Grimoire Notes

Host: Lauren

Prompt: Grimoire Notes

A look into the horror books I’ve read so far this month, any reviews, thoughts on books read and what I plan to read throughout the rest of the month.

I’m not very into the horror genre so here’s a list of what I’m currently reading and what I (hopefully) plan to read for the rest of the month.

Currently Reading:


Claire Legrand

  • I think this is the second or so month that I’m reading this. I’m at 60 or so percent so I’ll try to knock it out within this week.
  • It’s good. I like reading Eliana’s POV more than Rielle’s, but maybe I’ll like Rielle more towards the end of the book.


A Discovery of Witches

Deborah Harkness

  • I’m at Chapter 9, even though I really should be finished with this because it’s good.
  • Give me vampires and witches and I’m good. Add academia and looking through old books and I’m golden.


A Spark of White Fire

Sangu Mandanna

  • I’m also around 60% with this one and I’m really liking it. I like the Indian mythology that’s weaved into the novel.
  • Also, I really like sentient characters – mostly because those characters are always a bit snarky – like how is that possible when they’re sort of just technology with a conscious?


Even though I have two other books on my currently reading pile, I haven’t started with them yet (but I feel better by putting them on my currently pile).

But I do have It on my library pile, so maybe I’ll get to that after I finish Furyborn and A Spark of White Fire (as I’m the furthest in those two books). And if I do have some time (maybe over the last few days of the month), I’ll read Frankenstein. I do watch more horror movies, so horror reads are a new venture for me.  I also took out The Enemy by Charlie Higson from the library and that looks good.

Last month I had the chance to download an arc of Odd One Out by Nic Stone off Netgalley, and I took it. And to celebrate that (and also the fact that I finally updated my bio for Netgalley and Edelweiss), I went on a little requesting spree. I’ve been approved for 4 of them so far and even plucked up the courage to request something on Edelweiss – and was approved!! And then made myself promise not to request anything else on either website as I really need to post their reviews. Officially putting myself on a request ban. Let’s see how long it lasts. As I like to go browse on both sides – really just kicking myself in the face when I do this.

Arcs I’ve been approved for

Body Swap – this looked really cool as it has that Freaky Friday vibe (and death).

The Confectioner’s Guild – a cupcake on the cover??? And magic????

City of Broken Magic – and I’ve forgotten what it’s about but I remember it looked pretty good.

Soulbound – I’ve read and reviewed the previous three of the author’s books, so I knew I had to request the fourth book. I’m really wanting to start this one as a gift (from me to me) when I knock off some older arcs, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Jilted – I did request this from Netgalley, but because I’ve been declined for a few other books from the publisher I also received this arc from a PR company I’m signed up for (A Novel Take PR – really good company). This title looks really good – the synopsis says it has a fake relationship and you know what fake relationships lead to…


That’s all I’ve got on my plate so far for this month. Hopefully I’ll be approved or declined for my other arcs (please say approved, please say approved). I really hate (and love) that sudden upbeat in your heartbeat you get when you see that email from Netgalley or Edelweiss.

Tell me what you’ve been reading so far and what you plan to read for the rest of the month! I’m pretty sure some of my reads (The Way of Kings) will still be on my shelf next month.


So Long and Thanks For All the Fish!

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