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What I watched This Month – October Part 2

Wahey there! This is a continuation of the previous part because there’s way too many movies I watched. But this one also includes the series I watched. And the featured image is the same, because it is the same post.


  • Aladdin 5 🧞
    • I mean, it’s the original plot of Aladdin, so I think everyone already knows it? But sure, it’s about this street rat who ends up finding a genie and gets what he wishes for and finds the girl of his dreams.
    • I thought I wouldn’t like it (no particular reason, just because) but I found myself really enjoying it.
    • It keeps pretty much to the same plot as the animated movie, but does add some backstory and a new character, both of them I liked. See, remakes can be a good thing!! The Lion King’s remake was good, so was Cinderella’s (love love that movie). The Jungle Book was… mehh as it was never one of my favourite movies – though I definitely do prefer the animated version over the remake.
    • And also got me to finally watch The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (which is excellent).
  • Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark 5 📖
    • A group of friends find a mysterious book in a mysterious house and yes, before you ask, they do read it.
    • I LOVED this movie!! Like?? These stories were EXCELLENT and SO GOOD!! Definitely, definitely, watch it!! I also need to read the stories 😁
  • The Kid Who Would Be King 5 ⚔
    • A retelling!!! of King Arthur ( I’m sorry I get very passionate about King Arthur retellings) where Arthur is a young unpopular boy (sorry it’s true), Merlin is a very adorable cute guy who has no idea how to be normal (we stan a dummy), and I immediately wanted to rewatch it the instant I finished it.
    • Obviously, I loved this movie a lot!! It pitched Arthur as an unpopular kid who gets picked on a lot and honestly?? That’s a good Arthur! Don’t get me wrong, I do love how Arthur is portrayed in BBC’s version (which I haven’t watched much of but I know enough to know their personalities), but I do feel like Arthur is meant to be a more of a downtrodden character.
    • Also my cousin tried to watch this and she didn’t like because she felt it was ‘immature’ and I’m like ‘it’s a retelling FOR kids!!’ Of course that doesn’t mean you can’t watch it, but the audience is meant for kids – but then again I suppose it’s the same argument as readers reading a YA and going ‘yeah it’s good, but it’s a little immature’ 🤷🏻‍♀️
    • Merlin is also everything and I absolutely LOVE how the magic is portrayed here. Like those hand movements? The intricacy?? chef’s kiss.
  • The Bye-Bye Man 2 🕴🏻
    • Three friends find out about a figure whose name they shouldn’t or say it, otherwise bad things will happen. They figure this out by saying and thinking the name all throughout the movie.
    • I’ve seen this movie before and thought it’d be better the second time around. It was not. The story is boring and they should’ve definitely worked on it more to strengthen it.
  • The Blair Witch Project 3 ⛺ (it’s a tent – the emoji)
    • Three film students, while on a mission to try to uncover a mystery, go missing and only their found footage is, well, found.
    • Ok so, I actually rated it a 2. Which was very surprising to me because I love found footage movies, and this is like one of the OGs; so I thought I’d instantly love it too. But then I listened to the episode by Everybody’s Dead Podcast and their discussion (and theories, gotta love the theories) made me rate it higher! Okay, yes, by like, only 1 star, but maybe it’ll be higher the next time I watch it.
    • I did see why it’s a cult classic and a fan favourite – promise I did 😄
  • The Taking of Deborah Logan 1 🎥
    • A group of film students document a woman’s struggle with Alzheimers (not it’s a burden, but it is difficult for everyone when a loved one has Alzheimers/dementia.
    • It…was a bad movie. I didn’t like the characters, any of them? Even the grandmother, sorry uhh, Deborah. I liked that it was found footage but that’s about it. Like everything that happened was bland and boring.
  • Little Evil 1 😈
    • A guy who just married someone discovers her son, is apparently the Antichrist.
    • I think this was meant to be like a more, quirky horror movie, but it just didn’t flow correctly and I get the feeling we were squandered of a good quirky horror movie. I did like the interaction between the kid and the step-dad.
    • But also!! So the dad goes through a water slide, all right? With his phone in the pocket and all – and it’s super dry? He uses it to call someone??sure jan GIF
  • Goodnight Mommy 5  👩‍👦‍👦
    • A mom, after having surgery, notices her twin boys acting weird around her. Or maybe the twins notice their mom is acting weird around them after surgery.
    • This movie was high on my watch list!! and I noticed it was available to watch through my library and jumped at the chance to watch it.
    • Thankfully, this wasn’t another case of the trailer being better than the movie as the movie was epically good (it’s  a word, I think). The twins are so talented! The plot and story line were amazing and so creepy and a definite definite must-watch! There are some scenes that are a bit upsetting to watch, so be careful (if you want to watch the movie and do want to know about the scenes, just ask and I’ll tell you).
  • Godzilla 5 🦎
    • A  chonky best boi is just trying to help people out??? and they keep shooting him. That’s very rude!
    • I love all monster type movies, anything with creatures. And all remakes of those movies, even when people say it’s not good (1998 remake of Godzilla – I love it personally).
    • I still have to watch the sequel (King of Monsters) and the other Godzilla movies. Very excited for all of those.
  • The Break-Up Playlist 3 🎤
    • A cute girl and a cute guy get together, and then they break up, do they get back together?
    • A friend told me to watch this, so I did, and while it’s a bit cliche, it’s a cute cliche – and I’m saying this as someone who doesn’t like a lot of romantic movies (as they have bad cliches, or badly written characters. And stereotypes, all around). But I’m definitely on Team!Trixie.
    • It also moves around a lot – timeline wise – so present and past times, in case you watch it and you’re a little confused.
  • The Changeover 4 🧙🏻‍♀️
    • Laura has to protect her family against a supernatural threat.
    • Did you know this is an adaptation of a YA novel? Because I’ve never heard of this book in the slightest. But Timothy Spall is in here so honestly I’m not even bothered by not knowing what it was all about.
    • But all in all it was actually a good movie and I was interested and maybe, if I’d read the book. The main characters are interesting and even the love interest seems like he has a personality (as opposed to other stereotypical YA love interests). And did I mention it has Timothy Spall in it?
  • It Chapter Two 5 🤡
    • Twenty-seven years after they thought they defeated the clown, they have to yet again, defeat the clown.
    • So like, I definitely watched It Chapter Two in less than perfect circumstances (was on a date, and then a whole bunch of anxiety things happened, you know how it goes – might mention it in my wrap-up), but this is a MASSIVELY long movie!!! It’s like nearly 3 hours!! So make sure you’re able to pause (because I was in a theatre) and it’s also super super LOUD and also flashing!
    • But I was very very interested in this sequel and was following all the news surrounding it (but surprisingly enough, did not see it was nearly 3 hours).
    • Rarely are sequels as good as or even better as the first movie, and this is one of those instances! Amazingly good scary and everything that comes with it. I also instantly went to fanfic looking for tons of fix-it fics and alternative universes and also walked out of the movie with a new otp (as you do).
  • The Exorcist 3 👿
    • After a mom and daughter play with a Oujia board, the daughter starts showing some freaky things, the mom decides to call in for some help. 
    • I’ve watched a whole whole bunch of exorcism type movies. I like them. Don’t know why. Is it fun to watch people write around and not have sanity for a while? No, it’s not. Maybe it’s the whole good vs evil theme – which is most arguably the no.1 theme in books.
    • I know this is most probably the ‘OG’ exorcism movie and this was phenomenal for its time. I’m not saying I didn’t like it or that I don’t want it to be known as the ‘best/og’ exorcism movie, I’m just saying that I didn’t like as much as I thought I would’ve. It does take a while to get to the actual story line – maybe that’s why I didn’t enjoy it a lot.

