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What I Watched This Month – November

Wahey there! I thought I would watch a whole bunch of old movies, or movies I used to watch a lot as kids, but I didn’t do that a whole lot as I thought I would, but oh well!


  • The Possession of Hannah Grace 2 👧🏻
    • Emily Megan is a cop turned a worker in a morgue – I don’t think she’s a real medical examiner as we don’t see her do the normal examining things but she takes photos of the corpses so is she an assistant? Anyway, and she receives a corpse of this girl (Hannah Grace) who isn’t what she seems. And then weird things start to happen.
    • So, I’ve been major majorly hyped for this movie ever since I first saw the trailer, mostly because horror, mostly because Shay Mitchell. And this was unfortunately another case of the trailer being awesome and then the movie being…not so awesome.
    • It wasn’t anything to do with the acting – Shay was great as usual, it was more of the story I had a problem with – it just didn’t hold much and the character of Hannah Grace was just not at all written properly and that annoyed me.
  • Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase 5 👧🏻🕵🏻‍♀️
    • Nancy is like “You know what? I’m gonna solve a crime!” And she does it! What a queen!
    • I’ve read a whole bunch of Nancy Drew novels and really enjoyed them because they were so well-written? So I was so excited to see this movie after…that one with Emma Roberts as Nancy – like she doesn’t LOOK like a Nancy, but SOPHIA (this Nancy) looks like a Nancy!!
    • But anyway!! Sophia Lillis, who plays Nancy in this, played Beverly Marsh in the new IT movies! Which I am a huge, big fan of – and a super big fan of Beverly. And Sophia was an excellent choice! And then Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammel, who played in True Blood, a show I’m truly trash for) plays the dad – which I laughed a bit because I was so used to him in True Blood. And then!! The biggest then, was Karen from Shameless – who was a bit of a bitch, though basically every character on Shameless can be classified as a bitch, tbh. And when she showed up I half screamed.
    • But yes, definitely go watch this! It’s super cute and good, especially if you, like me, grew up reading Nancy Drew books. It’s all the right amount of mystery, humour, tiny tiny bit of spookiness.
  • Shazam! 4 🦸‍♂️
    • Billy Batson is a normal 14 year-old foster kid. Until he gets chosen by this weird wizard and transforms into a grown-up superhero when he says the word Shazam. On the other hand, this baddie who was not chosen by the weird wizard, gets chosen by the other baddies. And they come together to fight against each other.
    • I really like how there’s the exclamation mark at the end of the word. It’s very fun to look at.
    • I loved this movie. However…I’m pretty sure the actor who plays Freddy (character who uses a cane) is abled. And SPOILER – there’s this scene where Freddy turns into like another Shazam? I’m not really sure on that. And he doesn’t need to use the cane anymore. But once he turns back into his kid/no superhero persona – he does use his cane again. So, on the one side, I’m upset that they didn’t do the rep properly – find an actor who uses a cane. He can still transform into a grown-up superhero, but still with the disbility! On the other side, I’m glad that they didn’t just let him go without the cane once he turns back to a kid.
    • Otherwise, the movie was really good and funny and I am really looking forward to further movies from this character or from any crossover Shazam might have with the rest of the DC universe. Can you imagine a scene with Shazam and movie!Flash (Ezra Miller? I’m loving it already).
  • Going For Gold 1 🥇
    • Emma, who’s a cheerleader from the States, has to move to Australia with her dad (he’s in the Air Force). She starts up a cheerleading team with the local gymnast team. And I wonder why I chose to watch this movie.
    • Like listen, I love love watching cheerleading and gymnastics movie. Are you kidding me? I love the Bring it On franchise. But this movie? Was basically just all around bad.
    • The acting wasn’t good. I barely liked any of the characters. The story was just not interesting at all? I didn’t feel connected to, well, the entire movie on a whole. Sorry not sorry, but there are better cheerleading movies to watch.
    • But they did show a footy match which is peak Australian as I’ve found out.
  • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Black Panther – Trouble in Wakanda 5 🦸🏿‍♂️ ✊🏿
    • Thanos teams up with Killmonger and Ulysses Klaue are out to steal vibranium from Wakanda. Will they succeed?
    • I’m doing this type of thing where I use a random number generator and my Netflix list. It occasionally works.
    • Lego + Black Panther? Say no more. Even with the voice actor of Klaue throwing in a sort of passable South African accent. Andy Serkis in the movies was better.
    • I really liked this short movie and will definitely keep on watching these cute little Lego movies – the lego games are also really cool.
  • Hellboy 4 😈
    • Hellboy, this super super cool dude with horns on his head (great fashion accessory) is just going about his day when he has to save the world? Can’t he just get a break?
    • Gosh, I really need to read the Hellboy comics, don’t I? I absolutely LOVED the two Del Toro movies, watched them allllll the time and the Elf Prince in the sequel was uhh, one of my first crushes (it was the voice – he had a good voice 😂). And I think I’d definitely like the comics – just need to read them!!
    • Apparently (while reading the IMDB trivia, my fave, he is a Libra – Hellboy, not the Elf Prince). Which is probably why I love him so much.
    • The effects in this?? Amazing, love it. In some superhero movies the effects can be like too much? But I didn’t feel like that in this. This was great.
    • But as much as I liked this movie, I am a huge sucker for the Ron Pearlman movies and do like them a little better. But maybe that will change once I’ve started on the comics.
  • Wonder Woman: Bloodlines 5 🦸🏻‍♀️
    • Wonder Woman needs to help a troubled teen™ from being sad? Or I guess she uses her sadness (the teen, not WW) for, well, evil.
    • The voices in this?? Amazing! Rosario Dawson voices Wonder Woman and oh my goodness she’s amazing and I really need to rewatch Daredevil and then all the other series so she shows up in all of them. Marie Avgeropoulos voices the troubled teen (she plays Octavia in The 100 and I love her).
    • I also did not know they swore in here 😂 I’ll have to watch more of this and other things like this to see if there’s swearing in that.
    • But also – is that Etta with 2 girlfriends? We stan.
  • Final Girl 1 👧🏼 🪓
    • This kickass girl meets up with this group of boys who like to kill girls. She decides to teach them a thing or two. 
    • Okay, so like, I liked this movie? I like Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine is my everything, I love it). And I liked the premise of it. And Alexander Ludwig is also in here and I love him (he’s Bjorn from Vikings and Cato from The Hunger Games – if you’ve seen this movie and wondered why he’s so familiar).
    • But this movie was just…boring? I actually started to fast forward a couple times because I was just bored and didn’t want to be in that movie anymore. The acting was good, Ludwig plays a real good unhinged character, and I even liked the premise. It’s just that the story didn’t play out so well. And it was boring. And I was upset because it was boring.
  • The Jurassic Games 4 🦖
    • 10 death row convicts have to fight against each other in this crazy virtual reality arena (ala The Hunger Games) in order to be the winner and get off death row. 
    • I dunno what to tell you, I saw T-rexes fighting each other on the loading screen/image and I’m like “Yeah, I’m in, let’s do this.” I went in thinking it would be dumb and awful. And then it wasn’t??
    • And it wasn’t the case of ‘it only became good halfway in or 3/4 in – it was good from the start!! And I was so excited because people! Killing other people!! But with dinosaurs!!
    • So, basically, if you’re looking for a weird but actually pretty good movie – definitely check this out.
  • Santa Girl 4 🎅🏻
    • Santa’s daughter goes off to college to experience the standard college experience. Along with a love triangle. 
    • Don’t ask why I was watching a Christmas movie in November – it wasn’t my choice.
    • Harper Finkle is in this!! And I ended up really liking it! Yes, it was sappy and cliche, but I liked it!
    • And the love triangle was a good one – like I liked both choices, but knew which one was the right choice and in the end the other choice was fine with not being chosen – which I liked because a lot of the times they end up being pessimistic and whatnot.


