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An Announcement || Of good things!

Wahey there! So, this will be a short post as it’s just me, well, announcing something but I am super happy to do it!

I don”t know if you know, but Bookending Winter is upon us again!! I can’t wait for it as I always like what Bookend Events has to offer. And this Winter Event has me!! as one of the hosts! I had great fun coming up with the prompts and everyone’s prompts look amazing!

Clo and Sam are the absolutely fantastic people behind this all so definitely go take a look at their blogs and while you’re there, the sign-up sheet and all information you’ll need about the event is here!

Have a look at my prompts!

Monday 23rd December

Naughty And Nice Things About Winter

What’s your favourite and least favourite things about the winter season?

Tuesday 24th December

Holiday Game Nights

What type of games do you play around Christmas time? Are they passed down throughout the family and years? Or are they a new tradition you’ve created over the years?

Wednesday 25th December

All I Want For Christmas…

What book-related gifts would you want to find under the Christmas tree? Fictional characters may apply.


Have you taken part in one of the Bookend Events before? Will you take part in this one this year? If so, tell me down below!!

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6 responses to “An Announcement || Of good things!”

  1. I love your prompts DB! Also, I’m so excited for BE Winter myself, I might just end up participating!

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    1. Thanks Jayati!! Can’t wait to see all the posts. Yay!!


  2. mmh- I might be able to do the first one !
    Not gonna garantee anything here xD but Im gonna *try* to do 3posts — I don’t think there’s one BE I skipped yet. But i’m really not a christmas/holiday person actually.. so erhmm you can see how i’m at disadvantage here x0

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    1. Yay! Hah, yeah I’m definitely not too big on Christmas or anything – much to my uncle’s chagrin as he is planning to put up the decorations on the 1st (whereas my dad usually puts the tree up around like, the 20th or something 😀) Yay, can’t wait to see your posts!

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