Love Spells

Prompt: Love Spells

Host: Jamsu

Explanation: Favourite ships where at least one character is a supernatural creature

I’m going to keep this to just books and really try to keep it to just established ships, otherwise we’ll be here ‘til Blogmas! Also, there will be spoilers for: Chameleon Moon, Carry On, Vampire Academy, Bloodlines, Night Play, and The Mortal Instruments – so only read for the books you’ve already read, or don’t mind being spoiled for.


Book: Chameleon Moon

Author: RoAnna Sylver

Ship: Evelyn/Rose/Danae

Why I love/chose them: RoAnna writes great characters (as well as absolutely amazing rep, story, and world building?? Like how??) I’m not too sure what Evelyn can do with her voice but I know it’s something sonicky? She’s a natural amplifier, I think (which is what my parents call me sometimes). Rose can control plants – which has always been my dream if I ever get superpowers. That and teleportation. And then you get Danae who works absolute wonders with metal. And they’re all good moms to a cutie-pie named Jack? Of course they’re on my list!


Book: Carry On

Author: Rainbow Rowell

Ship: Basilton Grimm-Pitch/Simon Snow

Why I love/chose them: They’re fantastic, that’s why. A lot of people have said that Carry On is Drarry but real and I agree wholeheartedly. I mean Simon ‘hates’ Baz but also wonders where he is all the time and keeps on talking about him like sure, Simon, you hate the guy’s guts.


Book: Vampire Academy

Author: Richelle Mead

Ship: Rose/Dimitri

Why I love/chose them: They’re both supernatural so it’s like double the trouble. And also the banter between them is legendary. Rose is such a badass female character, which is great and Dimitri is my favourite (one of my favourites because it’s impossible to choose a favourite book character – that’s why you have many many favourites and then they all start stacking up and teeter on top of each other and they’re screaming out and you’re not listening because you’re busy searching for more characters to add to the stack – ok, I’m veering off topic here). And they complement each other so well and you better hope they’re on your side in a fight


Book: Bloodlines

Author: Richelle Mead

Ship: Adrian/Sydney

Why I love/chose them: Can anything live up to Adrian’s snark? Or rather unlive as Adrian’s a Moroi. I remember it took me a while to warm up to Sydney’s character. I loved Adrian as soon as I saw him in Frostbite (like I could hear that smirk and the drawl of little dhampir and I knew he was on the list. But when I warmed up to Sydney, then I saw how much she and Adrian fit together.


Book: Night Play

Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

Ship: Vane/Bride

Why I love/chose them: I have a lot of ships when it comes to Kenyon. Mostly because she writes them so well that you have to love all of them. But I’ll choose my fave, which is Vane/Bride. They’re so cute together and he loves her so much! Also the cutest and best scenes are when Vane and Bride run into her d-bag of an ex and Vane schools him into the next century.


Book: Lover Mine

Author: J.R. Ward

Ship: John Matthew/Xhex

Why I love/chose them: I haven’t even fully finished this series as this series is well into the 14th book or something which is a lot of books to read, especially when you don’t have time to read all the books. But I do love this ship. I’ve always loved John Matthew and the transition (physical and emotional) that he made and he uses ASL so that’s doubly cool. And Xhex is just one badass of a character.


Book: The Mortal Instrument Series

Author: Cassandra Clare

Ship: Alec/Magnus

Why I love/chose them: Even though I’m not much of a dress-up kind of person, I’d give my sister to get Magnus’s outfits. And also the confidence to wear a lot of glitter – which I actually wore the other day in the form of eyeliner glitter and that made me realise body glitter is definitely the way to live.  And who doesn’t love a magical character (both literal and personality-wise)?


These ships are just my top ships, so I probably have tons of ships in other books that I’m not thinking of right now or ships that I know I’ll love in future books but tell me about your favourite supernatural ships in the comments!

So Long and Thanks For All the Fish!



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    1. 😆😆 Snowbaz is my life I love them (she says even though she hasn’t posted a review of it yet 😂). Will we ever finish the BDB though? I think she’s still writing the series? And the spin-off? 😁


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