  • Radio Rebel 1 📻🎧
    • Tara, who’s incredibly shy, is actually a radio host. Suddenly her hosting becomes more and more popular and she tries to gain some of that confidence. 
    • For some reason?? I watched this??
    • The best friend is super annoying but the love interest is kind of cute.
    • But it was such a boring movie! I usually like Debbie Ryan – from Jessie and Suite Life of Everything. But in this movie she was just so boring?? Or was the story just boring or the way they executed it? Whichever one.
  • Pokémon Detective Pikachu 5 👾🃏
    • Where Pokémon WALK AROUND ALL OVER (my absolute dream!!!) this kid (well, adult, who’s in an accounting job, I think?) teams up with a TALKING PIKACHU to find out why his dad is missing. 
    • Like LISTEN I love Pokémon and every SCENE of this movie is PERFECTION. I’ve played tons of the games and just love it all!! Dopinder was also in here and I laughed when I saw him.
    • But like – when I saw Cubone for the first time, I had a lot of emotions because cutie pie. We love Cubone in this house.
    • Of course, we also like this story for the actual storyline/plot. Yes, it was Mew-centric, which we’ve had dozens of movies about – but I still liked it!! I loved how the story was told and when is the sequel coming out? We need one. I need one otherwise I’ll just be watching this one over and over again.
    • I also never knew I wanted Bill Nye with Pokémon but here we are. Loving this movie. And rewatching it constantly. And like, Justice Smith is 🔥🔥
  • National Security 2 👮🏻‍♂️
    • Two security guards who do not get along have to start getting along to solve a crime. 
    • It was ok. Little bit funny. But not like a whole bunch. I also skipped a few bits here and there.
    • I thought bumblebees don’t sting – have I been lied to??
  • Mary Poppins Returns 4 ☂
    • Mary Poppins!!! does indeedy return! And she’s off to look at Michael’s kids. Tons of singing! Lin-Manuel Miranda! 
    • The original was one of my favourite movies growing up so I went in with super high expectations for this one. And while it didn’t meet them, it still came pretty high.
    • There are a lot of remakes coming out and while some of them are good, some of them aren’t and I was very happy to see that this was one of the good ones.
    • Is anyone gong to talk about how Michael grew up to be handsome and (dare I say it) a snack? Because if no one’s going to say it, I’ll be the first!
    • Emily Blunt is always amazing and gorgeous we love her.
    • do however, wish they included a song from the original, even a reprise of some sort. Probably Let’s Fly a Kite because it is my favourite.
  • Toy Story 4 3.5 🧸
    • Woody and basically everyone you’re used to seeing in the previous movies, but with some new characters! Like Duke Caboom (love him) and Forky (the I’m trash gif is basically the best thing about him. sorry not sorry). They have to rescue a toy from somewhere? Or they get lost? I didn’t get it. 
    • Look, I love Toy Story. 1 and 2 were great! Amazing! 3 was good. And they had such an excellent conclusion with the third one. So…why feel the need to have this one?
    • To me, having grown up with the other ones, this felt like it stagnated. It was good and I liked the story, but it just felt boring. Forky was such a boring character, sorry. I hope they don’t bring out a fifth movie. I’d still watch it, sure, but why spoil a great trilogy?



