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What I’ve Watched This Month

Wahey everyone! How are you all? I’ve been watching different things this month, well, speaking of the movies – the series has just been me, mostly, restarting series I needed to carry on with.

If you see any of your favourites on this list, please tell me down below in the comments or if you know of any movies and/or series you think I would like, definitely drop that down too. And if you like me doing this, please tell me so I can do it again in the future.

Disclaimer: The image header is mine. The links in the movies and series’ title links to each (movie and series) IMDB page. 


  • Mortal Engines
    • 4/5 stars
    • It’s set in this world where cities travel on wheels – which sounds confusing, but I do like it. And as with every city that travels on wheels, there’s (sort of) good ones but then there’s the bad ones.
    • I’ve heard this is a book, and I’m interested in reading it – once I’ve finished all my books I have now, of course 😂 The plot was a bit difficult to follow but I think if I read the books I might understand a bit better.
    • I like how spunky Hester is and I liked the steampunk/dystopian vibe it gives off.
  • Van Helsing
    • 5/5 stars
    • Van Helsing is a monster hunter and is tasked to stop Count Dracula, who wants to use science for his own nefarious purposes (which happens for a lot of science, I’m guessing).
    • While it might not have gotten a lot of praise, I gave it a lot of praise as I must’ve watched it constantly as a kid. It featured a long-haired Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale – I know what I’m about, right?
    • I saw it’s also a new movie or an anime and there’s a tv series too, so those will go on my watchlist (where it will probably stay for a long while 😂😂).
  • Candy Jar
    • 4/5 stars
    • Bennett and Lona are two very competitive high school students who, from their personalities and interests, should be best friends, or even dating. But they’re not, because they can’t stand each other. But ultimately, they figure out that together, they can win.
    • I thought this was going to be a really lame movie, but it’s actually really good and says a lot of things about teens and how (sometimes) they or others put wayy too much pressure on themselves to do well or get what they want. Apparently the lead actress was actually the co-producer of Candy Jar, so that’s really cool to see.
  • Alex & Me
    • 4/5 stars
    • Regan is the biggest fan of Alex (a famous soccer player). After a disappointment, Regan has to settle for a second-rate soccer team. But with the help of her poster-to-life and skills, the team manages to get better.
    • The movie was very cute and the boys in this were respectful of the girls playing soccer and never acted like they shouldn’t play soccer and!! Take note!!
  • Legion
    • 3/5 stars
    • A group of people are at a diner when, suddenly, the apocalypse attacks! They have 1 hour and 40 minutes to learn how to wield weapons and come to grip with the fact that a fallen angel’s helped them.
    • I actually bypassed this movie – like twice, but then decided to watch it. It was a bit weird, but not that bad. I thought it had a solid plot in the first half and then fell flat by the second half.
  • Slender Man
    • 3/5 stars
    • So, of course, because a group of kids find out about Slender Man, they try to summon him. Which goes great for them, as the movie shows.
    • Little bit meh, but still good. Joey King is in this. It’s good if you’re looking for like a standardish horror/thriller movie.
  • The Boy
    • 4/5 stars
    • Greta, an American nanny, starts a new job for this British family, who, instead of having to look after a boy, has to look after a doll. As the tried and tested (and best) trope goes – weird things start to happen.
    • This is actually a favourite of mine. Apparently the sequel is coming out at the end of this year so that’s cool. It’s supposed to be a sequel to the events of the first movie or tied to the events of the first movie, which I’m very for.
  • The Conjuring Spirit (Chung Cu Ma is the original title).
    • 4/5 stars
    • So it’s about this writer and she and her son who move into an apartment that’s haunted by a ghost. And of course ghostly/paranormal things happens to the mom and her son so she tries to figure out what happened (to the ghost).
    • Verdict: I actually added a whole bunch of Asian movies – mostly horror, but there are a few others, and series too. I really liked this one, it was exciting and includes a creepy kids song (which is a big yes for me in horror movies).
    • The storyline is very interesting and I liked the characters. I liked the change they went with regarding what the spirit wanted – as it’s normally like the child or a sacrifice or something (I don’t really see this as a spoiler, if you’re wondering why I included it, I just think it’s a good change).
  • To the Beat
    • 3/5 stars
    • This movie is about these twin girls who are dancers and they start their own teams to enter in this competition held by this famous pop star (to be in his new music video).
    • There’s another tween girl who’s (just a little) over the top who also wants to be in the music video. She’s also badly hilarious.
    • Cheesy, a little bit cliché, but good if you like easy-going movies, or if you’re looking for a kid-friendly movie.
  • You Can Tutu
    • 3/5 stars
    • Tutu, a girl who loves ballet and putting a twist to normal dancing routines joins a new ballet studio.
    • Another cute kids movie with dancing. I don’t know why but I really like watching dancing movies – even though I’m terribly uncoordinated. Also, everyone became friends in the end – if you like that type of thing.
  • The Doll
    • 4/5 stars
    • Listen, I went through the horror/thriller genre and just added things okay? But I did really end up liking this one – and it has a sequel.
    • The Doll is about this married couple who move into a new home and the wife, who is a dollmaker, receives a doll her husband found at his construction site (totally normal thing to do, right? Like I think that’s a perfect thing to do for your loved one.
    • So of course, they just bring the doll into the house, because they’ve never seen any horror movie at all. And naturally creepy things start to happen – which is like my favourite horror movie trope ever.
    • There was a bit of shaky camera work and I’m not sure if that was intentional or not. But there were some really good jumpscares.
    • And this does have a sequel – which I’ll be watching soon.
  • I Am Mother
    • 3.5/5 stars
    • I Am Mother is this weird sci-fi/thriller type movie set in a world where this robot (the so-called mother) is tasked to repopulate the earth. Mother raises a daughter and when Daughter (literally the name of the daughter) is a teen, her basically perfect life with Mother is threatened.
    • I quite liked the simplicity of Mother and Daughter, even though I thought Daughter would’ve asked to be named.
    • I didn’t understand a bit of it, which is why I recommend reading up on explanations of this movie (truly the best thing) but it’s a good choice if you want a sci-fi that’s different from all the others.


