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Supernatural-athon // Did you know, I’m excited?

Wahey there, readers! How are you all? Have you heard that there’s a Supernatural-athon this month? Because that’s excellent and I’m a major fan. Even though…I am super super behind on the series – in like S5 – but I’m also listening to a SPN podcast. There’s just so much to watch, okay? Things get put on the burner. Even if they shouldn’t be 😭

But I’m super super excited for this month. I was already excited because this month is my birthday month and it’s Bookending Autumn, so I’m joining in on a bunch of prompts – there’s a lot but I’m excited (again) because like yes, I need to be more productive.

Supernatural-athon is created by Steph Loves (link is to the announcement video). The images are not mine. Let’s carry onto the prompts! I don’t know how many of the prompts I’ll get around to, but 🤞🏻🤞🏻 we’re excited!

I have the ‘cheat sheet’ all written down in my bullet journal), so let’s see what I’ll be attempting this month!

I hope you like my list! I don’t think I’ll get around to all of them – probably not Darkwood, even though I love Crowley (would pay for him to call me a dumbass – tbh he’ll do it for free). Can you tell I need to read A House of Sage and Sorrow? 😄

Wishing a great month for you!! Let’s all go read 🌟

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6 responses to “Supernatural-athon // Did you know, I’m excited?”

  1. So glad to have you on board. Fab TBR lovely. I hope you enjoy Mooncakes and Tunnel of Bones 😁🖤

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    1. Thanks! Can’t wait to start on them! 😁


  2. I loved Mooncakes ❤️ I hope you enjoy and let me know how We Hunt the Flame is. I have it but idk when I’ll get to it

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    1. It looks like such a cute book! Will do so!

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  3. […] & Future – I uhh started this back in October for the Supernatural-athon and I still haven’t finished. I’m enjoying it – Merlin’s a hoot and a half, […]


  4. […] This was for the month of October! I loved doing this and I’ll probably try another readathon soon! I managed to finish 7 out of the 10 prompts (well, the one book covered 3 prompts, but still). I didn’t feel too bad not finishing all the prompts because I knew going in I wouldn’t be able to finish alll the prompts (I am…still busy with the one book haha). […]


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