  • The A List 5 🏕
    • Mia, a very ‘it girl’ type of girl arrives at a summer camp, thinking she’ll be the it girl there. Shia Surprise! It’s totally not like that at all! And a surprisingly slight supernatural plot?
    • So when I first started this I thought I would switch it off because it looked like a typical ‘mean girl’ series. And then?? I accidentally watched all 13 episodes help when’s the second season coming out.
    • And yes. The acting COULD be better. But the plot?? All the twists that happen?? More than make up for it! So I could rate it lower than five stars but I did super really enjoy the plot so 5 stars there you go!
    • Slight spoiler but like: The one cuts her hair with a normal pair of scissors and the other girl comes in and WALKS ON the hair!! And after the cutting of the hair, her hair looks…not good, sweetie. That’s why you don’t cut your hair by yourself. Trust me.
    •  We love Alex. No matter how bad the series is. And Mia. And Harry is just the sweetest.


All my other series I’m currently watching. And I need to write up a post just screaming out two series I really loved. Possibly 3 once I finish it. I think I actually need to start doing a mid-month of what I’ve been watching 😂😂 Thanks for reading this super long post! What have you been watching lately?

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7 responses to “What I Watched This Month – November”

  1. And I wonder why I chose to watch this movie.

    Best part of this whole post. (Also, now I feel like I need to watch that movie to see the footy representation…)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😂 I’d rather watch like a sappy Christmas movie than this again. I don’t think they show much of it but when I saw that I was like ‘yeah, it’s Aussie’ 😁

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Aw I actually loved Radio Rebel …But again I watched it years ago on youtube xd the only one on your list that I actually watched ahah

    Apart of the few 2 & 1s here and there, looks like you loved most of them, which is good!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think I would probably like if if I watched it back when I was a teenager – but so many of those movies have the ‘mean girl’ character and I can’t deal with that a lot.

      Thanks! Yeah, I have fun chatting about them 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Understandable, just like some things used to be our favorites back then and when we go back to them as an adult we go « OH DEAR NO! » ahah

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh yeah TOTALLY!! Especially when they’re the teen movies you used to love so much 😂

        Liked by 1 person

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