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Little Witches: Magic in Concord || Witches, retellings, and graphic novels do go together!

29773937._SX318_Title: Little Witches: Magic in Concord
Author: Leigh Dragoon
Year Published: 2019 (ebook is published 2019 and hardback and paperback in later 2020)
Publisher: Oni Press
Genre: Middle Grade ~ Comics and Graphic Novels ~ Fantasy ~ Retellings
Stars: 4
Links: Book Depository || Goodreads

Disclaimer: I received this e-arc through Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for a free and honest review. The image header is my own. One of the links leads to the book’s Goodreads page, the other one is to Book Depository using an affiliate link. The summary is my own (well, I summarised the Goodreads description). All opinions expressed are my own.

Little Women, retold in a graphic novel + witches. Add in an intriguing mystery, magic that’s set to draw you in, and characters you’re sure to remember; this is a book you want to read.

A cute easy read that will certainly make you reread Little Women and wish there’s magic and witches in there (just in time for the movie remake, right?). I didn’t remember much of the original Little Witches, except that I liked Jo the best, probably because she reminded me of George from the Famous Five series by Enid Blyton (also my favourite character. Timmy and Julian were like tied for second place).

I’ve become more used to reading Comics and Graphic Novels, and while I am (most definitely) not gifted in drawing or you know, anything visual creative stuff (writing’s more my speed, obviously), I can and do definitely tell and admire when the graphics are good! And this is the case with Little Witches – they’re so cute and like soft? Which doesn’t really make sense – but it’s like their faces (facial features etc) are softly drawn.

I really liked all the characters. I’m always up for siblings in novels and I was happy to see that they looked and felt like siblings – their banter, conversations. Even if they got into some fights and arguments along the way (like listen, which siblings don’t? My sister and I used to fight over the remote or even who was doing the dishes). But in the end, when it really matters, they come together and help each other and that’s what I love about sibling interaction! That they still love each other very much, even though they annoy each other and fight and all that; when it comes down to it, when one sibling needs the help, the other will be there to do whatever they can.

I already spoke about Jo being my favourite character but Laurie was definitely my second-favourite! I loved him. Everything about him was great, his personality and I liked what a strong character he was. I liked his grandfather too.

And then when the magic played into the story I was even more excited. I enjoyed how the magic showed different genres – like you could be stronger in one area in magic than other. Which is always a thing I loved because as cool as it may be, it’s actually more realistic for a character with magic to not be top in all categories or areas of magic. I liked how they showed the sisters practicing the different areas of magic and what they could do.

The plot was pretty interesting. It is a usual thing with magic – if you have magic, wield magic etc, there’s bound to be bad/dark magic – because it’s a common theme in books where magic is, or even in fantasy books where the good beat the bad. And I liked how they showed it in here.


Wow, I really thought I wouldn’t have a lot to say about this book – just because I thought I wouldn’t be able to put down what I liked about this book, but turns out I did! Have you read this book? If so, what do you think about it? Did you like the graphics and the sibling interactons?

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8 responses to “Little Witches: Magic in Concord || Witches, retellings, and graphic novels do go together!”

  1. This looks really cute!! Great review, DB!!

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    1. Thanks Meeghan!! I enjoyed reading it!

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  2. I haven’t actually read LW, but omg this rendition of the original sounds utterly cute. Omg was there once a cartoon on LW? I remember watching a bit and really liking Jo too!

    It sounds super cute DB! Loved your review ♥️♥️♥️

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    1. Thanks!! I probably read LW way back in high school so I do not remember a thing 😋 but yes!! I did really enjoy this retelling.
      There’s been so many remakes and retelling there is probably a cartoon.

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      1. I’ve heard of so many of them! LW was and is a very famous classic (that of course I haven’t read yet) ♥️

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      2. It’s a good classic – and definitely really great covers too!

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      3. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

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