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Bookending Winter – Let’s Talk Big Screen

Wahey there! So, I’m not the biggest fan of Christmas movies – I find them very very cheesy and cringy (I’m looking at you, Christmas rom-coms), but now and then, some of them are good and okay 😂 But I did choose more than 10 movies (like 11) so maybe there is something about this whole Christmas movies thing (but in like, moderation, lol).

If you want to know more about Bookending Winter, please check this post out! Happy blogging!

Tabatha @ Broken Soul Reviews (5th – 8th December)

Thursday 5th December

Let’s Talk Big Screen

Discussion post about favourite Christmas movies. This will be a Top 10 kind of thing, but if you don’t have 10, that’s okay too!

How The Grinch Stole Christmas – I keep writing it as The Grinch Who Stole Christmas ahaha. This is like my top favourite movie because it’s so great?? The BEST Christmas quotes and Christine Baranski?? How can you NOT love it??? Will ALWAYS ALWAYS watch this every year – like hello, You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch, is epic epic and I’d love to have the costume and just BLAST it ALL oVER – and over the tons and tons of Christmas songs playing. And look how YOUNG Taylor Momsen is!! A baby!!

Home Alone – The second one is sort of okay, but the first one definitely tops it. This is, yes, a classic Christmas movie and one I’m definitely okay to watch every year.

Barbie in the Nutcracker – Does this count?? Methinks so. It literally opens up with Clara AT christmas so therefore it counts and is amazing. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re too old to watch Barbie movies – you’re always able to watch them. And maybe I should just watch all of them to figure out my own personal list (Nutcracker will definitely be top. It has Tim Curry as the Rat King, how could you not love it?).

Elf – This is HILARIOUS AND I LOVE IT!! Will Farrell is one actor whose comedic roles I really enjoy (I’m a little bit trash for Talledega Nights and Blades of Glory). And yes, it’s super super Christmassy, but we’ll allow it.

Klaus – I saw the trailer for this and was like ‘sure, okay, I’ll bite. And watch this.’ And then I watched it?? And it was so cute? And the animation 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 we need more of this type of animation!!

Love Actually – So, so cheesy, but one I will allow. Because it is just adorable. Well, except for the creepy story (SPOILER – if you haven’t watched the movie) of the best man falling for the bride. And the super creepy video – me no likey. I’ll stay with young-looking, but probably like 15-year old Thomas Brodie-Sangster, thank you very much).

The Nightmare Before Christmas – This is a two-for-one because BOOM HALLOWEEN. I’ll probably watch this one again as I do love it so much! I also have some pins of this so I might wear them in December.

Gremlins – Shush, this is a Christmas movie – it’s literally set during Christmas!! And it has all the best things that make Christmas Christmas – good beating bad, right?

Krampus – Is it really a post by DB if she doesn’t mention a horror movie?? To be honest, this isn’t the greatest horror movie, but it’s a perfectly good one if you’re looking for a sort of a scare. And it’s set in Christmas!

Arthur Christmas – I actually watched this recently!! Even though I am usually basically a Grinch and NO Christmas movies until you know, ACTUAL Christmas – but this one…was super cute?? Like…more than normal?

I think it’s because of all the voice actors. You have the AMAZING James McAvoy, and then Jim Broadbent (who made me want to watch both Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince AND Moulin Rouge at the same time lol. I only realised Bill Nighy voiced Grandsanta at the end of the movie. And I was right!! Imedla Staunton aka Umbridge voiced the mom – like yes!!

Let It Snow – Just recently watched this!! And it’s so good!! Loved all the stories and the actors in it – Kiernan, Joan etc 😁


I hope you liked this post! I liked choosing the Christmas movies and I’m excited to see what you all choose for your list! Do you like any of my choices?

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9 responses to “Bookending Winter – Let’s Talk Big Screen”

  1. Aww yes, the “old school” grinch was so good ! I saw the cartoon-y one that came out last year and… I actually really like that one too (the dog looks like a dachshund!! and the big round reindeer!!)
    I was actually really lost when I watched Krampus xD Dad put it out of the blue so me totally didn’t expected it was a horror movie ahaha — but it was good too.

    I.. have to admit I actually never saw home alone in my life (yes, im turning 25 xd) and the nightmare before christmas either (though i DID owned the GBA game of that.. despite never having watching it xd)

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    1. I’m still on the fence about watching the new Grinch as I have a lot of feelings about Carey as the Grinch and don’t know how I feel about Cumberbatch voicing him (as I’m sure that’s who voiced the character).
      Haha, I’ve heard about Krampus a few times and there was a Grimm episode involving him so was excited to see there was a movie.

      Home Alone is a good funny movie. One of those to put on and then you can do some other work 😂 As much as I love Nightmare before Christmas, I have only watched it like 4 or something times.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahhh I see – as I watched both with french voices I didn’t had that issue.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ah. Yeah that would change. I sometimes like specific voices – well Jim Carey did the live-action Grinch really well regarding the voice which is probably why I don’t really feel like watching the new one 😂

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  2. Yes, I do love Christmas movies. I love Gremlins. And Home Alone. I love your list! I can’t remember ever watching a Hallmark Movie. Should I be feeling left out? CLEARLY NOT. Because this list shows how many non rom-com christmas movies there are!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I don’t think I’ve ever watched a Hallmark movie. At least not intentionally…
      Thanks! I really thought I’d have like…two but I surprised myself! I’m definitely on the side of non rom-com christmas movies. I can barely handle most rom coms on their own so I don’t like Christmas pushed into there 😁
      Gremlins is truly an excellent Christmas movie and people do not understand why and I’m here to tell them that it is!


  3. Ah DB I love the cheesy cliche rom-coms, I watch them on tv with my grandma when she’s over and I love them. I’ve only watched home alone out of all these and that was when I was at secondary school I think. I’ve seen clips of Love Actually but never actually sat down watched it all the way though…despite Thomas Brodie-Sangster being in it *swoons*

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    1. Aww – I remember watching tv with my gran – or well, me going into her room, asking her if I can watch tv, her saying yes and me choosing a PG-16 or something movie (if she was in the room, it counted as parental guidance 😂)
      Home Alone’s a good one to watch no matter how old you are, I think.
      Thomas is…13 in the movie (him, not his character) and Keira Knightley is like 17 😂😂

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