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Oh ARC, My ARC – Walking on Knives and The Lonely Merman



Stars: 1-and-a-half-stars (but I’ll make it a 2)

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I went into this thinking, ‘F/F The Little Mermaid retelling? Perfect! I’ll love it!’ and then…I didn’t love it so much. The plot didn’t have much meat on it and barely built up to anything – like when the climax came up I was like ‘Is this it?’ 

The summary sounded good and then the story turned out to be less than good. All the characters had their motivations and plans, but they had no fire to do so and when the characters have no interest in their motivations and/or plans, neither do I. And that’s where I begin to force myself to finish books.


There were also some parts where something happened and it just didn’t make sense, like SPOILER when the little mermaid kills a deer, how did she know how to kill the deer? I’m pretty sure sea animals have different anatomy to land animals.

And another thing, maybe a bit of a spoiler – I didn’t find the romance between the sea-witch’s sister and the little mermaid to be believable. What, the sea-witch just sees the little mermaid and likes the way she looks and decides to add a clause to her (the sea-witch’s) deal? And the little mermaid only realised she also ‘loved’ the sister in like the last few hours… Yeah, sorry, not that believable to me.

There was this really weird quote so here you go:

The Prince moored his pleasure craft and walked up the pier to the so-called beach…

  • Me: His what now?

And this quote really made me laugh:

The prince had not realised he was holding his breath.

  • It’s the quote!!!





Stars: 2 and a half stars, but not good enough to be 3 stars

Goodreads Link

So this is another The Little Mermaid retelling, this one being a M/M and the mermaid being less of a mermaid and more of an octuman? Or however you’re meant to explain it – the water-dwelling creature has tentacles.

All in all, it was a good read. Not that good – as I rated it 2 and a half but because of Goodreads and its ratings (yes, another snide remark about how Goodreads needs to change their stars but then again, are you even a blogger if you don’t complain about this?), had to change it to a 2.

The characters were cute. Yes, the story focused more on Ben and Lyle (I mean they are the main characters, so obviously) but I did like Ben’s parents. Though I did find Lyle a bit annoying – mostly his personality and the fact that he was a bit too whiny for my taste. Sure, I guess if you’ve been alone for a super long time, your personality might change, and you’ll probably be a bit needy and whiny.

Another thing that bothered me was the instalove factor – I think that’s mostly why the rating’s not higher. I can honestly say that I have no idea why or how people can look at someone and then go “Ah, yes. I want this person.” Yeah, sorry. But I do applaud whoever does do this – be extremely confident in love and knowing what they want, because sugar, I can’t even make up my mind on what to eat half the time.

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