Stacking the Shelves #1

It’s my first time linking up with Stacking the Shelves but it looks really cool! It’s about listing the books you’ve added to your shelves, but I’m only listing the physical books I’ve gotten (I need to take off a few books off my tbr before I list the other books I’ve added to my tbr).

So I’ve gotten a few books while I’ve been overseas. One was in New Zealand – my cousin gave me a book with a swop/exchange card for Christmas if I didn’t like the book (which I appreciated because the book she got me was A Clash of Kings and I don’t have any plans right now to read A Song of Ice and Fire? I still haven’t caught up with the tv series (I know, scandalous).

So I exchanged A Clash of Kings for The Boneless Mercies (I have the UK version and it’s just absolutely beautiful like I just want to stroke it all the time). And I remember looking at this one on Goodreads and going ‘this will probably be very haunting’ – and I read through the summary when I got the book and I saw it was about women warriors? Women kicking ass? Yeah, that’s my kinda book.

The Mime Order was sort of something I picked at random and didn’t know it was actually a sequel until I looked it up on Goodreads later. Like it said ‘written by the author who wrote The Bone Season’, but it didn’t say on the book that it was #2 in the series. But that’s fine, I can take out The Bone Season out from my library. And both books look really interesting – like something you can sit down and read for hours.

I do admit, I nearly shed a tear when I saw The Princess Diarist on the shelf. Star Wars was a huge part of my childhood (though I still maintain that Stargate > Star Trek > Star Wars – please leave your arguments/agreements in the comments and if you haven’t watched Stargate, please do it now). I know this is more of a biography/collection of her journals but I’m still interested in it.

The House of Hades is one of my favourites – I read it in under maybe 6 hours, I think? Started in the night and read throughout the night into the early morning even though I had school the next day – bad choices maker here, readers. Hazel is such an underrated character! And of course, anything Hades-related is my jam (Daughter of Hades here!). Also, Nico? He’s my absolute favourite character.

The Girl with All the Gifts has been on my tbr for a while. I mean, zombies. And kids. And kids turning into zombies. That’s exactly in my zone and I can’t wait to read it!

I love Tolkien, I love bargains, and I love fanart. So when I saw Tolkien’s World: Paintings of Middle-Earth for like $2 or something, I instantly grabbed it!

That’s all the books I’ve gotten! I don’t think I’ll get anymore whilst I’m here but I’m happy with what I have! Talk to me in the comments about the books you’ve gotten or will get soon! Have you read the books I’ve listed here? What did you think of them?


31 thoughts on “Stacking the Shelves #1”

      1. I loved the series when I read it, but they’re so big that I’m waiting until the entire series is published because I know I’m going to have to start over from the beginning again.

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  1. I loved Boneless Mercies! It’s such a great book with kickass female characters. And the cover is to swoon for! The only book I’ve acquired this month so far is On the Come Up by Angie Thomas, which I’m super excited to dig into!

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  2. At this point I’m as much inclined to read G.R.R.’s next book as he is to write it. I read them all and then just knew I’ll be stuck with never knowing or having another writer finish for him bahaha, good idea to swap it out.

    But I’m still in awe of your Tolkien’s World, I bet the art in there is beautiful!!! Great score!

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  3. I firmly believe that all book gifts should come with gift receipts so that I can inevitably exchange them for the books I actually want to read, so your cousin is doing it right 😜 I actually still haven’t watched more than a few episodes each of Stargate or Star Trek so Star Wars is my top by default? but we’ll see how I feel after I finally have a better grasp of the other two 😅

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    1. It is really pretty! Like I think if I start to read it I’ll just stroke it all the time and not read it 😁
      It is! It’s a really pretty one and I’ll probably find a way to portray it somewhere in my house…


  4. Arhh its so infuriating when you don’t know and end up with a book thats part of a serie 😒 specially if it happens to be like the middle of it.

    That’s a nice meme I should still join at some point ahah happy you’re having fun with it!

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  5. House of Hades. ❤ I love Hazel and Nico, though I love the other characters as well. I'm more a fan of Leo for his mischief, though. I did the audio version and surprisingly I wasn't a fan of it? I'm going to continue with The Blood of Olympus, though, to at least have closure with the series.

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