What I Watched This Month – September

I think I watched more movies than series this month? A couple of shark movies – which will be in its separate post, so better watch out for that one – like if you’re in the water and looking out for the sharks 👀. But yes! Those are cute little emojis in the starring because why not?

Disclaimer: The image header is mine. The links in the movies and series’ title links to each (movie and series) IMDB page. And the title posters come from IMDB too. 


  • Hotel Artemis
    • 4 🏨
    • So, it’s about this nurse, who everyone calls Nurse, because that’s how things work. Would I be called reader? Or weirdo? Hmm, can’t decide. Anyway, and she runs this intense, members-only hotel where she stitches up criminals – WHICH SOUNDS GREAT, and so of course I looked up if it was based on a book, and it WASN’T and I grew sad for a bit. Anyway, so there’s this one night where a lot of stuff go down and she has to try to figure out how to deal with it all.
    • I remember I saw the trailer for this and I was ‘ooh looks cool’ and then FORGOT ABOUT IT UNTIL I SAW THE MOVIE.
    • I was already really interested in the first 10 minutes and then it kept getting interested and ME LIKEY.
    • There’s some pretty good actors in it – another reason why you should watch it. I mean Jeff Goldblum is in there, so that’s a fantastic reason imo.
    • It’s a really interesting concept and I really like the sci-fi/dystopian aspect.
    • Nice could punch me and I’d thank her.
  • Our House
    • 3 🏠
    • It’s about this dude who’s pretty smart and has to look after his younger brother and sister. I think his parents passed away. Or something else. But he’s working on this machine that’ll allow extra energy or something of the sort. And of course he invites something else into the fold.
    • Where do I know his face from?? It’s probably Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl, and also Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters; which is definitely where I saw him because I’ve watched that a billion times.
    • It’s actually pretty cool, the whole idea of this  – if it works scientifically that is. I wouldn’t know because I’m as scientific as a pencil
    • It’s so creepy mostly because a lot of it comes from the kids who just think that it’s innocent BUT OF COURSE it’s not.
    • But at like 11 mins or so left it felt like there was still a lot to go? I know what they had to do to make it stop, but still.
  • The Doll 2
    • 1 🎎
    • This follows the first movie The Doll (my post where I watched the first one), and this one is about this family – parents, kid, and maid. But unfortunately the daughter passes away in an accident. Soon, spooky™ things start happening in the house, leading the mom to think her daughter is back – which is you know, just one of those things that happen a lot in these types of movies. And the daughter’s favourite doll keeps moving around. And on and on it goes.
    • It definitely wasn’t as cool and interesting as the first one, and I was upset – because I liked the first one.
  • Sabrina
    • 2 🎎
    • A couple lives with the husband’s niece and he’s a dollmaker – which after watching a lot of scary movies with dolls in it – I do not know why someone wants to do this, but you know. And so the niece lost her mom some time ago and she decides to try to contact the mom, and I think you can guess what happens.
    • While it wasn’t that great, it was better than The Doll 2.
    • But it was all over the place and every now and then I would skip a little bit.
  • Thunder and The House of Magic
    • 4 🐈
    • This cutie-pie cat gets left behind by his owners???  (I hope they get a flat tire every time they leave the house or something like that) and Thunder finds a mansion with a cooky owner – this is me – but it turns out the owner’s nephew is 5 tools and so all the inhabitants of the mansion (because the owner is a weird magician/inventor) have to work together to save the house.
    • It was a really cute movie, loved the animation and Thunder was my favourite. Definitely a good one.
    • Dylan and Izzy are precious and I hope they know that
  • The Outcasts
    • 3.5 🏫
    • So there’s these two friends who are ‘geeks’ and ‘unpopular’ and the popular girl decides to play a prank on them – for like no particular reason, I feel? And so the two friends decide to take revenge on the popular group by ensuring all the nerds become friends or become popular – that part I didn’t really full get.
    • Hhhh another stereotypical terrible top girl. Did you have one of these girls in your school? Did I just go to an alternate universe where the top girls were nice? Or was it because I grew up with them? Went to an all-girls school? Or is it bc I’m weird and their parents told them to be nice to me!!??
    • But Avan Jogia though, I’ve always been a fan of his face. And this is gonna make me start up with Victorious, isn’t it?
    • I do like it when the underdogs/geeks band together and go against the popular kids.
    • And the movie’s a bit hilarious. But like stupidly hilarious.
    • And also – like the ‘team leaders’ of Tech and Fantasy look like they’re doing post grad or something wff. Can the boys just grow beards in high school?? As in are you allowed to? The local boys school had to shave theirs off. Other schools confuse me – and by other schools I mean ones where you don’t have to wear uniforms – like do you really jut get up and choose completely outfits every day? Decide how to style your hair every day? Because that’s hella tiring.
  • Down a Dark Hall
    • 1 🏫
    • A teen who’s apparently troubled has to attend a boarding school with other troubled teens and creepy things start happening and they apparently have powers of a type.
    • It’s looks edgy and I like edgy. But it’s also very weird and confusing. I think it would’ve been better as a mini-series. Seriously just hire me to watch things and I’ll tell which movies should be changed into series, come on people!!
    • And can just?!?!?! Movies stop with the darkness? A lot of us are old and like to preserve our eyesight thank you! Or we’re busy doing other things while we’re watching and we don’t have the time to put our faces a centimetre away from the screen to try to figure out what’s happening.
    • Like I seriously didn’t understand a lot of what went on and nor did I really bother to go back and look?


