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October 3rd – Trick or Treat

Host: Anthony @ Keep Reading Forward

Prompt: Trick or Treat

Choose who and/or where they would like to go Trick or Treating.

Okay, so I’ve never been Trick or Treating so I’ll have to go off on what the media has told me, so I apologise if anything seems wrong. Blame the media. Also – I know this post is short – but as I said, I’ve never been Trick or Treating so 🤷 but I hope you enjoy this short post!

I would probably dress up as a Hogwarts student – aka just wear normal clothes, carry my wand. Or I could just wear a towel around my shoulders. Ooh, or maybe bring in a few different costumes and literally be a fangirl?

Anyway, I would love to Trick or Treat with the Dregs. I mean, just imagine Nina?? And Jesper?? Kaz would probably either manage to get all the sweets for Inej OR make anyone pay if they were rude to her. But the where of it…yeah, no, I don’t think I’ll survive Ketterdam, so maybe somewhere safe. Maybe at the place where Jesper ate a whole trough of waffles.

Now I know I’m in denial for saying this – but come on, Fred and George Weasley would be fantastic Trick or Treaters. Mostly because they’d Trick while Treating you (Skiving Snackboxes, anyone?) – and they’ll probably know where all the best sweets are – they have siblings. Siblings know where the best sweets are. Obviously the best place to go Trick or Treating is Honeydukes or I’ll even allow the castle as a second choice. But only if the ghosts give us sweets!

How can you talk about Trick or Treating without talking about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory??? I think it’s like the pinnacle of sweets! If I could live in the factory and yes, eat ALL THE SWEETS I’d be the happiest chappie in the world. And I think it’s safe (lol, considering we’re talking about a book where one kid was literally sucked into a tv) to say that Trick or Treating at the Factory would be amazing. There’s sweets ALL AROUND YOU and you wouldn’t even need to take some home BECAUSE YOU’LL (aka I’ll) BE LIVING THERE PERMANENTLY.

I recently read Heartless by Marissa Meyer and you shouldn’t read that book if you’re a tad bit hungry because it’ll make your mouth water?? Which is entirely unfair – like how do you expect me to read about tarts and caramel truffles if you don’t actually provide them along with the book? But anyway – I would love to go Trick or Treating (with most of the characters) in the world of Heartless. I’d bring Cath along, as she would know all the best Treats. Hatta would come too as he might have a hat that directs us to the best sweets (a reader can dream!). I’ll bring Cheshire along, mostly because he’s a cat (my needs are simple) but also because he can turn invisible, which means he can grab more sweets (we’ll just have to find a way for him to steal the sweets)! I guess you’d have to be careful when ingesting those sweets, but it’s about the journey, not the destination!

Where would you like to Trick or Treating and with which characters? What are your favourite memories of Trick or Treating (please indulge me as I’ve never gone Trick or Treating)?

So Long and Thanks For All the Fish!

3 responses to “October 3rd – Trick or Treat”

  1. I feel like this would be such a FUN TIME. I totally want to sneak into your Trick or Treat group now!

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    1. Thanks! I hoped people would like it 😂 kept it a small group as I don’t like big ones and I’ll forget people (done it before 😂).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s super smart. I seriously would enjoy trick or treating with you immensely!


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