Top 5 Non-Horror Halloween Movies

Top 5 Non-Horror Halloween Movies

Host: Anna

Your favourite Halloween Movies that’s not in the horror genre

I changed the prompt to: My Top 5 Non-Horror movies that get me in the Halloween mood by Fall Out Boy


  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas
    • There’s a reason why I love this movie because you can watch it at Halloween and at Christmas as it incorporates both holidays in the movie. And it’s a stop motion movie which is crazy when you think that someone has to go and move a character just an inch to the left or right just to signify that they’ve turned to look at someone.
    • Also, this movie has super good Halloween gifs to use! Which is excellent because I believe there’s always a gif for every occasion.
    • And a soundtrack!! Written by Danny Elfman (who also voiced Oogie Boogie) and it has THE catchiest opening song! Like even if I just think of the opening lines I can hear it in my mind.


  1. Rocky Horror Picture Show
    • My sister and I had to watch this movie twice to figure out what was going on and another one to realise that it’s not really a play where you have to sit and work the plot out
    • So I read online that when seasoned fans (or fans who like the idea and want to join in) bring things to use during the play? I know there’s newspapers they use as umbrellas during There’s a Light (Over at Frankenstein Place) and during one scene they throw toast??
    • I watch this play when I’m feeling down. This, Mary Poppins, and Sound of Music. Then when I’m really down I turn to Robin Williams movies (Hook, Patch Adams, Mrs Doubtfire, etc).
    • THE SOUNDTRACK????? Like Time Warp should be on every club’s dancefloor playlist (just as Achy Breaky Heart and Cha Cha Slide are) and Sweet Transvestite is a really good empowering song (which might sound weird, but I feel like it is). Don’t Dream It, Be it is actually the one song I use to calm myself during anxiety attacks (it’s a really good slow song) – that or I use Let’s Go Fly a Kite (Mary Poppins).


  1. Paranorman
    • I LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH!!! It’s about a boy (Norman) who can see ghosts and he’s just so cute and friendly with them? Like he’ll walk down the street and there’ll be tons of them and he’ll say hi to them – like how can you not like him???
    • Also, zombies make an appearance. So that doubles my love for this movie.
    • No, wait, triple it, the animation was just gorgeous.
    • Did I say triple it? I meant quadruple it, the one side character is gay (that scene with Norman’s sister just CRACKS me up all the time!).


  1. Beetlejuice
    • Okay, I lied, no it’s not. This movie is one of those that’s just so weird it’s fantastic.
    • I’m gonna talk about Michael Keaton again but this time I’m talking about his outfit and makeup in this movie – which is very important as it’s fantastic and honestly I think I could actually imagine myself wearing the entire thing?


  1. Corpse Bride
    • No, seriously, this is such a good movie to watch – mostly because it’s again stop-motion and I could literally talk about stop-motion (Kubo and the Two Strings, Coraline, and I’m pretty sure Paranorman is stop-motion too…)
    • But Corpse Bride!!! Is fantastic because it’s so eerie but so good? Like it has the undead (thumbs up from me) and super good songs!!


These are just my TOP 5 movies, I know I have a whole ton more (aka I just thought of Coraline) but my memory only allows 5 at a time, so I’ll have to wait next week for the next 5 to load!


ALSO: I’ll be announcing the killer (from my Murder Mystery Dinner Party post, not an actual killer) on Monday the 22nd (as it’s my birthday), so first read the dinner party post (if you haven’t already) before I reveal the killer at the end of my Blogoween post! Can’t wait to see your reaction!

So Long and Thanks For All the Fish!

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