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Bookending Winter – A Very Potter Christmas!

Wahey there! I love this prompt, Tabatha, thanks so much for creating this! She’s still the host for Bookending Winter so definitely read up about her other posts and the upcoming posts here!

Tabatha @ Broken Soul Reviews (5th – 8th December)

Friday 6th December

A Very Potter Christmas!

 If you are anything like me, you have one healthy (or ranther unhealthy) obsession with all things Harry Potter! Christmas/Winter time in Potter land has always been one of my favourites. It introduced us to Hogsmeade and opened up a door to tons of adventure for the crew. Today, we are taking a trip – right down to Hogsmeade, to grab ourselves some Butterbeer and talk about the upcoming Winter Ball! To get us in the Potter Winter Ball Spirit; there are some things I want to know about all of you!

  1. What is your favorite Harry Potter Book and why?
  2. Who is your favorite Potter Character (or top 3 if you wish) and why?
  3. Which Harry Potter Character will YOU be taking to the ball? And why?

The Harry Potter movies, I think, are great all-around movies – they celebrate Halloween, Christmas, you get a little bit of June in there too – but now we’re focusing on the Christmas!!

Onto the questions:

  1. What is your favourite Harry Potter book and why?

Definitely The Order of the Phoenix! Well, for starters, it’s a thick book. Secondly, it has THE BEST CHARACTER aka my girl LUNA LOVEGOOD!! Let me tell you, tween!DB (at least I think I was tween age) loved seeing her because she’s a bit weird? And I’m a bit weird? But she still has friends! It’s got Umbridge!! A bitch I love to hate!! McGonngall being SUPER SASSY. HAVE A BISCUIT POTTER. IT UNSCREWS THE OTHER WAY. HARRY’S SASS IN THIS – almost rivals the “There’s no need to call me sir, Professor,” line in Half-Blood Prince. It also has so much scenes about studying and the classes – which I still enjoy to this day. Who knows all I want is just 500+ pages about studying and essays!! Give me the essays! I might be secretly Hermione too.

2. Who is your favorite Potter Character (or top 3 if you wish) and why?

Luna!! Most definitely Luna! And then Harry and then it’s a big, big tie between Sirius and Remus.

As previously said, I love Luna because she’s weird but she’s still loved and has friends in spite of her weirdness and she’s so vibrant and positive? About her weirdness?! And that gave me a lot of confidence for myself.

I love Harry so much because this boy’s been through so much and he just?? carries on through all of it without really expressing how he feels? Which is also why Order of the Phoenix is my favourite book as it has that one scene at the end of the book that’s just SO GOOD because IT SHOWS how Harry is feeling and I wish we had more of it! Also, like, Harry just needs five hugs and then 2 biscuits.

Remus and Sirius are just, gah, how do I even explain how I feel about them? Unfortunately, this is all due to the fandom and fics but that’s okay because basically all of my super Harry Potter love comes from the fandom/fics (you know, because the canon unfortunately likes to fail us sometimes, but we won’t get into that now).

But yes, Remus and Sirius go through so much and they’re still strong characters? And they just want the best for Harry and like how can you not love them so much??

3. Which Harry Potter Character will YOU be taking to the ball? And why?

Can I go with a group of friends? Honestly, I’d probably take Luna and we’d have fun with the group and we’d take photos and eat and critique everyone’s outfits (which…is sort of what my friendship group and I did).


Great prompt, right? Do you like my answers? Do you agree that Harry has plenty sass? Which is your favourite Harry Potter book and why? And the characters? Tell me all about it down below!

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5 responses to “Bookending Winter – A Very Potter Christmas!”

  1. Luna and Hermione are definitely my favorites. Goblet of Fire is pretty amazing, but I also really loved the first three. To be honest, the last two? Not as much a fan of those!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LUNA!!! I love Hermione too, but Luna is more my favourite. Goblet is pretty good as a book. I do admit I don’t like the last two books as much as I like the first (well 5 haha).


  2. OOOOH I’M A LUNA LOVER TOO. THAT GIRL THO ♥️♥️♥️ super special character. If I were a character in HP, I’d probably Luna ♥️🤣

    Lovely tag DB! I never knew you were a Potterhead ♥️♥️♥️ (then again who isn’t?). My favourite when I was younger used to be Prisoner of Azkaban, but OMG the fifth book was just fantaaaastic. Am I the only one that went a little gaga over the little peek we had into James and Lily’s world? (Omg is she Lily or Lilly?). I really hope one day we get to see James’ story!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Ahana!! I think if I didn’t end up choosing this blog name I would’ve chosen something with a HP reference 😂
      I love Luna so much and she was expertly casted.
      PoA’s a pretty solid choice as a favourite (it has Sirius and Remus, so I’m biased) but Order of the Phoenix has Luna in it and I love her. She’s uhh Lily – I had to check because I first wrote it with 3 l’s but the internet said she’s only 2 l’s 😂 I’d love to see a Maruader’s movie but they NEED to get the casting right otherwise it’ll flop 😥


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