Bookending Autumn – Every Witch Needs a Familiar

Tuesday 8th October

Every Witch Needs a Familiar

If you were a witch which magical creatures would you want as your familiar?

Wahey there, readers! Today’s prompt is by Jamsu @ Jamsu Dreams with a prompt that sounds super super cool! We’re going to talk about MAGICAL CREATURES!!!! Which sounds amazing!! I’m going to list a bunch – so not just from books, but movies and series as well.

This post took a while to think of, because what is considered a familiar? Like from His Dark Materials? Or Hedwig? Or does it mean a bond like Eragon and Saphira? Or is it more a grey area and sort of ‘you can choose which meaning?’ I hope you enjoy my weird voice in this post, because you know – this is how I want to write in my posts.

And yes, that is a new theme! I’m still tweaking on it, but there’s things to be added and posts to be reformatted, so be sure to watch out for little things that are changing!


His Dark Materials (Books/Movie/TV Series): Okay now!! Before you trash me about adding the movie – I only read the first book (dnfed the second book) and didn’t really like it, also my mom was very much against it because religion, probably still is – planning to read the series again soon) but my sister and I watched the movie and really really liked it. I mean it’s a good movie, tbh 🤷🏻‍♀️ I can’t wait!! For the series? It looks so good!! James McAvoy and Lin Manuel-Miranda??? I’m in and there.

So, of course, I’d love to have a dæmon (had to copy and paste that from Google because I didn’t know where to find it…and then when I was writing this exact sentence, realised where it was in the WordPress editor. LiSteN, I’ve had 3 coffees today – it’s international coffee day EVERYDAY). Tbh, I haven’t read the series – am planning to read it at the end of the year (as that’s when my loan will come in for the audiobook) so I know some things™ but not others; but I’d definitely like to have a dæmon that shifts into other creatures.

Mine would definitely be a cat, most of the time. I’d like a flying one too, so maybe an owl or like a raven? Creepy factor, you know? But then also how big or small can a dæmon be? Which I hope will be discussed in the series, because I’d be interested in that. I would like a fox, though. Like if I had to pick three animals the dæmon would change into – cat, fox, and raven (I thought owl, but like that’ll be too much Harry Potter, and I still don’t know how the owls understand where to go and which route to take. Can they access Google Maps? OwlMaps? Do the stars point out where to go?).


Septimus Heap (Book): So I was looking up like books and movies and such listing fictional familiars (because I have the memory of a cheese grater) and it mentioned Septimus Heap, which has dragons in it – which I vaguely remember, which of course, means I should read it again.

It’s about this family whose youngest son (7th son of the 7th son, so he’s super magykal 👀👀) but he’s sort of stolen?? by the midwife?? who leaves a baby girl in his place. And it turns out the girl (Jenna) is someone important™ and when she finds that out, she goes on an adventure. Really, I could go on about this series but it’s a really cute middle grade series and the covers are beautiful!

If you’re wondering why I’d want a dragon as a familar, I mean, a dragon. It’s there in the name 😄 If I remember correctly, there’s a lot of learning how to ride a dragon (which makes sense) and also taking care of a dragon – which is probably very similar to taking care of a horse, but just bigger and can fly. And talk. And eat your enemies).


Avatar: The Last Airbender (Series): What movie? There is no movie. This has been added on Netflix and I am LIVING. Appa is the best character and I love him. I love how you have the elements and then you also have like subsections of the elements? Like if you’re an earthbender, you’re able to control metals, or even travel using the earth (maybe? Or am I just thinking of Hazel?) Or like airbending, control the air, and then also be able to take the air out of other people’s bodies (which I think happens).

I know Korra (the sequel spinoff) has this wolf dog – super super cool, but I haven’t seen a lot of that so I don’t know what the wolf dog’s personality is; while I do know Appa’s personality and he is a TREASURE. I love how Appa and Aang’s relationship is, it’s a very dear one and you can tell both of them love the other one and it’s just so p u r e. 


