Top Ten Tuesday: Best Books I read in 2018

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed are my own. All links in the blog post are either to the book’s respective Goodreads page, or to an older review on my blog. 

Top Ten Tuesday Prompt: Best Books I read in 2018

Well, I’m very glad that 2018 is actually, finally over. I know we all joked that this year lasted about 4 years, but it did feel like it lasted four years, even more. I’m very proud to say that I’ve been posting more this year than last year.

I’m still getting quite small stats, which is totally fine with me (at the moment) so 2019 can will be a better year, with more posts, more engaging and everything that comes with it.

And yes, more than half (probably) of these books mentioned in the review are only linked to their Goodreads page and not a review on my blog because what even are reviews? Someone please give me the correct definition because I know not.

Jilted – I loved Jilted! I’m a huge sucker for the whole pretending to be in love oh no we’re in love trope, like it gives me life. The book was diverse, it was funny, it was romantic and it made me want to reread it. And the characters vacationed in New Orleans!

Running with Lions – I think it’s high time that I reread this one. Or rather just get into the habit of rereading it every year? I first met this story way back when it was known by another title so I was just so happy when Julian got his book deal (and now he has another one!). Just go read this one!

The Dark Beneath the Ice – So, on the back cover this is pitched as Black Swan meets Paranormal Activity and I think that’s super accurate and half the reason why you should read it (that it’s so fantastically blurbed). Also because it’s written in such a way you want to hide yourself to finish it quicker but at the same time you don’t want to read it near any shadows, just in case the shadow turns into something else…

A Spark of White Fire – I remember looking at this on Edelweiss and thought hmm looks like a simple read, let’s take it. And then I read it and it went from a simple sci-fi book (is there such a thing?) to this fantastic tale woven with slivers of Indian mythology and then entangled with politics and a family tree that I’m going to have to map (which means I’ll probably have to reread it… which I don’t mind at all!)

A Ferry of Bones and Gold – Since one of my main characters in my wip (which I have to get back to writing soon) is a mage. So, I’ve been reading more mage stories, trying to see how other stories and writers write their magic characters and magic system. It helps – seeing how others created theirs, maybe even seeing where they drew inspiration from. And it had the added bonus of being super good.

Six of Crows – So I finally read this duology this year!! I now know why everyone pushes to read it and adds it to their best of lists and everything – IT’S BECAUSE IT’S AMAZING!! The world-building?? The magic?? The characters?? Their development?? The new ships I’ve collected after reading this??? IN CONCLUSION – GO READ

Chameleon Moon – By the same author of Stake Sauce, except Chameleon Moon’s more dystopian than Sauce’s paranormal-ness (it’s a word, yes). And Moon has super good quotes. Like quotes that make you wish you were artistic so you could draw them all (but I can *sort of* sew, so there’s that).

Calling Calling Calling Me – This one was adorably cute! Do you want a story that you can just eat up on a lazy day or even in quick short bursts in between work – then this is the book for you!

The Sword of Summer – I recently read The Gods of Asgard series last year (wow, feels weird to say that) and for some reason I read the three books thinking it would be a 5 or 6 book series like PJO and HoO, BUT I WAS WRONG!! It’s only 3 books, people!! Which is sad, because I sped through the third book, thinking there would be another one coming out soon. Oh me, oh my. Such sad is my life.

Well!! That’s my nine best books of 2018! I actually thought I would choose more but guess like the books don’t want me? Oh, well, best time for the new year, methinks!

Chat to me down below in the comments if you’ve read any of these and if you agree/disagree with my choices! And what your best books of 2018 are!

So Long and Thanks For All the Fish!

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