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Seriesly – A Question of Counsel

Received from the publishers (as I was approved for the 3rd book – Blood Borne).

All opinions expressed are my own.

3 star
3 and a half stars


Goodreads Description

The summary made the book out to be more interesting than the actual story. I mean I was expecting this adorable f/f romance and instead I get a story that’s plot isn’t fully developed, its dialogue felt a bit forced, and the action and subplot that should’ve been the main plot were half-formed. Which makes me upset. As now (as I’m writing this review, I’m about halfway through the second book, Four – which I was going to update on my Goodreads account, but then the onnosel thing decided to be down. And I stilll have the 3rd book to read).

I mean, sure, I liked the book, but I didn’t really enjoy it, understand? It took me a while to get through it (ok, mostly because I was going through some things), but also because it was a case of me literally forcing myself to read the book. Like read a half of a chapter and then you can watch some Avatar: TLA. And I didn’t want to dnf because it’s the first in a trilogy, and who knows which characters are introduced will feature in the 2nd and 3rd and what background ontent will become important later on.

Although the characters were easy to like and hate,  they could have done with a bit more fleshing out. It’s like their hearts weren’t in their motivations and it felt like they were just going through the motions. Yeah, they probably thought about what they were doing, and maybe why, but they didn’t motivate me to want to them go through the motions.

I understand she’s a Steward, which brings to mind Denethor, so I don’t know how I feel about Aeley’s job. And thinkin of Denethor makes me think of this gif, so I’m super glad that Aeley did not pull a Denethor. 


It’s not that there were too many characters, it’s that not enough time was spent on them so I never really knew what their job was and their purpose in the story. I mean I barely remember any of the minor characters, or their jobs, or even their names.

So summed up, not that good as I thought it would be. Do I recommend it? Yes, as it gives you background information on several characters, but that’s it.


onnosel – stupid

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  1. […] (Four) was Mayr’s book, which I was excited for as I loved him in A Question of Counsel. I loved Tash (aka Halataldris – still trying to figure out how the author got Tash from that […]


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