Trapped With You

Prompt: Trapped With You

Host: Clo

This post is all about which characters you’d like to have with you in a haunted house (I’m guessing to help you through). It’ll be a short list because I’ll forget people if I’m a big group – I promise this isn’t a lie. I forget my friends when they’re right next to me, okay?


Sam and Dean Winchester

  • I mean if there’s one or two staple characters to have in the event of a haunted house, it’s gotta be the Winchesters.
  • They’d be able to know which rooms to avoid and would probably get you out the fastest and obviously solve the mystery.



  • I can’t choose the Winchesters without also choosing Castiel. It’s mahogany!
  • Other than the fact that he could just zap you outside, he does have superior knowledge and probably be able to zip and zap outside and everywhere, probably in time too to help solve the mystery.


Yes, it’s a very (super duper) short post but I guess the Winchesters and their angel is all I need in a haunted house? I mean any more people and the house would probably start picking us off and I’m too young to die!

So Long and Thanks For All the Fish!


2 thoughts on “Trapped With You”

  1. Yes! Completely agree! Maybe a Scooby Doo too, a haunted house wouldn’t be the same without him! (Or I’ll just hang out with Fred and the gang over here… on my own!) 🤣

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