Eragon (Book): I love all the bonds between the dragons and their riders. Except Galbatorix – we don’t approve of anything he does. But Eragon and Saphira & Murtagh and Thorn (💚💚💚) we love them all. Nasuada remains my all-time favourite character. Followed closely by Saphira and then Murtagh. Eragon is one of my favourite epic fantasy series, I love love the worldbuilding and the dragons and the magic?? Ugh lemme tell you there was a time in primary school when I found out a classmate had also read the series and we said the one healing spell – when I don’t know – I think she got a cut or something – like pure Nerd!DB right there. Like I hope Paolini knows what he did when he added that glossery. And also?? I need this to be a FULL-FLEDGED 7 or 10 SEASONS series!!! If I have to write the script and act as Saphira myself, I am THERE I WILL DRESS UP LIKE A DRAGON ANY DAY AND ROAR INTO A RUBBISH BIN MY GOODNESS.

Like I said for Septimus Heap – I mean, dragons 🤷🏻‍♀️ you know we love ’em. Like I know it’s cliche but dragons = fantasy. And by that I don’t mean that if you don’t have dragons in your story, it’s not a true fantasy, I just mean that a lot of the times, the first fantasy stories a person gets into/starts does involve dragons – Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter (well, the slight one in GoF, I mean). Merlin, etc etc.


Hounded (Book): I nearly forgot about this! Thank goodness for Goodreads lists! So Atticus Shane (I love him and need to see this series as a tv show please please) is a super old druid and his familar is a hilarious Irish Wolfhound named Oberon (we stan and give treats). This series is just great and I recommend this for an adult urban fantasy read if you are looking for something (though I think the series is fine for a teen to read – it’s been a while since I read it though, so maybe just look through reviews/questions).

Oberan is definitely a sassy character and I think that’s definitely what I’d be looking for in a familiar. I know Salem (Sabrina The Teenage Witch) is extremely sassy but I’ve only seen gifs of the old series, and not the entire thing).


Which books have you read where there’s an animal familiar in? What type of animal familiar would you want? Honestly, probably a cat because…did you know? I love cats.

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17 thoughts on “Bookending Autumn – Every Witch Needs a Familiar”

  1. Hahahahaha, what ATLA movie?! 👀 Momo was secretly my fave of Aang’s animals, but yes, the bond he had with Appa was so beautiful!! 😍 (Also, totally secret, but my cats have real names, but we actually call them by their nicknames: Cat, Kitten and Fluffy… However, Kitten’s IRL name is Momo after Aang’s pet because she makes this weird chirping noise that Momo also makes!)
    Also, YES TO DRAGONS!!


    1. Yess Momo!! 😂😂 my cat’s usually called Dracula (his teeth pop out all the time) and then the younger dog is called Pig (she’s just so piglike 😂) and the other dog’s name IS actually his nickname 😂 omw yess!! Cutest irl name ever!
      I mean dragons are always awesome

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The Iron Druid Series! Such a good one. (And one I am abysmally behind on). Your list is really well thought out!
    I barely remember Dark Materials, or Eragon so I don’t even remember those parts!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Yes, another person for Iron Druid!!! Don’t worry, I’m also super behind on it 😂 my thoughts while writing this – I don’t remember much of the book but I remember this – there was a dragon or they can shapeshift 😄


  3. *has only seen ATLA movie and really liked it* I’ve also seen the movie for Eragon and have been meaning to reading the books for years now…also not read His Dark Materials series either. *side eyes her TBR* I think for my familiar I’d either have a wolf or a dragon hehe

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The movie for Eragon isn’t that bad, but yeah ATLA movie 😅 but the Eragon books are excellent!! They’ll probably take a while to read because they are lengthy 😂 TBR is just aching to be added to.
      A wolf or dragon would be so cool!

      Liked by 1 person

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