  • The Last Kids on Earth
    • 5 👾🧟 it was super cute
    • It’s after the Earth gets invaded/attacked by zombies and monsters – like that’s the future I dream of (with wifi tho, because how else would I be able to catch up on my tbr and series?), and Jack Sullivan has to find ways to survive. He meets up with his best friend, finds out a bully can be a friend, and how to make a good thing about a bad situation.
    • Apparently there’s only one ‘book’/episode on Netflix, which is a shame because they say they’ve filmed 6 episodes – is that mean Book 1? I am confused.
    • But anyway, other than the confusing bits about the episodes, it’s a really cute kids series. The bully starts being friends with the other two main characters and the girl is like “I don’t need saving” – always a thumbs up in my book.
  • Don’t Watch This
    • 4 🙈 (the title says Don’t Watch This – so the emoji makes sense).
    • I saw Antoni’s name so I clicked. Would I go into an abandoned house if I saw a kitty or heard a meow? Abso-freaking-lutely. With bells on. So it’s basically just a mini-series, with each episode focusing on a different story. Each story is only like a 5 or 8 something minutes long, easy peasy. All the episodes were really good!!
    • E1 – Super super creepy and please give Julie more jobs?????
    • E2 – this has VR in it and I really like VR – especially watching people
    • E3 – ok this is CREEPY ONE. not an actual story just IMAGES OF CREEPY THINGS. like a clown!! And ANTS going into your eye after you put contacts in!!
    • E4 -I like this one. Excellent!!! Two friends go to a haunted house and of course things go awful.
    • I think if I had to pick my favourite it would be Ep 1.
  • Kiss Me First
    • 4.5 👩🏻‍💻
    • Warnings- manipulative fucking character and that character’s actions leads to deaths. Drugs. Trans (never said if they are, but it is assumed in the forums – at least as much as I could gather) character is really hurt – we don’t see the actual assault, just the huge blood pool and the body in the hospital
    • So this about a teen that uses this VR game to escape the world and there’s tons of things you can do in the game world, but she gets sort of recruited by this character, who is the worst and I hated him because he’s so manipulative. And so the main character tries to figure out what’s really going on and tries to show that Adrian (the manipulative villain) is manipulative.
    • I reaaaally like this!! I like VR things – watching people go into VR games – usually horror game hahah
    • HOW ARE THEY NOT FRIGHTENED OF ADRIAN AND WHAT HE KNOWS/WHAT HE CAN DO?? I guess it’s sort of because he’s excellent at manipulating but also because he has this little collar that gives more intense emotions or something like that.
    • It’s a miniseries and it is intense so just be warned if you’re interested. I also like binged it – it’s 6 eps.
    • But it is a very interesting take on manipulation and allowing yourself to be taken in and seduced by desire and all that.
    • This also made me want to tape up my webcam because I’m not using it and I don’t want anyone to spy on me – aka just sitting in front of it the entire day, but also probably be able to access all your information

Are there any movies and series you watched September that you thought were great? How about the not-so-great ones? Are you excited for this month’s movies and series? I know I am – it’s spooky month time!! And I am pumped and ready to be scared out of my wits – I’m planning to watch The Exorcist first haha, so I’ll let you know how that goes.

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14 thoughts on “What I Watched This Month – September”

  1. Hotel Artemis sounds good! I am going to have to check that one out. The kids and I have “The Last Kids on Earth” on our watch list. I enjoyed “Inside Bills Brain” this past month and we are going to watch “The Criminal” Series on Netflix. That one looks interesting

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay Hotel Artemis is excellent! Just tons of swear words in it and I had to lower the volume in case the bird picked up on some of the words 😂 I hope they like The Last Kids on Earth! It was funny.
      I’m always up for something Criminal involved, I’ll check that out, thanks!


  2. I hopefully shall get my full two days off now, so I shall really get onto the netflix & serie bandwagon again XD especially that it’s HORROR FILM SEASON!! (though i’ve never been much a fan of movies.. but you know, horror movies !!)

    I had in mind to watch the new seasons of My hero Academia & The seven deadly sins that drop in October.. but I have no idea if i’d actually be able to watch it without panic xD as, you know, it’s kind of tied to him ..
    But erm, Kiss me first kind of sounds interesting!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Horror film season!!!! Ahhh I’m so excited!!
      Aw no that’s sad. Hopefully you’ll be able to watch it without thinking of him? Like find something in it that you relate to and that’s why you keep on watching it?
      Kiss Me First is excellent, just very intense and the characters a trip and a half – meaning they put you through a lot 😭

      Liked by 1 person

  3. For some reason this was a movie month for me too! I just couldn’t find many series to fall in love with. Thunder looks fun, I’m glad you liked it. It sounds like it was one of the better movies. I love how you do this post too! It’s read to get your short thoughts on each one. ❤️


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