Bookending Autumn – Spellbound

Sam over at Fictionally Sam gives us a super cool prompt that I love talking about:Β Spellbound –Β Top 10 book covers that had you so spellbound from its beauty that you bought/got them without reading what it was about.

And it’s a great one, because, honestly, covers are excellent we need them. Let’s get into them!! Although a few will be about me just adding them to my tbr because who has enough money to buy all the books with a beautiful cover??

Amazingly, I didn’t include a Rick Riordan or Rick Riordan Presents book – as they are all excellent and their covers are *ten chef’s kisses* so of course I just see Uncle Rick somewhere on the cover and click add. But I didn’t include them sadly – but I could just speak about them on an entirely different post πŸ˜„

The Avant-Guards – Do you?? Do you see this cover? How was I not supposed to click request as soon as I saw this cover! And I’ve just finished this one and it was so good! It’s so cute and adorable and beautiful! I mean I did sort of read the synopsis but like 80% of my request was definitely due to the cover; but I am super glad that the novel turned out to be AMAZING.

The Boneless Mercies – Just BOTH of these covers are SO GREAT!! I have the one with the foil and it is amazing but the other one – the one with the red wolf on the cover? Perfection πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ» I barely knew what the book is about except for the skeletal structure and just that cover again. Which is why I included both covers because they are both so good.

The Wicker King – Okay, so I sort of knew what this was about? And I kept on hearing about it? But I didn’t actually know what it was about until I looked at the cover, and the cover looked back at me and then I was reading it. And now the book is love and life and that cover!! I’m also sorry that this post is basically me just going ‘cover cover’ with like 50 exclamation points, but if you give a prompt like this – how else am I supposed to do this other than that? But also like??? This cover?? It’s so good!!! I love gold and foil, which is why it’s so good.

The Guinevere Deception – I know nothing about this book other than that it’s a retelling of King Arthur and focuses!! on Guinevere!! and that is a total favourite of mine, and just?? That cover? How do you even get a cover like that? What do you have to sacrifice for this?

Gideon the Ninth – I know a lot about this book because I’ve read the synopsis a lot but the cover just stopped me for a few minutes before I managed to carry onto the synopsis. And then I went back to the cover again.

Release – I picked this book up recently and it took me a few hours to realise that there are FACES on the cover! And?? That’s just so super cool? And it’s just a really really pretty cover.

Here There Are Monsters – Honestly, just look at this cover? How do you not just want to pick it up? And I finished this recently and it was sooo good, so basically the cover is just as good as the story.

The Boy Who Steals Houses – I really really like the deep blue colour and the simplicity! I did read the synopsis after clicking Want To Read after seeing the great cover, but it was mainly the cover that made me click πŸ˜„

The Merciful Crow – I need to get on with my things so I can get onto this AMAZING book with this AMAZING cover!!! Do you see that cover? How can you NOT add this? And then the synopsis comes sounding like that? Just go read this, DB?!

The Luminous Dead – I just??? This blue is also a nice deep blue but it’s a creePY blue and I’m here for that! I’m also slowly getting into horror books so this looks like a good one to read. I mean horror, sci-fi, queer women – what else do you need in a book?

Hope you liked my favourite covers! Do you agree that designers are trying to kill us with all these amazing covers? Do you wish you could just basically transport yourself onto a cover? Basically me with all of these. As usual, come chat to me in the comments and share the love for the covers!

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3 thoughts on “Bookending Autumn – Spellbound”

  1. I also loved the Merciful Crow story! But the cover is so gorgeous it was what first attracted me to read the book. And The Boneless Mercies feather cover is so gorgeous! The Geneviere book is totally one I looked at due to the cover too. Anyway covers are so seductive… πŸ˜‰

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