The Veil is Thin

Prompt: The Veil is Thin

Host: Clo

HALLOWEEN!!! The day is finally here! Also it’s the end of October? Just two more months until the end of 2018??? This year has been so long it sometimes felt like 4 years in 1 year.

So, Clo made up this prompt because Halloween (or All Saints Eve or whatever you want to call it) is known for the day when the supernatural veil was the thinnest and the creatures could cross over (and eat us). It’s also a day where people would wear masks so the creatures wouldn’t mistake them for food and all. And of course with creatures comes the need to ward them off. And that’s what this post is about – warding evil spirits off – in the form of procrastination, doubt, or even the occasional Strigoi.

What Will I Be Warding Off?

  • Procrastination
  • Writer’s Block
  • Doubt (Writing and Personal)
  • Anxiety
  • Spiders



This is like one the hugest things I have issues with. It’s mostly due to my ADD (I’m not using this as an excuse but rather an example), meaning that I have a lot of trouble focusing on a task; which often means I try to focus on two or more tasks (as I’m writing this post I’ve got this post open on the right side of my laptop, Grey’s Anatomy – S12!! – on the left and a game open on my phone – Block Story, so I’m waiting for the sun to come up). This works, sometimes, as it’s easier to focus on more tasks than just one. People don’t understand how or why I focus on two or more tasks, but that’s just how my brain works.

So I know procrastination won’t be fully gone, as that would just never work but hopefully I’ll have enough motivation to finish books and posts this month (and next month too). I’m wanting November to be a review month, so whoo for that.


Writer’s Block

I’m planning to enter NaNoWriMo – I’ve already written 12k of the wip (this is something I’ve been trying to work on most of the year). And because it’s a fantasy wip, I’m actually wanting to try to reach 100k. In a month. Which is probably insane, but I worked out that I only need to write like 2k a day. Which is also sort of insane.

So, I’m wanting to ward writer’s block away. Wanting to have good writing sessions (including my outline, as I need to write a bit more out of my outline or at least try to because these things are difficult!). But I will be updating my progress on Instagram and Twitter. Obviously the NaNoWriMo site – I’ll add my profile link in another post – one where I’ll be announcing that I’ll be entering. And maybe at the start or end of some posts during the month I’ll also add my progress.


Doubt (Writing and Personal)

Most of my writing doubt links back to writer’s block, but some of writing doubt is to do with if my writing is actually good – blog posts included. Should I write more formally on my blog or should I keep on with my rambling? I’ve been wanting to try to do something different with my reviews – like set them up in a different way, but I’m not sure if I can keep that up with every review so I’m hesitant to start that promise and then not be able to fulfill it.

With my normal writing, the doubt sets in when I haven’t written anything for a few days or when I’ve had a bad writing day; I feel bad. I’m trying to not feel bad, to tell myself I’m allowed to have bad writing days and that the amount that I wrote for the day is enough, but now and then it does fail.

As for personal doubt, a lot of it links back to my studies. I think I’ve mentioned before that I took this year off – I was meant to start my third year of English and redo some second year Psychology classes – and I did want to go back to studying next year January, but I think that’s actually going to move to June – I need to do research as I’m dropping the Psychology major and just becoming an English major – so I’ll need to see about extra classes or extra credit so I don’t have to take on a couple more years of studying.



Anxiety, the nasty fiend that it is, likes to team up with the doubting – both writing and personal. I know some anxiety can be good, but that’s like 2% of anxiety, not the truckload that often pitches totally uncalled for at my front door.

So I’ll be standing at my front door armed with a broom, ready to just whack anxiety in the head because 2018 doesn’t need anymore anxiety, as it’s been one heck of a loooooong year and I’m not up for more of it.



I mean, they’re just no nope. My parents and I will be flying to Australia and New Zealand at the end of the year and the story my aunt told me about her husband finding a huge spider in the car (WHILE DRVING) just flashes in my mind, followed by a huge red button that just says NO and honestly that’s my mood regarding spiders all the time. Daddy Long Legs are sort of fine – they just hang in the corner of my room’s ceiling and I leave them alone if they do. And then sometimes they’ll hang there by my wardrobe – which is right there by my bed so either I call my dad or I go sleep in the lounge – which is something I’ll be doing a lot anyway in the summer.



Are you all sad that Blogoween is over? I know I am! But I’m also super excited for November! I can’t wait to sit down with my wip every day and just delve right into the world!

So Long and Thanks For All the Fish!

4 thoughts on “The Veil is Thin”

  1. Oof, November is gonna be a busy month for me too! I’ve got tons of things to plan, and I have a feeling its going to be a review month too on my blog xD I hope your anxiety lets your breathe for the rest of the year, and that we can kick our self doubt it the ass ❤ thanks so much for being part of Blogoween and doing my prompt

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