April Wrap-Up

The image header is my own. Well, taken from Canva. But still. 

This is actually the first wrap-up I’ve done and posted – I’ve written up, I think, two, before but eventually deleted them because I forgot about them (why thanks, brain). But I wanted to try this again (or for the first time, technically). Also mainly because I haven’t posted in a while. I do actually have a review set up, and hopefully will post it in May (nearly wrote April, haha).


So most of the arcs I received this month were read nows – one I picked up because a mutual blogger tweeted about If My Body Could Speak (I’ve watched a lot of Blythe’s slam poetry videos and I wanted to see more and read more).

I plucked up the courage and requested Black Badges (I mean, Boy Scouts who are assassins???? SIGN ME UP.) and I finished it a few days ago – liked it, found it interesting and quirky and would carry on with the series if the rest show up on Netgalley and I get approved for it.

Here There Be Monsters (desperately wanted to read this as The Dark Beneath the Ice was one of my favourite reads of last year). Was so glad to see Monsters up for download – Firereads announces To Download Netgalley arcs on their newsletter – definitely go sign up for that!). I am anxiously waiting to read this – but I’ll be using this as a reward for finishing a bunch of old arcs!

I found this Roald Dahl’s Matilda: Be Outrageous. Big Ideas From a Small Girl on an Edelweiss download page and I immediately downloaded because Matilda and it had tons of really cool typography quotes inside.

Saint Young Men is something that looked really interesting to me from the start as it’s about Buddha and Jesus living together and I really wanted to see that and how they would portray the two – the scenes are also in black and white instead of the usual colour that I’ve seen in (the few) comics/graphic novels that I’ve read.

Blackbird is my third comic/graphic novel I’ve collected this month and I’m really happy because I wanted to get more into this genre, so I’m hoping this is a good one. It looks really colourful but also soft (like the colours).

Library Reads

So, the one day I went to the library, hoping that I’d find the first Game of Thrones book and would walk out with JUST that book, and then I walked out with four books (plus Game of Thrones) and bought books from the library sale.

The Magicians – I finished this before I went and got Game of Thrones. This wasn’t a favourite of mine and I only picked it up because of my love for the tv series. Won’t carry on with the book series, though. Will post my review of the book.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – I took the 4-in-1 edition out so I’m still in the first book, really liking the writing.

Game of Thrones – With Season 8 that’s just started I wanted to start the series (as I never carried on when I first started the series years ago. I know there’s only like 5 or something books out but still. I’m committed – to both book and series.

Wither – I kept seeing this book years ago, heard about it on blogs, but never picked it up because I thought it was the second book in the series – but now I have the first one and so will read it.

Girl in Pieces – I’ve seen this in the blogging world and when I saw it on the shelf, knew I had to pick it up – I loved the simple yet striking cover.

Red Rain – An adult R.L. Stine book? Definitely yes.

Bought books.

Tyler Johnson Was HereSo to celebrate my wip’s 50k mark(!!!!), I bought the book because it was on sale, all right? And I needed a reward. And I definitely got one.

The Night ManagerI know there’s a tv series and it has my fave (amongst many), Tom Hiddleston as one of the main characters, or the Night Manager, I’m guessing, of a hotel? Other than that, I have no idea what the book’s about.

Song of SusannahMy dad likes Stephan King and I mean it was on a super sale so you know, of course. Even though this is the 6th book in the series – it’s called collecting, right?


I reached 50k last month – which is why I bought Tyler Johnson (at the end of March) and reached 60k this month! I also spent a few days (like one, I believe. I’m a bit dramatic) trying to figure out the ending, so I outlined three endings, mushed two of them together and realised that was my beginning for the sequel (which I’ve thought about since I’ve basically started the first book – as you do). I’m really happy and am trying my best to actually FINISH it (the first wip, not the sequel) by the end of April (as I’m writing this part on the 27th), so hopefully that works out. I did make my Camp NaNo goal 20k because I thought that was how much I would write and I think at this moment I’ve written about 10k in April (barring the last few days).

I started this wip last June and I’ve just grown to love it so much. The characters, my writing – I think, has improved since the beginning (hopefully). Once I’ve finished writing this wip I’ll be swapping it for a fic and then start editing!!! I’m really interested for what editing adventures it’ll bring me. I’ll definitely be adding tons of description because there is literally none (like everything is in black and white and all my characters have no faces) and I’ve added a whole bunch of comments about a lot of things I need to fix (mostly names for side characters) and hopefully tying up some plot points.

If you have any tips for editing, definitely share them in the comments because I can see editing kick me in the legs (and leave me lying on the floor, crying. While eating a lot of chocolate and popcorn).


Kaleena @ Reader Voracious has this feature titled Reading Around the Globe where she interviews bloggers around the world about their reading habits and the importance of books in their country and she recently posted my interview, so feel free to go check that out and spread some love on her blog because she’s really cool and a great blogger.



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