Oh, ARC, My, ARC – Alice: The Wanderland Chronicles


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This is actually my first ARC I was approved for and I’m so glad that it was a good read, because if I had to have a bad read for my first approved ARC, that would have bad memories, but anyway, let’s carry on.

So this book is a retelling of Alice in Wonderland and it has bloody zombies, what more could you want from a story? I love retellings, or at least good retellings, and this one was definitely well done. From the amazing characters to all the wonderful references and then of course the best: the gruesome parts – which I loved as *spoiler alert* the first sentence of the book was literally someone’s head exploding – like, hello, could we get more books with someone’s head exploding?

As much as I did love the inclusion of Dinah, as most Alice retellings do not really have Alice’s sister in them (or at least the ones I’ve read, which aren’t actually a lot, so that reminds me to read more of them – but actually, I shouldn’t, because then I’ll probably start having ideas for an Alice in Wonderland retelling, and really DB, you have more than enough book ideas). But I’m pretty sure that Dinah is Alice’s cat. I can’t exactly check in my copy as my sister stole it when she went over to America (how rude), but I did check the movie and apparently the cat’s name is Dinah – and on that note I’m sad that the cat doesn’t go with Alice to Wonderland.

The characters were amazingly written. They were real and made you care for them. And I loved all the Wanderland names – mostly Chess, for obvious reasons.

So one obvious reason for reading this book is all the references – so definitely read it in order to catch all of them (which I love to do). Even if there were some unintentional references or references that the author chose to put in, hoping that someone would catch the very small reference – I got them – or at least I hope.

So is momerath the singular term or is it like moose?


Always protect your queen

  • Please let’s have this on a t-shirt because I would sell a family member (I have thousands of cousins, it’s super easy) to buy this.

The Max Recovery overrides the desire for frivolity and refocuses the brain on what basic instinct requires.

  • OK but I’ve studied the basic needs and things (thanks, Maslow) in communication and psychology and know that the bottom of the hierarchy is, yes, hunger, but there’s also water, warmth, rest etc. – so if the Max Recovery does put the focus on the basic needs, then the momerath should not only focus on the hunger, but also on their other basic needs.

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