Oh ARC, My ARC – Leo Loves Aries


Received from Netgalley.

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Stars: 5

This is my second Anyta Sunday book – the first being True Colours – click link for review  And wow, she just gets better with every book (even though Leo Loves Aries was written before True Colours).

I just loved this book. I read it in one sitting – lying in my bed with my tablet slowly draining its battery. Everything was just fantastic and I just love everything in the book.

Now I’ve read other reviews and some people are unhappy about the fact that Theo’s sexuality was never mentioned. I for one didn’t have much of an issue with it, as fluidity of sexuality is a very real thing and Theo might not even know what he’s feeling – if he’s gay, bi, pan etc. and he might not want to know – which is fine, as you don’t have to label yourself with whichever sexuality – meaning you can be bicurious or questioning or even just not straight – and that’s okay.

So it’s an absolutely gorgeous fluffy m/m romance book that you have to read – and will probably be the book that I’ll go to after reading a bad one.

The characters are fantastic. They’re funny and real and lovable and I just want to eat them all up – in a loving way, okay? Well, all except the exes. They can go die in a hole. I loved that Leone was blind and that was represented well, not made fun and she was still treated like a person. I loved the minor characters – can we get a whoot-whoot for the demisexual minor character – whom I think is Ben  – but don’t quote me on it or shoot me. Just tell me if I’m wrong and I’ll edit the review.

And yessss for the relationship. I shipped it all the way and was groaning at my tablet because slow burn is the best and worst of the bloody tropes.

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