  • One Day at a Time
    • 4/5 stars (so far)
    • It’s about this divorced mom who lives with her two kids and her mom. Basically just a sitcom about their lives, but it’s lighthearted and cute.
    • I’ve barely watched this one (I think I’m on like episode 3), but I do really like it. The characters are very funny (the grandmother, Lydia, is just the best). I do really have to get back to this one.
  • Lucifer
    • !!!!! 5/5 stars !!!!!
    • So, it’s about the Devil, aka Lucifer (duh) and he doesn’t want to rule Hell anymore (like, I get it. You don’t want to be forced into a job where no one respects you. So, just rebel a little! Open up a nightclub, start solving crimes!).
    •  I just love love this series so much!! It’s so interesting and I love all the characters.
    • Tom Ellis is bae, Kevin Alegandro is big bae (I will stan True Blood all my days, even with that ending, okay?), and Lesley-Ann Brandt is biggest bae – did you know that she’s South African?? Ok, well, the surname is very South African. And then she used Afrikaans as the demon language and I laughed because I understood it, whereas other people would’ve proably been like ‘huh?’
    • Trixie is just the best kid – like please write more kids like this.
    • I’ve always loved crime/cop shows but love them even more when there’s an added weirdness/difference – like all the psychology things in Psych/Criminal Minds/Mentalist, etc.
  • Special
    • 5/5 stars
    • This series is about a gay man who has cerebral palsy who’s just started a new job and he wants to be known for more than just being gay and cp – so he lies to them about the reason for his limp (he recently got hit by a car) – which isn’t the greatest thing to do – but there are times when you want poeple to know you as someone other than what you always are (to other people).
    • I watched the entire season in one day – at 8 episodes and 15 mins per episode, it’s short enough that you don’t sit for too long (oh, look, it’s me) but just long enough to keep you engaged.
    • What makes it really interesting is that the creator and lead actor – Ryan O’Connell – it’s sort of based on his life, I think he said it’s lightly semi-autobiographical? And I think it’s really amazing and we need to be pushing for more representation in movies and series.
  • Shameless
    • 5/5 stars – I can’t not give it this.
    • Shameless is this super weird but amazingly funny tv series. It’s about this family in Chicago who are trying to just get by and all the family members have their own wacky personality and storyline. I haven’t watched the show in a long while but Ian and Carl and now and then Fiona are my favorite Gallaghers and Frank is just something else entirely.
    • I’m back to watching my trash show and I can tell it missed me! I have a lot of seasons to get through. I was somewhere in Season 7 but I don’t remember anything of that. So of course I decided to go back to the start.

