The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice

Host: Sam

Characters that’ll die first in a horror movie


Okay so I promised to reveal the killer (from my Murder Mystery Dinner Party) and here it is!

I couldn’t choose between the two gifs so you get both! And of the people who guessed, my sister guessed right! And she was actually right about why he killed Dumbledore!

So, Dumbledore wanted to gain more power as to overthrow Grindlewald (and get control of The Elder Wand). So, he summoned Rumpelstiltskin and signed a contract to defeat Grindlewald. But Dumbledore didn’t read the fine print (stupid) and when Rumple pitched up to take the wand, Dumbledore disapperated and placed hiding spells on the wand. When the two meet up at the party, Rumple acted all friendly, saw his chance and took it, killing Dumbledore. And that, kids, is why you should always read the fine print. Either that or don’t make a deal with Rumpelstiltskin.



Well, first of all, I’m not counting myself as a character, but I’d know for a fact that I’d die first in a horror movie. Like I’d probably be the who’ll see something in the dark/distance and then squint and maybe even move closer to see what it is. At least that’s a step up from the idiot who looks at the century old text in the basement/attic and decides ‘Sure, let’s test this out and see what happens!’ Hint, you’ll die.

  1. A whole bunch of the Twilight characters
    • I read Sam’s post (the host of this prompt) and I was reminded by how (sorta) dumb the Twilight characters are. Don’t get me wrong, I love the books, but seriously, those characters wouldn’t last long.
    • It’s not just the humans (Bella) but also some of the werewolves that would die first. It’s probably due to the fact that I’m Team Edward or I like vampires more than werewolves BUT the fact stands that the vampires are better than the werewolves in the book.
    • I would also sell my couch to see Jacob get murdered. I would say my bed, but I love that thing and how am I supposed to eat with no fridge?


  1. Dan Humphrey (Gossip Girl series – TV series)
    • I know, weird jump from my usual choices. But I was looking for something to watch the other day (I ultimately chose Glee because I need to finish sorting the music into episodes – I’m in S3 and having fun) and I saw Gossip Girl.
    • And of course, we all know Blair would both be alive at the end of the movie and would be the one to actually kill the killer (this is a true fact, checked by me). And don’t throw Selena away, because she can be just as feisty as Blair and get things done without all the usual Blair pomp (but then again that’s why we love her so much).
    • So of course, I had to choose Dan (because he’s annoying – I actually saw a screenshot of his one short story and it’s…not very good).
    • He also would probably sacrifice most of the Gossip Girl characters (keeping Jenny because sister, and Serena because he thinks it’ll get them back together).


  1. Elena Gilbert (The Vampire Diaries – TV series)
    • Even as a vampire, she sucks. Mostly because she expects everyone to drop everything and help her. So, I hope she’ll die first.
    • Just looking at (basically) everything that she does is just annoying – a huge part of it is how she just went out with Damon after he treated Caroline.


  1. Sebastian Morgenstern (The Mortal Instruments – book series)
    • Okay, so I don’t think Sebastian would be that dumb to die early on in a horror movie but I know the other characters (like me) would be more than willing to kill him and that’s why he’s on this list!


  1. The Dursleys (Harry Potter – book series)
    • I mean, can’t you just SEE this playing out in the horror movie?? Dudley would be pigging out in the kitchen, Mrs. Dursley would be trying to get gossip on ALL the other characters in the movie while Mr. Dursley would be sitting on his behind, doing absolutely nothing.


A short but sweet list so I hope you enjoyed reading it! Tell me the characters you’d think will die first in a horror movie!

So Long and Thanks For All the Fish!

15 thoughts on “The Sacrifice”

  1. I choked on my cupcake at the selling of your couch. 😂😂 that’s a MOOOODDDD!!!! I also concur with you on the rest, I’ll even help in the killing of the Dursley’s and Elena. I seriously need to get on finishing the mortal instruments series! 😆 great list!!! ♥️

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I liked him in New Moon because Edward could choke in that book, but hot damn eclipse and onward I wouldn’t sob hard tears if he died. maybe shed a tear, cause he was nice on the eyes. but no sobs. Sobs are for Edward or the cullens. Lol


      2. Okay, sure, Edward was bad in New Moon, but i hated Jacob for just thinking Bella would just choose him over Edward. Like give her some space?

        Also didn’t like Jake because he thought taking his top off would make Bella choose quicker or whatever??

        Liked by 1 person

      3. OMG YES! That was my complaint throughout, especially in new moon where she constantly told him it was too soon. Like my dude, go play with your freshly cut hair and let her be human again for a hot second. lolololol. But other than that he was chill until I had to go save Edward in Italy xD

        I feel like if Jake never became a werewolf he would have turned into one of those jocks that thinks there looks could captivate anything with two feet. lol

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  2. I almost put Elena in my list but everyone is too obsessed over her (Stefan, Damon, Bonnie, Elijah and even Matt) to let her annoying ass die.

    I can so see The Dursleys die. Dudley totally freaking out while his mother tried to tell him that everything’s going to be alright.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. i’d like elena to die too. i can’t believe she dated and married the guy who abused + r*ped her best friend. but elena stans call caroline and bonnie bad friends. in what world? 😂


      2. Katherine and Caroline deserved to be power duo. I’d have love to see them dating Elijah and Klaus and gotten a little revenge against Salvatores and Elena.


      3. 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌. Yessssss. Elena and the Salvatores can go jump in a lake or be pushed, horrifically. All I really wanted was 8 or so seasons of Katherine dating Elijah and Caroline dating Klaus.


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