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Saint Young Men || Manga Review of a surprisingly good story.

45743637._sx318_Title: Saint Young Men
Author: Hikara Nakamura
Year Published: 2019
Publisher: Kodansha Comics Digital-First!
Genre: Comics and Graphic Novels ~ Manga ~ Humour ~
Stars: 4

Links: Book Depository || Goodreads

Disclaimer: I received this e-arc through Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for a free and honest review. The image header used is my own and the link in the book’s details is to the book’s Goodreads’ page and stores to buy the book. The summary is my own (well, I summarised the Goodreads description). All opinions expressed are my own.

It’s Buddha, and Jesus. Just chilling and wondering if they can get senior discount because they are the seniorest of seniors. That’s it, that’s basically it, and it’s fantastic.

If my mother knew I was reading this…😂 luckily I’m like half-sure she doesn’t read my posts. But, if you are reading this, mamma, uhm, I love you and be sure to give my cat a kiss from me.

This was my first manga, compared to just comics and graphic novels previously, so I did have to keep reminding myself of the rules of reading manga. But I would quickly remember the rules before I read much of the page. I enjoyed it being in black and white, though! I thought I wouldn’t as I’m so used to colour on the pages and thought: “Maybe the story wouldn’t be good in b&w as it would be in colour” – but that was not the case with Saint Young Men!

So, this doesn’t have much of a plot, okay? It’s mostly Buddha and Jesus walking around Japan and being friends and roommates – which I really liked, as you know what? It would be really cool for the deities/gods of different religions to be chilling with each other. The conversation and banter between the two main characters was great! I could tell they were friends and were comfortable with each other. It’s so humourous, all their experiences and adventures.

I can’t speak for how accurate Buddha was portrayed but Jesus was pretty accurately portrayed. Like He’s meant to be, not the person most ‘Christians’ make Him out to be. I didn’t want to read this in the first place, because I thought that He wouldn’t be shown correctly. But then He was! And I loved it! Aside from how accurate their portrayals were, I really enjoyed how their characters were written. And how they managed to fit in with the modern crowd and at the same time, struggled to not show their immortality and their giftings, or anything that’ll draw unneeded/unwanted attention to them. Which ended up in some hilarious experiences (I’m looking at you, Jesus).

All in all, great characters. Little actual plot but to be honest, I actually liked that. Do I recommend this: Yes! If you’re wanting a light-hearted chuckle of a manga.

Have you read this this? Or are you meaning to? If you were in their position (had powers of their magnitude, not being an actual god/deity), would you keep it to yourself or just show it? I’d go around and perform small miracles, you know – paying off a random student’s loan, giving a person the exact amount of money that they need at the exact time, allowing a pet shelter all that they ever need for the animals.

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6 responses to “Saint Young Men || Manga Review of a surprisingly good story.”

  1. Ohhhh DB what an interesting choice to have picked to read! Omg, I’m used to be totally manga-crazy then of course, they just started featuring on television so I guess the enchantment went away? I’m not sure.

    Loved your review ♥️♥️♥️♥️ Wow. Jesus and Buddha. Who’d have thought? I’m glad you enjoyed it. The theme is utterly different and almost immediately eye-drawing.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes!! It’s so good! I’ve watched more anime here and there and decided to pick this up – really liked it – definitely will pick up another manga!

      Right? When I looked at it the first time I actually said no 😄 because I’m so used to not even looking at those types of things – but then I actually read it and it’s great!!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I would’ve thought nope too! But I’m so glad you gave it a read. ♥️

        Liked by 2 people

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