That’s all what I’ve started watching or have watched this month I have a television tag coming up this month (where you can roast me on how many tv series I’ve started but haven’t finished yet) and I plan to do this post again at the end of August.


19 responses to “What I’ve Watched This Month”

  1. I am in AWE with how much you have watched!!! I haven’t watched any of these except first couple seasons of Lucifer yet!

    Becky | Uptown Oracle

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😁 I have about two off days every week so that does help a bit – of course I am the WORST at deciding what to watch, but I find just scrolling down my list, eyes closed and randomly landing on something helps!

      I’m still on the first season of Lucifer but it is one of my favourites!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Siham @ readingatlastblog Avatar
    Siham @ readingatlastblog

    I can’t believe I haven’t seen any on your list except Lucifer ( which I love btw) but OMG still. I’ll make sure to check some of these movies very soon! + I think you might like the good place if you haven’t seen it yet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Some of these movies were a bit underrated, less stars than others. The Good Place is on my list – so I’ll definitely check that out!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m not going to lie, hubs and I love Van Helsing, I don’t care what others say but I’m glad I’ve found another fan!! ❤ You watched some great stuff, I'm hoping to watch Lucifer after summer vacation!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay!!! Another Van Helsing fan!! It’s always a good time to watch Lucifer😈

      Liked by 1 person

  4. No judgements on your horror streak! I love horror movies, pretty much no matter the trope. I got mixed up on whether it was The Boy or The Doll that I watched, but I’m pretty sure it was The Boy. I want to start keeping track of things that I watch so I can blog about them in addition to books that I read. I enjoy reading posts like these! =]

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I watched The Doll in Indonesian (audio with English subs) and The Boy’s in English. Horror movies are definitely one of my fave genres!! I just spontaneously listed them this month but I’ll definitely do it again! It’s a good idea, right?


  5. Ohhh I love Lucifer too!! I mainly only watch episodes here and there when I catch it on tv though xd
    Only other one that I know on that list is Slender Man, me and Alex did went to watch it in theaters.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lucifer is such a good show!
      Did both of you like it? I thought it was pretty much in the middle.


      1. Yeah, it was okay. Ithink Alex knew more about the backstory than I did, which is not quite there at all.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I only know a bit about the backstory (and have watched people play the game, because I like to see people scream for the scary parts).

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yes!!! Ohh yes me too 🙈 I played the mobile game of it briefly, but that’s it


      4. Haha I just checked the mobile games out and it’s a definite no-no 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ a friend and I tried playing the FNaF games when they came out and we actually threw my phone (onto the other side of the couch so it was good) at the jump scares 😂


  6. YAAASSSSS!!!! Lucifer is amazing!!! I cannot wait for more new seasons!!!! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lucifer is just such a good show!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. One of my faves!! I have a thing for cop / detective shows… even through I hate crime books… 🙈

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Same! Like I can watch a million of the shows but don’t give me a crime book

        Liked by 1 person

  7. […] follows the first movie The Doll (my post where I watched the first one), and this one is about this family – parents, kid, […]


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