Christmassy but totally sound like they should be playing in stories in November!

Danielle @ PoetryBooksYA (9th – 11th December)

Wednesday 11th December

Un-Christmas Music 

What are some of your favourite songs that remind you of the Christmas season, that aren’t Christmas songs?

Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah (I think I read somewhere that this is actually a Jewish song, but it has a lot of wintery/holiday vibes!). I usually listen to the Rufus Wainwright version because Shrek. I’ll include both versions that I like – the Shrek and the Pentatonix covers. And just to clarify again, I know this is a Jewish song and I’m not trying to make it into a Christmas song – which I think Pentatonix may have done. I’m just saying that it sounds like a song you could have playing around the holiday and I mean no offence towards Jewish people.

Klaine – Baby, It’s Cold Outside (Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel) LISTEN I LOVE THIS. And, yes, the song has some creepy undertones to it… but a lot of popular songs have creepy undertones (I once literally Googled the lyrics to Blurred Lines so I could prove to a guy it’s not a good song…in the club 😂). I listened to the Idina Menzel/Michael Bublé cover but I didn’t like that one as much as the Blaine/Kurt version – which is excellent and cute and their voices go together SO WELL.

Somewhere Only We Know – Blaine Anderson (yes, another Glee cover. No I’m not sorry for it). Not sure how or why, but this just feels like such a holiday-y song? I also used to sing this song allll the time in Singstar. This definitely is not a Christmassy song at all but like listen – I was watching Grey’s Anatomy and this song played and it was in December I watched the episode so ergo/ipso facto – it fits on this list 😂😂

Jingle Bell Rock – Mean Girls – Just inject this into my veins please. Which means the video too. And I’ll totally wear the outfit (well, maybe just a tiny bit longer. I love my thighs but not that much) and do the dance. Someone just needs to be the cool mom.

Also, this is a very Christmas song, but it’s also one I would sing wholeheartedly throughout the year –Pentatonix – Little Drummer Boy (cover).


That’s all! What are you listening this December month? Gimme some recs!

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8 responses to “Bookending Winter – UnChristmas music!”

  1. Yep, I absolutely CANT stand christmas songs 😂 there’s a channel that keeps playing christmas movies, which mom would keep it on that — after a while i’m like OK MOM I CANT ANYMORE ahaha 🙈

    Ah yes, I strongly agree that Halleluja gives a christmassy vibe .. the only one I can tolerate is Beautiful Christmas by Big Time Rush 😂😂 or some very old acadian christmas cd. That’s it.
    ((How ironic that i’m a christmas baby who DONT LIKE christmas stuff? Ahah))

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    1. My uncle wanted to start playing them in the car in NOVEMBER and I was like “I’m getting out the car and walking.”
      Christmas movies are another thing – most of them I just don’t even look at because they’re all so cringey 😂
      Yes, I love Hallelujah as a song.

      Haha I think for me to love Christmas a lot I’d have to be a Christmas baby. Otherwise I’m a total Grinch!

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      1. Ahahahah I can imagine that conversation 😂😂 I’m quite lucky on that, even at work we barely play them, only when it’s our fundraiser with santa.

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      2. Oh that’s good 😁 I think there’ll be in house playing soon 😭

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  2. Ah Christmas songs, I don’t mind them but honestly if I wanna listen to the radio around this time of year I usually try not to. The amount of Christmas songs that get played slowly send me loopy. I love a lot of the covers Glee did to be honest, and I liked the ones you mentioned hehe. Kurt and Blaine’s voices blend so well together whilst also both shining on their own.

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    1. Apparently (in Melbourne) there’s a local news station that has a channel DEDICATED to 24/7 CHRISTMAS MUSIC 😐😐 very thankful I tend not to listen to the radio a lot.
      I think maybe I’ll watch the Glee Christmas episodes around Christmas (not on as we have the family over so tons of family things) but definitely leading up to that (which is close! I did not realise it’s this close!!)
      Right?? I love Glee covers because they’re so amazing! Kurt and Blaine go so well together 😍


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