That’s everything I watched in October – well  with the series I just watched a few episodes of what I already had going on – Pretty Little Liars, Shameless, Lucifer etc. What were you watching in October? Tell me in the comments! Share your thoughts on my thoughts on the movies!

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6 responses to “What I watched This Month – October Part 2”

  1. Ahh I would’ve wanted to go see scary stories to tell in the dark!! sadly for me, I worked quite alot and well.. mom isn’t a fan of horror as Alex was 😂😂 She’d go with me but.. not as excited ahaha

    Ah, so you ended up not liking blair witch project, eh? 🤔 but ohh there’s thories about it ?? Need me to check that out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, no! Hope you get to see it soon!
      Yeah, I didn’t like it as much as i thought I would’ve. Maybe it’s because I was watching it at the same time as my cousin had Stargate on super loud 😁 Definitely think it’s a movie I need to watch alone and late at night 😁 The theories are really cool!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. […] year DB and I have (very slowly) been reading The Curse Workers trilogy, and The Queen of Nothing is […]

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  3. I really want to go see Aladdin! I wasn’t that excited from the trailer but people’s reviews are coming out positive (like yours) and that is making me more eager to give it a go and watch it 🙂 I am currently reading It and when I am done I will watch both chapters to it ^.^ Ooh, and I watched the Exorcist and I had the same thoughts as you, pretty much. It didn’t really scare me or anything, but it is the OG so we have to give it that credit. And I can understand why it would’ve frightened people back in the day. I watched some analysis films of it and it made me appreciate it more. But it is awfully slow in the first half ;.;

    Olivia-S @ Olivia’s Catastrophe

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aladdin’s a good one! I too was hesitant from the trailer but then just plunged into the movie and then really liked it. Yes!! Go watch the new IT and tell me what you think!
      true – I can see and understand why The Exorcist is the OG. I also thought it was super slow in the first half!

      Liked by 1 person

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