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October 7th – They Got My Back

Host: Kaleena (who wrote a fantastic blog post so definitely go read that!)

They Got My Back

5 Characters You’d Want With You During the Zombie Apocalypse

I’ll probably list more than 5 characters, let’s be real here. But I managed to choose less than 10 characters, so let’s focus on that.

I think the role I’d most likely take on would be a type of ‘behind the scenes’ team member. I’d probably go out now and then, either to get Vitamin D, more books/food, or to kill a zombie now and then when the urge hits.

Nico di Angelo

  • Listen, if there’s one person you should have on your side, it has to be someone who has Underworldy powers. And also, he’s Italian, I’ll be used to the Italian phrases he throws my way when he’s frustrated or any casual phrases. And if we do find a working kitchen and find the appropriate ingredients, we could make pasta.

Will Solace

  • I can’t break up an OTP, okay? And there’s other good reasons for having him on my team. There always needs to be one healer in the party and Will is it. He’s also the one most likely to be able to stop Nico from going into any situation deemed ‘too dangerous’. Which is probably where most of the characters in this list will be headed to. Who knows? Maybe the others will listen to him too.

Wylan van Eck

  • Even though I’d love to bring all the Dregs, I’d bring Wylan – because he’s my ultimate favourite of the whole bunch and he can make things blow up – which is obviously important when you’re in a Zombie apocalypse.

Thorin Oakenshield

  • Sure, he’ll be all frowny and stare off into the distance with his fur coat, but he’ll be great as a leader (I’ll need to get someone else who’s good at directions, as Thorin got lost twice on his way to the party – at least in movie-verse) and I am definitely the worst at directions.

Rose Hathaway

  • She’s fantastic at killing Strigoi while also looking fabulous and making snarky comments at the same time, so I guess she can apply the same skills to zombies.

  • She and Dimitri can teach the others how to fight (aka me because I’ll probably drop the knife and/or gun while screaming at the zombie and trying to stab it/shoot it and therefore need extreme amount of help).

Dimitri Belikov

  • I’m a full believer that you can’t have Rose without Dimitri (like I said earlier – I can’t split an OTP up). And also because while Rose is fantastic at killing, Dimitri is unbelievable at killing, as well as looking good while doing it (which is so weird because I only look good every few months when the trimonthly selfie session takes place).

Hermione Granger

  • Okay so I sat here (aka on my laptop, currently watching Friends) thinking ‘which HP character to bring?’ Harry would be cool, but tbh, you know Hermione would be the best partner to have in an apocalypse.

  • First of all, she has a wand, so that makes a lot of things wayyyy easier.

  • Secondly, she’s probably read a thousand survival books or she’ll sniff out the nearest bookstore/library with survival books in there (yes, this will be a thing, I’m creating it as of right now). SHE’S THE MAGICAL KLAUS BAUDELAIRE.

Magnus Chase

  • Yes, I’m sorry, I added another Rick Riordan character, I can’t help it.

  • Will needs a backup, okay? Magnus can heal and he has a talking sword – that’s what’s really important here.

  • He also has really great ideas. And a talking sword.

Alex Fierro.

  • So get this, in an apocalypse you’ll need a shapeshifter, right? I have no idea why or what for, but I gather that shapeshifting could be useful in whatever situation.

  • I mean, just think about all the possibilities! I’m currently blanking, but I know there’s options.

  • But also Alex wears cool sweater vests and has green hair, so that’s 2 thumbs up for me.

That’s all the characters I’d want on my team. Or this could be my first wave and I’ll slowly bring in more… As I mentioned in my Trick or Treat post, I prefer smaller teams, but I guess when in an apocalypse, you do what a survivor does (survive, build, adapt, something like that I guess).

What do you think of my choices? Who would be on your team and what would be your role be?

So Long and Thanks For All the Fish

3 responses to “October 7th – They Got My Back”

  1. Hermione is definitely on my list too, there must be a zombie spell somewhere in a book she owns

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right? 😂 and just with a few tweaks she’ll probably be able to find a way to cure them!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hermione is such a good choice and I am sure she’s over-prepped for just an occasion! I am not familiar with the other characters on your list but it seems like you have a solid team!


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